About Shakara Tosha

Shakara Tosha: creative inspirationalist

Shakara Tosha is an energetic guide + artist who offers various Activation Services to inspire your lifestyle during these energetically shifting times— via personal sessions, energy art, conference presentations, workshops, webinars, interviews, ceremony, books, cds + videos:

shares channeled messages from her guides

(Arcturians + other Star Nations, The Divine Feminine, Sasquatch, Elemental Nations, Hathors + more) covering a wide range of topics with practical applications

speaks various star languages + light languages

…that activate your creative DNA + open new possibilities

creates unique star symbols + scripts + glyph art

– galactic activation symbols plus “Energy Frequency Signature Bundles”, coded to assist to your life journey + awakening

She’s a “creative inspirationalist” of Galactic service assisting the rise of frequencies to higher dimensions with joy + creativity, bridging ancient wisdom + modern life — encouraging co-creators to re-mem-ber their true nature, develop their unique heart & soul expressions + manifest the creative life of their dreams.

New World, New Earth, New You.
Welcome… YOU have arrived.

Shakara Tosha

– Star name given by Star Guides

Wicahpi Tosha Waste Win (Beautiful Violet Star Woman)

– Spirit name given by Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle

Jenny Marks


Shakara’s work covers a wide range of topics:

what’s happening energetically in the universe + why NOW + how all are raising their vibrations

ascension symptoms you may be experiencing + how to work through them

understanding + moving through 3D-13D multidimensional worlds by choice

solutions to balance your move your life forward with joy + manifest your highest potential

tapping into your unique creative Energetic Frequency Signature + heartsong expression

manifesting your own light language creations + perfecting your higher energy skills + senses

communicating with star, elemental, ascended guides + your higher self

working with your powerful, unique body system that’s coded from the stars

mastering the art of creation + creativity in your daily life

inspiring + activating your own soul codes to higher vibrations of possibility

These energetic messages manifest in multidimensional forms:

spoken Light Language, artwork, galactic scripts, glyphs, symbols, music, messages, energy activations + practical tools.

She offers a variety of energetic services to assist in your personal + energetic growth — to help transcend your daily life gracefully into higher vibrations full of happiness + purpose:

free Channeled Star Messages from Shakara’s various guides + higher self

channeled one-on-one private Light Language guidance sessions

Energy Frequency Signature Bundle artwork (drawings, galactic script, spoken light language message)

multimedia presentations, workshops, classes + webinars; extensive messages via books, videos, webinar calls

sacred Light Language ceremony, gatherings, events + rituals; collaboration projects with other artists, musicians + energy workers

deep-dive messages + classes for energy masters + light language practitioners


showing by example how to live in new ways + share your unique gifts with the world


supporting understanding of who you really are + how you can help the world during this shift time

“Creative Inspiration Specialist”

encouraging you to live your fully expressed life in exciting + creative ways


Spoken Light Languages + Star Messages From Many Guides in Various Formats:

Shakara Tosha is a metaphysical artist who speaks many multidimensional Light Languages + Guided Star Messages on a range of topics, recieved from various Guides (“The Arcs”Arcturian group +other Star Nations, Sasquatchtani Beings, Elementals, Jmmanuella, Divine Feminine aspect of Creator Spirit, Hathors, Joan of Arc Aspect, Stone + Tree Nations, and others). The Messages are shared in various formats: via blog posts, workshops, conference presentations, webinars, ceremonies, books, videos, meditation CDs, energetic artwork plus an upcoming metaphysical product line.

Light Language + Energy Activation Services:

Shakara offers various Services, including private one-on-one Light Language Guidance sessions (with unique messages just for the recipient) +  Individual “Energetic Frequency Signature” Bundles (a multidimensional package of a glyph drawing, ancient script writing + spoken ancient/galactic language) uniquely created for the recipient to awaken their unique dormant Light Codes that inspire them to remember their mission + heartfelt purpose while supporting manifestation of their dream lifestyle.

Every client interaction has produced a profound reaction, energetic shift and/or big life change in all the recipients — most are moved to tears of joy with the flowing of the Light Energies to them while listening to the spoken Light Languages, and many begin to activate their own Light Language expressions, embark on new careers or resolve heavily dormant past issues quickly.

