Inner Vision Awakening: We’re Evolving Ourselves Together

Inner Vision Awakening: We’re Evolving Ourselves Together

Earth crystals + diamond light photonics speak through portals, send bolts + messages to either/or ether/ore planes within our body systems and mother Gaia. The source of life, the heart form vibration is activating and arising greatly now. The new golden photonic seed in our high heart is alive + growing, pushing boundaries, moving forward, expanding, awakening all our life forces who have been harboring the sleep state. We dance the sacred dance of self-expression, each in our own way, to ground Celestial energies. Temporarily doused with the veil while traveling aimlessly through space and time, we The Collective have harkened to the calling of the wild, now quickly opening our eyes.  The silent days are behind us all… high energy vibration walks amongst us, tapping our shoulders, a child’s game, playfully awakening the slumber.

We are awakening ourselves, we are aligning the specific code matrix to do so from our prior soul agreements made on other planes of existence before coming into this world to help raise the global frequency. We feel the pull, hasten at the call. Whatever words you use to describe us, it’s the same… systems busters, light workers, energy activators, etheric inspirationalists. We are putting the codes back together — in ourselves, with each other, throughout the blueprints of existence in all that is alive, working with new notions + practices of how we collectively define + redefine our energy systems, no longer oppressed by imposed ignorance and seeming lack of free will. The patterns layer, the codes align. Through the 144,000 points of bodily light, directly to the essence of the Masters, the crystalline core of Gaia + throughout the cosmic seas to the galactic central sun and beyond the beyond consciousness of Creation. This time of reemerging out of our chrysalis and into a new existence has arrived, those legends of this great time of “The Big Show” that has all galactic energies watching in support + awe is no longer myth, it is being realized by us all, for us, because of us, a wonderment to behold + incredible adventure to participate in.

Laughing, running through fields, aligning layers of sacred symbols, opening + traveling through portals, speaking + gesturing the language of light in all its myriad forms … we dance through it all, our dancing creating new dances that ripple through eternity of the Now. Shifting + sorting through higher octaves we venture, playing the instruments of time + space, utilizing the tools of etheric blueprinting creations, expanding in broader resonance levels. We are all creating as we go along, each unique thought + emotion + action adding to the Collective consciousness. We are dancing the ancient, Sacred dance of life + light, through the heart lifeline of the energetic earth grids — merging where our spirits can dance freely in the Galactic Center together with the all spirits of the Universe. The Elders, Ancient Ones, Star Families + those beings who walk upon the Earth at this time are orchestrating the divine creative performance, aligning people + star souls, making arrangements from the cosmic star power, and so many now in this world returning to witness these shifts to higher vibrational states as one Unit of energy — mother Gaia and all who resonate with her vibration. The rotation of the internal + external Mer Ka Ba, interlinking head + heart, soul + emotion, rejoining the divine feminine + divine masculine to birth a new blend of humanity, are all gyrating with change + motion. Hue-mans are just now collabortively realizing we are consciously choosing to break through our own inner membranes and shells, expanding into frontiers never before ventured. A huge galactic experiment in the making… we are creators, participants + spectators of this energetic symphony.

Star knowledge, star laws, energy essences embedded in symbol code combinations are repatterning, layering, restringing new lines of communication… within the underground root networks, between all the body neurons + DNA  light code cells, filaments of light streaming around + through each one of us, within the electromagnetic lines telepathic communication rides upon, weaving throughout our 13 chakra centers + auric fields, throughout the planetary transportation paths + way stations, deep within Earth’s the nodal points + ley line grid system… we are all glowing anew each moment. Resonating with light + sound + vibration all the elements are being unwoven, rewired + restrung to sync up new modes of heartfelt communication channels throughout all galactic and bodily systems of existence.

Invoking the flame imperishable — a fire that will never cool, but must be self-fanned — we struggle, wrangle through, not realizing we are really rebirthing alongside + meshed with the evolving starlight that is the Great Mother Gaia — we are her child, we are in her child, we are the Mother, we embrace the Mother, with joyous anticipation + awakened questions of what shall be. We do this together, one hand, one heart. Sacred flame societies + Ancient Masters of Light walk on this sacred ground. Heaven + earth come together to merge in the center, our center; the soaring bird + meandering earth snake, the phoenix dragon arising, the sacred fire-water essence, the sun-moon dance, the union of One. At the crossroads, it all meets in the high-heart. The plumed serpent + the giving hand, lovingly extended. May we truly receive continual knowledge wisdom through the Star Path to the Earth path and back again, may the tones of the 13 rise once again + become manifest in form.

