Reflections on 12/12

Reflections on 12/12

Reflections On 12/12 (and Onward):
12-12 :: 20-20

Happy 12/12 gateway of the 20/20 portal… cosmic, universal and earthly energies are wide open with possibility. This is a brief and powerful moment where we can choose to realign with all the vibrations of the universe. 12-12 is an activation code and a 33-master-number energetic gateway—and during this Ascension shift moment these gateway openings continue to assist us all in refocusing everything back into alignment in many ways.

This is the commencement of a grand cosmic gate opening, like a glorious procession— the sky is alive with activity of a series of major events leading up to the much-anticipated 12/21 key Aquarius Vibration Shift. My Star Guides show me that this build-up of energy between today 12/12 and 12/21 onward will be incredible.


Key dates and codes:
— 12/12: the Moon & Venus are uniting closer together (ushering in the compassion and temperaments of the Divine Feminine)
— 12/14: the Geminid Meteor shower puts on a show of lights AND we experience a total Solar Eclipse (visible across Patagonia)
—12/15: another peak meteor shower, Comae Berenecid
— 12/16: the Moon & Jupiter & Saturn dance closer together (more rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies)
— 12/19: the peak of the Leonis Minorid Meteor shower
— 12/21!: a KEY date of transformation: the portal gateway will open wide with the Winter Solstice AND the great conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn— manifesting a rare Star-Light energy glow… they will appear to almost overlap and reunite in balance (more on 12/21 later)
— 12/22: another meteor shower peak… this time Ursid

Wow—lots of star twinkling and sparks, planetary alignments and Galactic Energy openings.
Each planet and star carries its own system, tone and vibrational signature…every one is connected, and when they move and realign within the cosmos they create new energy waves that are felt throughout the universe, especially within the human system. They are partnering with many Star People to help with our vibrational tone-up.

You will definitely feel the massive shifts of energy pulses, preparing us all for a big dimensional upsurge shifting further into the New. We are collectively manifesting this (consciously or unconsciously), partnering together with the continual incoming solar flares and the rise in Mother Gaia’s earth-heart pulse.

✨✨ Here are a few helpful tools for you, to ease the shift:

— be extra gentle with yourself (your emotions, mind, body and spirit)
— rest when you need (your body needs a lot of recalibration to temper these waves of energies coming through)
— warm/hot baths with Epsom salt (removes toxins and helps relax)
— drinking water is (always) important to continue to flush your system (and these higher energies will “talk” to the waters within your body to help rebalance you)
— body movement of any kind is essential to gradually assist with aches you may experience (as everything is moving and adjusting into a more efficient body template)
— be open to receiving the insights and higher sense-perceptions these new energies are gifting to you (have fun with your possible new
— experiences of time, space, intuition, instincts etc)
— get outside often (off tech and daily stressors—find a quiet space to connect with nature (and animals) in any way (absorb the sunlight light into your skin/body/peripheral vision, touch a tree, connect with the Earth as much as possible, feel the wind on your face, listen to bird songs, etc)
— utilize your breath (to calm and clear your head, and reinvigorate yourself emotionally and physically)
— temper your course, your emotions, your movements and life activities in a way that works best for you (only you truly know what works best for your overall system)
— when in doubt or need support— ask for assistance from your Guides, family, friends and energies all around you (you are never alone…when you ask for help, the universe aligns to give you what you most need at that moment)

It’s so important for us all to realize that heavy emotions are processing through us to be fully released… feel what you need to feel, put those energies in the correct place and perspective, and move onward. Lighten your load with forgiveness and gratitude for any lessons learned that can help guide you in the future.

We are opening to the New-of-the-New… I’m shown this has never occurred on our planet before—and how we each individually experience these changes can be as difficult or as smooth as we choose to make it. It is your Choice, it is your Life.

Most importantly, release all fear… of anything and everything that is keeping you in limitation and holding you back. Joy BOOSTS your immune system, and doing something that makes you or another person smile/laugh can easily help change your outlook on life in an instant. Have fun with your life. Gratitude is key. We are all in this together, you are never alone.