These very activating Messages unlock creative DNA codes + photonics in others that further inspire them to life creatively with a high vibration + purpose during the 5D consciousness shift we’re all experiencing now. She encourages co-creators to re-mem-ber their true nature + develop their unique heart-soul expressions with fully self-expressed passion. Bridging ancient wisdom and modern life, Shakara is a creative inspirationalist of Galactic service assisting the rise of Gaia frequencies to higher dimensions together with joy + creativity. She inspires people to live creatively, follow their heart + navigate this new 5D consciousness Ascension shift in the NOW as a collective TRIBE.


Shakara has been an artist since she was a child (painter, performer, extensive galactic code script + symbol writer, singer, performer, Light Language communicator), with a Multimedia Arts degree from The Rhode Island School of Design & The Art Institute of Chicago. Recently she left the heart of New York City for the remote rolling hills of the Driftless region in Wisconsin to realize her creative dreams. In her free time she can be found adoring cheese, spinning barefoot in the countryside grass, and talking to the stars.

In the past, Shakira Tosha worked in the interactive industry as a Senior Web Producer/Advisor for many years, offering interactive + business services that included creative strategy solutions, website project management, account management + business development, web design + programming, promotional video creation, print marketing design + event planning. Recently, she ran her own website business: creating boutique + promotional websites servicing smaller businesses (including local community bookstores + culture centers, spirit/healer sites + blogs, B+Bs, corporate clients, restaurants, photographers, decorators, fashion boutiques etc.). Previously, Shakara worked with diverse interactive agencies + communication companies, developing numerous websites + digital marketing for a variety of clients + industries. She produced numerous micro-sites plus large-scale migrations, generated new business leads, managed various client accounts, promoted company products + services, created extensive process + promotional documentation, managed international production teams; engaged in hands-on production via web-based management + production tools; managed multi-channel marketing campaigns + generated content management tool solutions.

At a top Swiss Firm in New York City she oversaw the development/production of many websites + promotional projects internally + externally across the global company; as Director of Web Development and Strategy at Random House Publishing she coordinated corporate site redesigns, produced promotional author + book mini-sites, divisional + direct marketing websites + portals; as Executive Producer for Urban Box Office (an urban-focused lifestyle brand) she conceptualized marketing strategies + revenue models, generating extensive site development plans with unique content engaging urban icons such as Muhammad Ali, T.S. Monk  + others; as Executive Website Producer at both Siegel Gale + Belk Mignogna agencies she produced a range of well-known client brand sites. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, with a BFA in Multimedia + Art Theory from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Past Corporate Companies (freelance consultant + staff) include:

  • Random House Publishing; Siegel + Gale; Renegade Marketing; Hallmark Entertainment; Penguin Publishing; Leo Castelli Gallery; Sandra Hartog & Associates; Urban Box Office; Belk Mignogna; Credit Suisse; Caravan Spa; Bad Boy Entertainment; Nu America Agency; Blackrock Solutions; Fast Company; HBO; WB; Panasonic; Hallmark; Sony; Paine Webber; Morgan Stanley; Nonstock; Columbia University; EXE; ETS; AT&T; AMEX; Kodak; Ernst & Young; Southwest Sanitation

Past Clients + Smaller Boutiques (freelance consultant + via agencies) include:

  • The Ark Culture Center; Driftless Books + Music; Community Hunger Solutions; Frank Wildingway, artist; Imani Jade singer; Jaali’s Dollies; Wisconsin Roots Cooperative; Infinity Peace; Shaman’s Breath; Dr. Sue Lie of Multidimensions; Rahbi Crawford, musician; Nicholas Tippins, permaculture writer; Monica Nagler Spaces, decorator;  Alt Waters energized water; Star Knowledge Enterprises; 217 Main B+B; Madiba South African Restaurant; Mario Batali Restaurants (Becco & Esca)

Shakara Tosha
     – Star name given by Star Guides

Wicahpi Tosha Waste Win (Beautiful Violet Star Woman)
     – Spirit name given by Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle

More about Shakara Tosha

Shakira Tosha is an metaphysical artist who communicates multidimensional Light Language Messages from her Guides that unlock other’s resonant DNA codes — via blog posts, lectures, workshops, and “Energy Frequency Signature” Bundles (glyph drawings + galactic scripts + ancient language speaking). She creates ongoing messages about living life creatively during this time of the “Ascension” + the Shifting dimensional landscape that we exist in now–encouraging co-creators of the Collective to re-mem-ber their true nature + develop their unique Energy Signatures… inspiring creativity into this New Earth template through the Language of Light. A Rainbow Guardian bridging ancient wisdom + modern life, she is a portal opener of Galactic service assisting the rise of all Gaia frequencies to higher dimensions together with joy.