Caterpillars knows not what they will shape into, but succumb to their destiny line, pushing ever stronger with newly formed wing-tips out the curved edge of the temporary cocoon, longing to get on with the business of living; they know in their heart they will allow themselves to fly. free. at. last. They know not how, but know they are the impulse itself — somewhere in their seed of inner life they ARE the will, the goal, even more so: the belief that they can, and the want to experience the magic. Chicks must crack their own shells, burst through the membrane, break part of themselves to reclaim themselves. Osiris allowed fragmentation, that Isis + Horus could understand the hologram of life + the unity of One. He allowed this process to show us in his action, how to operate + return to source, for the learning of the greater good. a model blueprint that life IS + IS endlessly transmuting — that creation, manifestation, entropy + rejuvenation are all possible, therefore must be experienced in full form to be understood inherently deep within ourselves. We carry the seed-codes of Creation, we are part of Creation, we ARE Creation itself.

The new + returned Tribes + Masters, the elders + wisdom keepers, have all heard the call of the great heart of the Mother and are taking their positions to do this high-vibrational Spirit Work, together. They must ask who will join, as it is all a free-will choice. We are all spinning on our own line grids in the web, finally seeing each other’s light, Heartsong, calling to play together. Only then can we create harmony, melodies, patterns. Bodies come into alignment, sometimes they need to be shaken not stirred to be fully effective; a rugged downpour of rain must be called if the gentle rustle of leaves cannot catch the hearing of those in transit slumber. Return into form, walk the lands with awareness, awaken + arise to our sacred responsibilities now.

We choose to align the galactic center with our eternal center – within the double torus around the heart & body, mirroring earth center & universe, big sister and little sister walking together, big brother + little brother walking next to each other. Spirit of the waters, riding the crest of white wave foam, we are all Leaders on the edge of a newly-shaping consciousness, expanding + contracting. Our eternal nature, the golden dot orb seed cell within the 8 cells of our Medtronic blueprint, rotates continually. The space between the notes, the zero-point energy location, composites nothingness + all-ness, vibrating peace + harmony. The tree systems + the crystalline earth-body elements see + record all in silent witness, now available to be tapped into at will. All these “systems” of the akashic, when over-layered, make the most glorious melody. The music of the spheres, the sound of possibility. When silent + listening we can hear the subtitles of this great symphony. We are being asked to be fully present and intuit all the universe messages as all our higher senses come online to “read” vibrations + “interpret” the messages. Living Light Language emanates everywhere.

There are those of us who hear the call, who can read the messages in cloud formations, who know at various stages what we came here to do in this earthly Walk. Like etheric lightning rods to connect the grids + anchor the teetering of the forces, WE HAVE ARRIVED to balance all energies… we are collectively breaking through the negative ceiling block of energy put there in the past by those who got separate from their natural source + seemingly have no heart…but they do, they just actively chose to quiet it for a while. We are showing that Love begets Love, all re-creation is possible, all determined contacts can be rewritten in a moment’s notice.

For all of those that operate on their own volition without care, may they be deeply + kindly wrapped with blankets of love + care, for they know not consciously what they do, and the shadow is part of us all. In finding our inner glow we can show them how to again ignite their fire. I will never give up on those souls who have a short attention span for community and companionship… hearts that have separated from the soul body can be reunited by choice, the violet ray of love can again flame in temporarily abandoned vessels.

As they say, as long as you burn, you belong to life. Keeping the inner seed of life alive + evolving + of high vibration is the work and play of Masters — all of us here now — as above so below. The Creator seed carries the essence of potentiality within it — the creative force + the creation are intertwined. Energy is endlessly moving, vibrating in and out of existence;  beings hold etheric resonance as conscious forms best when in service to others + Unity consciousness of the One + the All. They will find their way the brighter we blaze the trail.