There is a purpose in all these chaotic, crazy and beautiful Energy fluctuations and worldly happenings —even though we can’t see the end result yet (or often can’t even perceive the tunnel we are collectively being steered into). These projected ‘matrix’ confinements (from self or another source) can often feel like they are totally boxing us in (until we begin to realize the “box” is only an illusion of limitation).

I envision this is all part of an up-lifting phase of this ongoing Ascension process, in tandem with what is occurring on the world stage… global events we may be aware of often have deep layers of complexity and variable hidden aspects going on behind the scenes—many things, events and energies are not always as they appear on the surface, as big shifts in everything are playing out their course. Just ride with it and stay in the highest vibration possible that you can, from each moment to the next moment and onward.

Our human-beingness has amazing potential and abilities… begin to explore and tap into those new ways that are already in existence within you.

Look for the helpers around you, and the heart of inspiration within your own core… this will get easier as we go forward and continue to recalibrate our energies.

Stay in your center, align to your essence of who you Truly know yourself to BE, and be open to possible shifts and changes in your belief system that might surprise you.

Each of us is creating a new aspect of the world, both independently and collectively…through our incredible, innate manifestation skills. Keep your thoughts, words and deeds as pristine as you are able to— and help others as often as you can along the way.

Remove all limitations, and look for answers you seek within the cosmic sea of endless possibilities.

Our mind, spirit and bodies are recharging and creating new connections, new photons of light and crystalline structures. As Mother Gaia is re-birthing herself in higher vibrational frequencies, the dreamtime and galactic realms are piercing through into our dimensions and making themselves known. Starseeds and Starbeings are blending into full consciousness within our light body. Our Higher Selves are beginning to more fully blend with and integrate into our physical beings.

We are rapidly shifting into full rememberings of our own unique expressions of creative abilities and of Light Language, and remembering the Universal Language of Light in all its multidimensional forms. It is the language of Love. A heart Knowing.

Many are revisiting old memories and rectifying them quickly. What may have been painful in the past can be revisited with a new filter… all is a learning experience… all makes sense and has a purpose. We can rest in knowing that everything is birthing forward, and brings deep joy to our hearts when we see the gift within every moment and exchange of energy. When we reframe our understanding of any situation, it is a joyous moment.

This is a beautiful time to let go of all the energy patterns and outdated systems, to reinvigorate all possibilities in your existence as a human being on earth in this NOW moment.

Celebrate what there is to celebrate, let go of what needs no more embellishment or coddling, and dig deep to find your true voice of expression. It becomes a joy to reach out to others and provide support and encouragement, loving and respecting another person exactly as they choose to present themselves into the world. Celebrate and honor their uniqueness and courage of expression as only they can manifest.

The “New Earth” as many understand it is currently already here in our realm—we only need to adjust our perceptions, thoughts and feelings into it and create a new instance of our lives and identity every moment. Open your consciousness and heart, and it becomes clearly visible and easy to experience.

This beautiful gateway is recharging our emotional body and feelings, realigning our chakra systems and reinvigorating our Spirit to move forward with more conviction and confidence.

This is a great time to say thank you, offer gratitude and release what no longer serves us, to walk into a new state of Being.

We will be tested by the universe to ensure that we are choosing the highest vibration possible at every moment. Say “yes” to you. Say “yes” to all possibilities of LOVE manifest in all forms.

All old systems are breaking down, including old physical energies, external society structures, and systems that are not in alignment with true free will.

Please remember that life at every moment can be exciting—it is alive and it is invigorating when we choose the highest state of joy. When we support others and their awakening and revealing by respecting their own Truths —we, by essence of the law of attraction, more fully awaken and become present to our own Truths.

Allow yourself to open to this full new portal energy, complete old patterns, and let them gracefully wash away.

We are self-initiating and rebirthing ourself by choice into new instances of consciousness at every moment. When you feel stuck at any time, realize that those are past energies that are pulling you backwards. Let them go and be present in the now moment, and you will CREATE WHATEVER FUTURE YOU ENVISION.

Life may feel quite complex, at the same time it is truly very simple. Speak from your heart, speak your Truth, express your True Voice and True Self, and you will attract high vibrations to celebrate who YOU are. Be that. Put yourself out into the world of consciousness the best you can, shine your light, and choose to be FREE.