Since childhood, Shakara has experienced the world multidimensionally + expressed herself through various art forms. Her mother + twin aunt were artists who started an art department in a local college where Shakara had access to extensive art mediums + facilities. She was always attracted to codes+ languages + symbols, especially Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient writings + various alternative performance art forms. Often she would experience many of her senses crossing — she would hear music + see colors + energy movement, she would touch objects + hear sounds + see shapes, taste various flavors then experience shapes + imagery in her mind’s eye. Later she read about a phenomenon called “Synesthesia” which she very much related to. Shakara would always draw new symbols, dance + act out various forms of expression + make up new languages with her friends.  Even in her early artwork she incorporated what felt like galactic writing symbols + would talk in languages unknown to her. Recently she discovered a phenomenon of metaphysical expression referred to as “Light Language” or “Language of Light” — and realized this was what she was doing, along with many others in the world. The forms of Light Language expression are limitless — each person manifests their expression in their own unique way… drawing, dancing, cooking, language speaking + script symbol writing. She believes there is a universal Light Language and various manifestations that everyone speaks inherently; Light Language is a higher dimensional form of expression — when shared it is understood collectively by others at some level… there is just a knowing.  The more one is exposed to the Light Language of others, the more they begin to awaken to their own expression of Language of Light + often begin communicating it themselves.  Light Language is a form of higher dimensional awakening of our embedded Light Codes that exist in our cells + body systems that we can tap into. During this time NOW of profound energetic shifting in the world, our hidden body codes are awakening + coming “online” + Light Language further awakens the Collective consciousness.

From age 8-13 she started a virtual “business” called “Anything Company Etc” (or “ACE”) — where she  created many projects + products for her family + friends — a newsletter of family activities, catalog of her services, 2 branch companies with friends, designed cards + coordinated event themes for various occasions, dabbled in healing massage, hypnosis +  energy work, among other services. Later in high school she created multidimensional performance art pieces during her independent studies — with early video projections, dance, spoken language, unique soundtracks, food, crafts + audience engagement during the events. At Rhode Island School of Design she studied painting + sculpture, later graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she majored in Multimedia Art (painting, performance art, video, art bookmaking, early computer art + contemporary art theory).

After moving to New York + working in the heart of the art world, she began to practice “Mahikari”,  a form of sending healing energy through you hands to purify another’s spirit + body, then planning to become a master practitioner/teacher, but determined she wanted to be out in the world inspiring people directly. Later she practiced Nicheren Buddhism for many years + focused on many personal + societal transformations + life-changing manifestations.

Shakara was an Internet + social media “early adopter”– for the last 20+ years she’s been a Creative Senior Web Producer & Project Manager in the Interactive Media world, servicing a variety of industries (entertainment, publishing, financial, art, culinary) for various web agencies, start up companies + her own web business — attracted to producing + building creative websites, a very multidimensional artform.

Recently she left the heart of New York City (+ lovely Brooklyn) for the remote rolling hills of the Driftless region in Wisconsin to get closer to the land + participate in healing mystical ceremonies, gatherings + conferences. She has been directly connected to the Star Nations through various experiences. She was given the message that she was a portal opener, she was in that area to ground the new energies coming into the world now into mother Gaia + she had done this work in the ancient past. She’s a distiller of inspiration frequencies + delivers inspiration in energy packages.  After hearing a friend speak a galactic ancient language, she quickly began also speaking, drawing, signing, dancing + scripting a few new languages (many of them came easily). Later she was told by 2 high-resonating intuitives that these messages came from her higher self-being, that she’s a “Creative Inspiration Specialist” + “Awareness Exposure Specialist” working with many beings here + throughout the cosmos — inspiring people + groups to find + activate their unique creative abilities + internal systems. These were ancient languages + NOW is the time to share them to others… to activate awareness + help others re-mem-ber their own missions in this world now.

She is now offering multidimensional messages about living creatively + living your life as a work of creative manifestation… with one-on-one Light Language guidance sessions, lectures, workshops, blogs, books + ceremonies.  And she creates what she calls unique “Energetic Frequency Signature” Bundles — a multidimensional package of a glyph drawing, ancient script writing + spoken ancient/galactic language — uniquely created for the recipient to awaken their unique dormant Light Codes that inspire them to remember their mission + heartfelt purpose in this lifetime. She is also realizing her creative dreams — currently launching new multidimensional material that inspires people to live creatively, follow their heart + navigate this new 5D consciousness Ascension shift in the NOW as a collective TRIBE.