In many lifetimes we have traveled through the temples looking for the life pulse, behind the stars, through the center of the earth, into the essence of the golden orbs, through the dimensional layers, shape-shifted my soul throughout various places in my physical + the beyond, journeying through languages, stages of ourselves in different times, together with partners + alone, sometimes defending + protecting the sacred territory, oftentimes in deep silence… realizing just now the one thing we were seeking was always at our side, around us, inside. The glow of love. The Force, that one glowing orb inside the seed of life, expanding, contracting, blooming every so brilliantly.
The worlds are alive… do you see it, did you listen, how it glows and how it glistens….

I am just one being, requesting the knowledge to Know the world + myself again. May I align with the ethers, the elders, the ever-ever plan, and fulfill my mission. Release the mind, dance barefoot, knowing that we have all raised each other’s vibrations ever higher, one energetic wave at a time.

Fascinating, the heart is— always giving, every push of the pulse of the will to be. The truth + magic is in the shadows, the between parts, the becoming, the space between breath in + breath out, between the half notes.  In wondering where to go to shift this planet out of negativity, the wise ones looked back at an idea one soul had, just a concept, of how to shift into the other plane. Just an idea, an impulse, a wondering, brought by innocence, because it seemed there was no other way. We are now manifesting that etheric impulse into being, together. The young at heart will always move in the heart. They will find the way. And show the ALL. We can never lose connection to our innocence, we are born anew again every day, every moment. Awaken again to the innocence of your being + merge it together with the wisdom of your experiences. Therein lies the power of Creation… true alchemy of the soul.

We are collectively writing new etheric blueprints of the new human body, new society, new world — new ways that we are all evolving into …we manifest what we see in each heart’s soul, our mind’s eye, in radiant new forms. Hang on through this bumpy ride, stay in your center, live from your heart with joy + laughter, we will all get to the new shores. Many have already dreamed this new way of living we will emerge into, and some are already living There in these higher frequencies now. We are dreaming it all now from slumber out into awakening existence — the current real becomes as the past dream, as the current dreamtime manifests as our new reality… and it is magnificent. Let’s go together.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

Shakara Tosha is an energetic guide + artist who communicates multidimensional Light Languages + Star Messages received from various Star Guides…to assist you during these energetic ascension times in the NOW

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Experiencing & Navigating New Higher Dimensional Frequencies

Experiencing & Navigating New Higher Dimensional Frequencies

We are Now Operating at a Higher Dimensional Frequency

All living beings on Earth are experiencing huge waves of personal + galactic energy shifts into levels of higher consciousness, in the Now moments of our Collective Evolution. These changes are caused by many factors, most noticeably: a recent spiking of the Schumann Resonance pulses from the core of inner earth outward, the “Song of the Earth” (frequency vibrations emanating blue etheric energy which effect the electro-magnetic fields around the earth + our physical body blueprints) … PLUS the recent influx of higher frequencies to our planet (stardust from the photon belt that earth’s passing through, in tandem with magnificent solar flares radiating golden/white diamond codes of light on us, which our evolving crystalline body systems can now absorb more easily). We are each being “activated” from all directions, inside + out, and the effects of these vibrations are providing new opportunities for our higher dimensional selves to come “onboard”, so to speak, from deep within our personal body systems — generating a new energetic renaissance in our world.

We are now operating at a higher dimensional frequency within our full body systems — yet the perceptions many people (the “Collective”) haven’t quite graduated into understanding that this higher dimensional shift has occurred. Therefore many keep reenacting a 3rd dimensional existence + experience living in the same 3D world they have always occupied — recreating the usual 3D stuff + work + family dynamics + issues etc.

In the past many have experienced our 3D lives in the here-and-now, feeling a need to climb the spiritual ladder upwards to get to our “better” or “higher” selves (as if that’s somehow “above” us). Due to these recent shifts, our collective essence now resides at a higher frequency + we are being offered the opportunity at will to emerge into the 3D world as needed to finish some earthly business + let go of all that no longer serves us. My Star Guides (aka my “Star Team”) show me that our physical + etheric bodies function as a prana tube where we can travel between higher + lower states of density at will… all the dimensions exist simultaneously together in the same space, so shifting between them is as simple as changing your resonant vibrational frequency feeling.