Many new energies are taking shape at this moment, and the end of this year is a completion of a huge cycle for many.

2021 will be an incredible moment in time of a massive awakening… Humanity will reveal itself in all forms. 
Thank the universe for the 2020 vision, True Balance and more clarity of all vibrations. The full unity of the divine masculine and feminine is blending now within each one of us, for Re-balance. Oneness.

Choose the highest vibrational path you can walk, manifest what you wish and need in this new world, be who you ARE. Trust yourself, you know what to do. It is the moment of the revealing.
Sending you all blessings, love, and inspirational transmissions of happiness in your continued life journey.
– Shakara Tosha & Star Guides
If you need support or assistance during these shifting times in any way:
(activating, healing and empowering —the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!):
888 Lion’s Gate Vibrations

888 Lion’s Gate Vibrations

888 Lion’s Gate Energies:
Intense Transformation Occurring with Powerful Portal Openings + Transitions
– by Shakara Tosha (Channeled message from my higher self on the 8-8)

These days we are collectively moving through very strong + significant energies in the world + upgrading of our body systems + collective consciousness. It is all unfolding beautifully, it has purpose + a positive long-term outcome that is revealing itself in our creative evolutional consciousness.

The Passage of Vibrations Between Energetic Doorways
We are all now currently experiencing the passage of vibrations between energetic doorways — releasing the past + creating the new. Feel the strength + wisdom that is occurring on all levels + frequencies — these incredible energies are a gift to us all to help transcend each of our lives now as we choose. Regardless of what time/day moment you experience these key code dates, know that you can tap into their energies at any time to relax, revitalize + rekindle yourself at any moment.

The Feminine + Masculine Energies Rebalance Now
The divine feminine + masculine energies in our world are rebalancing + finding new purpose on all levels — deep within mother Gaia, in our physical + spiritual body systems, in the electromagnetic fields around us, via the lunar light waves + the solar photonic frequencies — as above so below — there are similar energy patterns falling away, moving, growing, recalibrating, birthing anew. This moment in (+ out of) time in this NOW that we are collectively experiencing is radiant + vital to our life force + prosperous futures. This is a magical dance of creative movement between the sun, moon, earth, nature, cosmos,  star nations, human beings + an energetic evolution — within + between all these systems.

We Are Called Now to Complete Old Outdated Cycles To Dream Anew
We, individually + collectively, are completing old cycles of behavior, timelines, worldly manifestations, moving into a new way of being + living that is weaving within each of us + simultaneously throughout the world + cosmos. We are the dreamer + the dream, the artist + the work, the weaver + the tapestry. Your soul is calling to you — listen to it’s song…it is alive + passionate + longs to be fully expressed.

Make it. Do it. Be it. Light it up. Blaze your new trail. Become solid + centered in your heart, mind + body, manage your emotions, awaken your dormant higher perception abilities, become fully in tune with life + the living world, become a true creative force of nature — be more of you, manifest your you-ness — in your dreamtime + inner knowing, through exchanges with others, via your connection to the world + nature around you…in the way you manifest self in the world, in your work, play, sleep, peace, passion, action, resolve, determination, self-expression, + joy of living We are between energies, between experiences, between worlds + at the same time we are right in the heart center of it all.

8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal Opening Event
Leo is the sign of the ‘heart center’ + signifies the personal individuation of your Divinity, as the dormant Soul DNA awakens + activates in your human energy field.  During this 8-8 gate activation (visualize a symbol of 2 infinity signs in a cross overlapping each other), this energetic shift contains new light codes of our cosmic ascension for the next year/cycle. It’s important that you understand + fully receive these energetic codes to awaken your creative + soul DNA light photons — to support your quantum shift into unity consciousness during the time.

A solar/“soul-ar” Stargate of energy is being fully opened…by + from the sun, deep within our inner being — streaming intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid + key centers of power that reside on + within the nodes of these grids (on the earth, within ancient temples + earthworks, in our body systems, + in the cosmos).

Every one of these entities + modalities are being in-lightened, re-blueprinted, upgraded energetically, ethnically evolving, + awakening to it’s own individual consciousness + abilities for mastery during these ascension of energies we are all participating in. No longer watching from the sidelines, all sentient beings are asked to awaken now to their wisdom + knowing they possess within themselves — about self, others + the world…awaken to how light + love function, then how to work with those energies.