A Shifting of Collective Dimensional Conscious Into 5D-13D Has Occurred 

I was recently in-formed that there was a shifting of collective dimensional consciousness into the 5th dimension in Dec 2012. Some people felt it very deeply (I experienced a huge movement in my auric + etheric field with many visions), while some didn’t “get the memo” energetically at all — due to each person’s coded level of awakening time + their empathic body sync with Mother Gaia. Nevertheless it happened, what the Mayans called the “end of time” was the end of our “traditional” or known experience of time. Everything is cyclical in the time band (which is affected + generated by gravity + spacial relationships), we were just beginning a movement cycle again at a new, higher experiential level. Time itself had split, moved, warped, regenerated itself… a natural process that occurs in multi-thousand-year time blocks (growth, entropy disintegration of systems, neutralization, then new starts).  Therefore, we became figuratively + literally “out of time”… while the majority of “the Collective” (all living beings walking the planet now) are now just beginning to feel the delayed reaction to this shift, like we’re perceptively out of sync with this + scrambling energetically to catch up.

Additionally, profoundly, I was also in-formed that in Dec 2016 there was another major shift higher into the 13th dimension (hard to comprehend what that is or feels like since it’s been a long time down our respective rabbit holes here since we operated in higher dimensional realities). We have now vibrationally expanded our perceptions of these higher dimensions + the multidimensionally banded energy fields where we now fully reside can be experienced from this high-resonating perspective. Our physical (plus spiritual + mental) bodies are not only absorbing a higher form of energy now, they are THE conduit for the change in our overall system.

Many people who are deeply entrenched in the matrix field of 3D-manipulated reality are just beginning to experience their first baby-step “ah-ha” awakening moments. Those of you/us who have felt this shift have endured a very bumpy ride, walking between these two worlds, needing to keep the 3D-factory-machine well oiled + churning (bills, kids, work, cultural beliefs + practices, daily engrained behavior, celebrity wish-dreaming, marketing doctrines + buying stuff, massive pop-culture engagements etc), while at the same time tapping into higher realms of energy + the special effects of it all — but somehow we all got through it fairly unscathed, ha.

People were sucked into believing that those appointed “power-over” individuals had the upper hand + The Collective just needed to go along with the program prescribed to them to be successful citizens for the “greater good”. I call this the “get-er-done” thought process, utilized by people who have remained entrenched in 3D distractions. This was due to the alignment of The Collective’s belief systems + literal/figurative buy-in to the agendas of the “power-over” people. I love this neutral phrase “get-er-done”… to me it’s a mode of being, a learned feeling of being in action while thinking we are making “things happen”, yet not considering that those making the decisions behind the smokescreen are the ones who are benefiting from these manipulations. The Collective have been making daily life choices we were told are good for us, while power-over factions are actively siphoning our energetic strands, a happening still unknown to the many logical, loving human beings. This all changing due to these new energy shifts in our world… our pineal glands, DNA + photons at a cellular level are being re-stimulated to function in new, higher-vibrational ways. We are all collectively waking up + looking around in this new worldly existence of ours.

Reception Through Distraction / The Medium is the Message

We have been experiencing the manifestation of the concept “reception-through-distraction”: the finely-architected agenda by those in “power-over” was to keep people moving so fast with fully booked schedules + desires for stuff as to make them appear + feel valuable to the world (the world of desired illusion which remains never really attainable, just the dangling carrot in front of us), persuaded to just keep consuming things. In pushing forward with this way of life, it creates and inability for the Collective to designate the “time” to focus their attention on what’s really occurring in the world and within themselves due to endless distractions — a well-tuned marketing tactic in full effect.

This is also the materialization of the concept “the medium is the message”, with a twist:  the Collective have become so mesmerized by the eye-candy + gadgets they we “thought” to desire so much that we don’t grasp true message delivered to us or it’s manufactured intention (note: my Star Guides often use funny word-plays…they say here we ARE “thought” itself that becomes a reality; also they are layering the concept that we are TAUGHT, as in a teacher giving us a programmed lesson; at the same time we become “taut” like a tight rope tether of control around us). In this way, people are deliberately distracted to miss the real value, purpose or energetic natural exchange that occurs in life + real human interactions due to the over-abundance of tech tools, devices, beliefs + other distractions teased in front of them. Attempts have been made to seduce us away from our True Selfhood, our spiritual purpose, our feeling hearts + the wisdom of self-thinking … the Collective has been officially lured into willingly believing + accepting that these imposed decisions were our choice  + were good for us. This, in reality, has caused people to willingly forfeit their personal free will + internal power they naturally carry (which supports self-growth, reflection, rejuvenation, true wisdom + heartfelt living connection with nature + the art of creation). On a  personal note, I enjoy experiencing the full spectrum of human living stuff-ness, but don’t get entrenched in it so much these days… like being in the world but not of it. I love tech gadgets, wizzadoodles, good music hooks, style + various tactile experiences etc, while I also will my spirit to move fluidly between 3D + higher spiritual dimensions as needed by choice, which we are all capable of doing; 

Yes, society on the whole does currently use + rely on the internet, smartphones, computers etc. to bridge the gaps in time/space with others, to connect + exchange info + passions, yet it’s not the sole way to connect with the world, nature + others. I intuit these external devices are a pre-cursor to opening our senses to the art of true telepathy + Light Language communications. There will be a time when the shrine built to high-technology will begin falling away + our powerful inner higher senses will come back on board fully (telepathy, auric field reading, chakra connection “blending” with other people + animals + concepts etc,)… these heartfelt + natural ways of connecting will again become dominant tools, while the tech tools will be balanced in rightful service to the natural essence of Creation + connection once again.

Navigating Through Many Worlds At Once Is Our Choice

The “Key” to this all is balancing both (actually many) worlds, at once. It’s the true feminine way of blending + living in paradox… all are included, all are celebrated, all are respected — the duality of opposites merges back into Unity. It’s an active choice of how we can live our lives.

We must begin to realize this is how the energy of the world functions + determine to reclaim our original power… to understand that this has always been our choice. Then, we must make a choice to Live + Walk this way in every moment. This is one reason we are in this 3D world of Gaia: the Earth is a school of learning to master our emotions + understand creation/manifestation in all its myriad ways… we can actively choose to Do IT, Live IT, Be IT. We have descended into 3-dimensional vibration here to actively choose to master the evolving into higher consciousnesses of Love + Light + merge back to the Source of all that is.

Another “Key” is to recognize the signs that the manipulated reality world is signaling to you deep within your unconscious + identify the source they come from. These have been embedded by the “power-over” factions with deliberate coded triggers priming you to interpret incorrectly as your own thoughts + reality, which is an illusion.

The more significant “Key” here is to see how the universe + your own personal Guides (aspects of you in all dimensions + other spiritual, elemental, star + guides) come to you + inform your daily life to “read” the energetic MESSAGES they are intentionally showing you. How you see + interpret those messages that may just feel like random coincidences (which they are not) will determine your current state of mind + your future, defined right now from the moment of understanding. This your true communication with Creator, Nature, Guides + Self, in action.

Have fun experimenting with this new reality you are individually creating with every personal impulse, will, thought, intention + action. Remember how powerful your vibrations are. You are co-creating blueprints of the new body vessel, our new earth, new world, new universe + new society — which we are all collectively evolving into through rapidly expanding creational waves of consciousness. How you choose to conduct your energies at each moment affects your life PLUS everything in the whole Collective of Existence itself. Make good, conscious choices + create new masterpieces of existence… in this Now moment, in this Now moment, in this Now moment, and so on, infinitely. Be Who You Truly Are.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

Time Shifting to No-Time & Your New Internal GPS System

Time Shifting to No-Time & Your New Internal GPS System

Time is becoming more malleable  if we need more “time” to complete a task we can just set our intention on it and is it SO… We are beginning to be able to warp time and/or experience time warping + bending, shortening + elongating, because time itself as we experience it is beginning to fall out of a grid-like structure, which it has been artificially locked into for thousands of years. Linear time has been a false construct that doesn’t exist, and was only created for control.  It is almost as if we can physically manipulate it — like in the movies where they show a holographic screen projection materializing in front of a person who can then manipulate energy patterns by their hands or minds… we can begin to visualize + “map” systems of energy (such as our bodies, our thoughts, materials, other happenings around us, time constructs of past + present) + begin to reshape these systems of energy in different ways.