This moment is the opening of the now + future gates of being-ness + wholeness. Now we have activated the energies of creation + creativity…Lion’s  gate is really activating the three key relationships that we all encounter — relationship with the self, relationship with the other, relationship with the Universe.

Purpose + Hope in The Higher Realms Of Existence
The world is remodeling itself from the inside out — there is a purpose + hope in the world we are moving into, our world can + will become a glowing garden of abundance. If, when, because we say so, we can and must believe it’s possible then just “be” it — imagine the highest vibration that you can vision + the world can be, then start to physically + spiritually move into that new existence + timeline.

Re-jig yourself, re-energize yourself, re-new your abilities, gift the world + others with your presence, your happy state of mind + heart, your joy of being alive. Radiate that high state of being, keep your thoughts + words clear + high vibrational …thereby you will attract abundance + happiness continually into your life. The world sees that is how you consciously and actively choose at each moment to be present in the world, then continues to give you more of it. All other negative energies will just go away from you because you no longer vibrate on that frequency…you have the creative ability to attract all that you need, wish, desire in this world by how you are being in the world.

Each of us carries the seed of creation within us. It is your birthright. Find it, work with it, understand it, master it, use it…give of your gifts to the world. Trust your instincts, they will guide you on your new journeys. Take the leap of faith, be in action as if what you desire is already happening + the world will make it so.

Each individual in the world, YOU, are part of this process, affected by this shifting of energies; you are helping move this change forward just be your very presence on earth now — become more aware of your purpose, life mission + creative abilities, then work with them actively. Manifest something into the world, find some way of doing anew, be a fully actualized someone.

Awaken These Codes Within You By Choice
Feel these energies awakening in your inner body cells, spinning throughout each of your chakra systems, radiating out into your aura’s light body fields…consciously connect to the wisdom + power of these vibration’s glowing light radiating down from the crystalline moon’s glow + the sun’s radiant diamond light photonics…choose to welcome them into your energy field, run them through your etheric mind/spirit/soul/heart/body systems + deep into the crystal core of Mother Earth.

Simultaneously, perceive the incredible love + expansion that Gaia is birthing from within her center — the liquid blue etheric light energies coupled with red plasmic matter is rising from her core up into our body vessels, as the Being of Gaia herself is stretching + venturing into higher dimensions + timelines. Our bodies + etheric fields themselves are a conduit for the energies from above + below, a bridge between past + future timelines, a gateway between old + new, a channel between various dimensional experiences.

Big shifts of energies + timelines + possibilities are mirrored at all levels — the dance of love + light is occurring between our very cells + DNA, deep within the earth’s crystals, within all matter we encounter, in the electro-magnetic pulses all around + within us, in the vast cosmic sea…like a cocooned butterfly right at the moment of stretching it’s wings to break out into the world to fly free, like chick cracking it’s shell to emerge into the light of day, we are all expanding into our larger consciousness + higher etheric physical bodies together to birth newness.

Become conscious that this is truly occurring right now, awaken to the understanding that you can work with these energies in any way you like to play with them, re-member who you truly are: we are each glowing spiritual light bodies having an experience in the physical world to become more aware of abilities + choose to manifest a new way of being — a new way of connecting with each other, a new way of living our lives with joy + abundance, a new purpose to identify what makes our hearts sing with joy + doing those things that make us feel happy.

Utilize the energy tools of this time, this portal, this gateway, to manifest your heart’s truth + your destiny as a radiant being. Love each other, respect one another, work together. Oneness.

Be. Who. You. Are. The Time is NOW
The is THE TIME to transcend all past fears, judgements, worries + doubts of self + others into actions from the heart to create more love, inner tranquility, passion, peace, balance, possibility, fun, joy, unlimited abundance for all in our world moving forward.

Look inside + bring that dormant spark you find out into the world. No more gurus + teachers, recognize + take to heart the understanding that each of us is a Master (of our destiny, of knowing how to engage in the world, of understanding how to move forward).