The elements (water, fire, earth, sky) themselves are changing + “upgrading” — they are taking on new form, coming into contact + merging with higher frequency elementals within the element of ether (aether) + tuning into other vibrational elementals that exist on other dimensional levels. LOVE itself in its purest form is a vibrational element, that carries with it all potentialities of the universe…more on this later.

It is very important at this “time” in our current state of existence in the NOW to ground yourself in any way you can + find your Center — go inward, calm your mind, listen to your higher self, + connect with your Heart center. The external 3D world is vibrating higher + beginning to feel off-balance. Also time is speeding up, warping or feels like it is melting — it is vital now that you begin to move at your own pace in any activity you do — unplug from the clock + the calendar + other external stimulus (especially electronic technology devices), at least a few times a day….get in a quiet space and be calm with yourself, go out into nature, have a calming ritual… this will ground you + you will begin to hear the higher impulse signals from your Higher self — this higher self knows what to do, where to go etc. It is your new internal GPS navigation system.

It’s important to have Faith that it is possible to be guided by your inner self + that it is possible to begin materializing what you need as you need it in any form… and you do this by beginning to visualize what you want in your mind’s eye until what you want to materialize is fully functional — “fake-it-till-you-make it” kind of thing.

We are quickly moving into a state of “no-time”. Time as we have experienced it up until now was tied to space, false calendar systems + sliced, pre-designated units of fragmented moments, and our experience of time in the 3rd dimension resonated with very densely packed atomic structures; but now as all elementals are vibrating at higher levels, the “space” between matter elementals is opening up. The distance between atoms, photons etc. will seem more vast + spread out, but in that vacant space between things there exists infinite potential — as if everything is connected like glue or strings (i.e. String theory)… these are the lines that can be woven + manipulated + traveled.  Many indigenous cultures speak of time having been woven into the fabric of our lives and time is now becoming undone or unwoven. I vision that the “fabric” we experienced as matter was only experienced in limited dimensions like a flat piece of paper… when in essence it was occurring in many layered dimensions in all directions simultaneously.

Every atom + element carries with it its initial impulse from when it was Created, and therefore never dies + has inherent potential in it — as it pulsates + moves + vibrates it is both the Creator and the Creation being created (just by partaking in joining with other elementals + holding temporary form). Any combination of atoms can exist by your willing them to do so… we can therefore begin to manipulate energy + forms into impulses that form into thoughts + ideas + desires that then project outward into our auric field and begin to “call” other photons collectively to them that resonate with the same vibration — we begin to manifest thought into form.

We are made of atoms, therefore we are all the atomic + photonic structures that make up our bodies as a separate “Unit”, within the larger structure of the “Unit” of all photons/atoms/elementals that exist in our world and in all the universes.  Each of our body systems are separate “Units” in and of themselves, and at the same time are part of the Unit of the Whole — Creator Spirit is one, within one, within one etc. Therefore we can act with free will as a separate governing “body” managing our own body “systems”, and at the same time because we are made of the very essence of Prime Creator we are part of the whole — our actions affect everything that exists “around” us + in us, and at the same time we can connect to + pull from all that IS around + inside us.  Begin to realize this concept and begin to play with it in your daily lives.

All is connected, therefore any thought, feeling, action, impulse is connected like strings in every direction to everything else that is in materialized form + also that is in potential form — every vibration is either “on” in Material realms or “off” (it just can’t be seen with the visible eye). We are beginning to become conscious + aware of our latent abilities, as we come “online”. You will begin to experience “impulses” to want to do something in your immediate realm but may not really understand why, what it is or be able to put any meaning to it yet… this is your internal intelligence rewiring itself and beginning to upgrade you with new signals radiating from you (not in reaction to experiences outside of you as we have been so conditioned to behave). It is as if the elementals in your system + around you + of your guides/higher selves are beginning to orchestrate new ways of your BE-ing in the world, and it’s important to listen to those impulses, observe them with neutral emotion + no attachment, and see what next you visualize in your mind’s eye. ESP + telepathy are the pre-form vibration of these impulses, + when seen with another filter in your mind’s eye you can easily “catch” thoughts and intentional vibrations put into motion by another being.

These are New higher dimensional Tools you are beginning to develop + experience — play with them and explore them. Soon you will be called to utilize them + will begin to identify your unique skill-set + unique artistic expression in the world — your true abilities and skills that are unique to you will begin to manifest + will begin to be requested to apply in your day-to-day life.  You are truly in the NOW being shown YOURSELF and your unique skills and qualities — those qualities that you YOURSELF have chosen to learn, follow, develop + master — throughout many lifetimes and experiences just for this NOW moment! You are coming fully online and your unique way of operating + being + expressing in the world is not only important and available to the world and others, but is the exact reason why you are here and one of your many Soul Purposes — your skills + abilities + ways of being in the world is truly unique and each of us will soon begin Shining those new personal frequencies out into the world like Lighthouse beacons calling to each other (as those who will GLOW will begin to recognize the Glow in another).

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

Speaking Creator Language of Elementals & Photonics

Speaking Creator Language of Elementals & Photonics

Go inside yourself in your meditations and general thoughts during the day — to find truth, joy + new inspiration evolving inside every one of your atoms. Each cell in your body carries its own packet of intelligence and has sensory receptors that can extend out of the cell and perceive or “read” information in photonic Light, which the cell interprets and returns to inform + update its core operating system — then extends out to “call” other cells of similar resonance to action, to join together to create and form new ideas, functions + ways of operating. This happens billions of times a second, and there is a brief lull moment of null exchange between impulse + receiving pulses, similar to Zero Point, where nothing + everything exists simultaneously in that moment + all possibilities happen at once… before the cells move on to manifest what they intend. At this zero moment no space/time exists, and this is where connection to the galactic center is possible, merging of all dimensions is possible, and where the All-There-Is I AM energy exists — where the source of Spirit flows through.  These cells are firing + floating + pausing numerous times — and this process can be altered quickly at any moment.  This is where manifestation of anything occurs, and why it is so important to be mindful of your thoughts as they will manifest as you intend them.

This is also how telepathy works + quantum physics quarks/strings function — all is connected by this invisible negative space between matter and no-matter.  It’s like the space between half-step notes on a piano, that space between impulse + something becoming “other” or something new. When an artist creates something, this inter-“space” is where the impulse + communication + vision flows through, before the artist interprets a message they receive to manifest it in form. This is the same as the Flow state for athletes, artists + anyone manifesting anything in 3d: the person’s body system (mind, body, spirit) becomes simultaneously (1) the attractor of an idea/energy/vision, (2) the interpreter of that message via their skills + intuition + life experience, and (3) initiator of their personal choice of how + what gets manifested + birthed into the world.

The elementals of creation + potential in the universe connect with a person’s internal elementals, mix-n-match to form something new, and that “unit” or “packet” of information creation gets presented back into the world of actualization. The key is how one picks up the impulses + how sensitive they are, what they attend to (where they put their attention), how they work with their unique energy frequency signature, and what they intend to manifest that then gets created. In this process, a person is mirroring the function of creation, therefore has merged with the source of creation + the process of creation — becoming Creator, part of and ONE with the grand Creative Spirit.

We must find our own inner inspiration + the will to be + exist — the current 3d external society as we have experienced it has served the purpose of gestating our new frequencies, globally, collectively, + individually… it is dismantling as it is no longer needed or operable in this new place of being.

When you meditate + quiet your mind, you can begin to better hear your own inner voice — that voice carries all your past life + ancestral experiential information — it is the method to connect with your Higher self (it actually IS your higher self). This is the way to the universal collective (the Akashic records), the universal stream of consciousness + communication: etheric non-linear, non-time space where all communication on all dimensional levels is possible + anything/everything exists at a probable + possible state, where you can choose any line of outcome as you wish, this is that which is connected to the higher and galactic realms.  All nature + elementals + ether energetics communicate on these strata of communication — a kind of energy beam superhighway that you can ramp up onto and exist with and pull out + off of at will.