It is time now to awaken to the memories of our abilities + skill sets + begin playing with them, again. It is a free-will choice that we all now have access to, as each energetic timeline (within our unique personal lives, between worlds + people in our collective conscious experience, + within in each dimension + nature of galactic existence) is shifting, merging, blending, separating + dissolving.

These energies are very real, they are part of our existence, they ARE us.

Dream, Imagine then create what you see in your heart + mind’s eye of the lifestyle + the way you wish to show up in the world — you are the driver of your vessel, your boat upon the journey of life. Get centered, stay your course, ride the strong shifting waves of these changes, get grounded in your hight heart center, be completely present in the NOW moment each moment. You will feel + see the world glittering like the magic it truly is.

Choose to Remove Your Own Limited Veil of Consciousness
You can now choose to remove the limited veil from your own consciousness, one that you put upon yourself precisely to learn how to remove actively by choice. We came here to experience the journey of emotion, physicality + life experiences so that we could feel deeply how to be human.

Then, through our life experiences, we are learning that we have the choice + ability to work with light, sound + vibration to create a new way as we see fit. We are truly the creators of our destinies, we have the ability to tap into any energy in the world we choose to work with, like an artist choosing his palette + tools to express in physical form what they see in their heart + their mind’s eye.

Make your dreams real while actively removing any restrictions placed upon you. This is your free will choice to manifest what you wish into being. Our world is magic, believe it + you will see it. Give love to others + self without any conditions or attachments, respect how we each choose to show up in the world, know that life is infinitely abundant in all ways + full of endless possibilities at each moment.

Choose wisely, be in service, create as you wish. We have moved from the self-centered focus on the One into the heart of collective co-creating collaborations together with others — into the awareness of Oneness. Each of us is a unique + beautiful expression of creation; each of our actions is fueling the collective consciousness of ALL.

Now in this timeline of timelines we are bridging into the new ways — old, outdated systems in every aspect of our lives (i.e. our bodies, relationships, society, beliefs, earth, world, galaxy) that no longer serve us are falling to the wayside…as new methodologies + ways of living are coming online.

Remember You Are Your Own Master
Become aware of the artist of light + love that you truly are — begin to play with it. Your life is a work of art where you are the creative Master. Trust yourself, you know what to do. We are all part of creation because we carry the soul seed of creation itself within our high heart…re-member-who-you-are + be that Being in the world.

Consciously tap into abundance at all levels. One understanding of true life success is: having access to + manifesting the ability to get done what we need + choose to get done at the time + place we need + choose, to manifest what we wish, for ourselves, our families, our community, our society + the world at all levels.

Remember not to take things too seriously, keep your heart light, do fun things you enjoy, make a difference in your world + the lives of another. Today. Now. Always.

Know You Are Important In The World’s Evolution
Keep expanding, keep centering, keep mastering your human-ness. You are special, unique + important. Be more of you, bring that child out to play, dance a new dance. If you don’t like what’s happening in your life, realize you created that experience by the laws of attraction + manifestation…let all judgement go, give self + others instant forgiveness, then actively choose to create something different.

You hold the answersto your happiness inside…you are key, the lock plus the door simultaneously. It is safe now to come out of your shell + let the world see your true vibration. Start a new path, move into a new journey, dance a new dance. You are needed, wanted, loved. Know that you are never alone, You will be recognized + understood when you recognize and understand yourself.  You know who you are. Listen to your inner heart song + BE that.

This is a powerful time of existence during our planetary ascension — be an conscious  participant in this transition. Work actively with these energies, building up to the energetic reset point date of the Aug 21st Solar Eclipse, where new energies further manifest into fruition.

Stay grounded during these vibrational waves, ride on this shift of consciousness. Go barefoot in nature as much as possible, drink lots of water, get lots of downtime + rest, know that you are exactly in the right place you need to be. Have fun with these times. Be in-joy + maintain as high a personal vibration as possible at each moment.

I love you all, I believe in you, I wish to see you flourish. You got this.

You are radiant + amazing.

Love, Shakara Tosha



Shakara Tosha is an energetic guide + artist who communicates multidimensional Light Languages + Star Messages received from various Star Guides…to assist you during these energetic ascension times in the NOW

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