Begin to master this.   Envision what it looks + feels like + you will begin to “see” it in your mind’s eye. The 4 elements as we know them in the 3rd dimension are beginning to become more malleable — taking on new form… even your physical body will begin to “feel” different. We are experiencing less “definition” between our physical frame + the space around us, as if we can “blend” in + out of former “walls” of air + material objects next to us.  All atoms in our system are vibrating faster + more intentionally so that we can almost “see” inside our physical body + move our Spirit into different parts of our body. While being completely present + holding our physical form, we begin to move in + out of our “layers” of being, walking around + coming back into our bodies. Play with this experience and get to know your unique personal process of doing this activity — create your own Style Signature of how you operate this.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

Old Negative Structures Unraveling &New Energies Coming

Old Negative Structures Unraveling &New Energies Coming

Disregard all the negative, old structures that appear to be unraveling in the 3D world — most negative activities shown are false flag receptors of those in power-over role-play scenarios to keep humans detached and separated from their true nature (reception through distraction) … we must come back together with our selves and others in Oneness and unity consciousness. The falling-apart process is always a precursor step of the new forming of any consciousness template.

Understand that you are here on purpose, with purpose and you are very important in this process of change and evolution of our society and Conscious — your new “roles” and tasks and joy and play will be revealed to you shortly:

We all have a contractual agreement (made by us before we went under the veil to come into earth bodies) with Spirit to be here in the world at this time to do this Work (your system and higher Guides will inform you more about this soon).

The Clarion Call is trumpeting out to us all — NOW is the opportunity we are being asked to be of Service to the Shift in the world and helping Gaia ascend with full Consciousness of all on Earth…and it is our conscious choice how we will engage, how much, in what way, and where our Heart is focused during this change. Our Faith in the Way will be tested and we must be very centered and clear in our intentions.

Forgiveness (of all and of others and of ourselves) is the way of letting go of all outdated systems that no longer serve us.

Almost everything you learned + belief systems you adopted/adapted to outdated and will not resonate with this new world — disengage from them and learn a new way of being in this new golden age and new earth as a new human

You are being presented with a multitude of ways to experience your life, moment to moment. Choose which path you will follow, as this is now possible in multidimensional consciousness — no judgement, just actively choose which infinite possibility path you want to walk… no need to ever judge self or others, just realign and recalibrate your path as you Walk your path… shift to a parallel reality into the way of living that suits you — this is your choice and your power in this new world.  There is no wrong way or right way, but a Heart way that is operating with respect and support of all living in the NOW.

As we begin to let down the “veil” that separates our consciousness from the other dimensions, Star beings + elemental beings will begin appearing to you more in your visual field… be prepared to receive them and not be fearful of them, as they will appear to you if they trust that you will respect them and honor their ways. They are truly your Family as we are all connected, and they will appear and begin to teach us all new worldly dynamics that have been hidden from our consciousness up until this time.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

Let Go & Write Your Own Blueprint Manual

Let Go & Write Your Own Blueprint Manual

You are here on the planet in this NOW moment to live out all your dreams + desires. All the experiences in this life’s journey (and your past lives—as we have been many people + places) inform you how to raise your own personal vibration, to shape your life to your liking + help the worldly Collective shift to a new way of interacting  — new community, new conversational + transactional exchanges, new ways of interacting with the environment, new art forms + new ways of being. Worldly systems (finance, culture, entertainment, food, etc.) appear outwardly to be falling apart at the seams, but this is part of the energetic transitional shifting process + has a purpose to create new ways of interacting. Coming onboard are new, open + inspiring methodologies + visionary actions taking place to shift the whole system that will completely redefine what our current world looks like and how it operates. All these will come to fruition in the very near future. Like the calm before the storm, the Sun is not too far away on the other side of the cloud, and it will become visible once the wind blows the clouds onward.

This is a processing time for all of us to review + let go of personal + collective past traumas (we all churn these emotionally/physically/spiritually), outplayed family dynamics + old behavioral conditioning we have been told that we thought defined our identity. Energetically, all is now coming up for “review” for everyone — to let go of these outdated energies once + for all, so we can move forward with a clean slate. This includes consciously reviewing our personal relationships with EVERYTHING (food, money, friends, family, work life, etc.), thereafter determining what works for us personally + what is no longer useful. We are shaping our own new personal paradigms in how we relate to the world, Nature, other people, friends + family, and especially to ourselves. We are truly coming “online” with our new abilities, desires, needs, + skills. For so long we have been collectively “instructed” to dummy-down, follow order, and feel as though life gets projected onto us as another character “label” — we have collectively functioned often in fear-based survival mode + reacting to things that seem to “happen” to us from “outside” ourselves.

Well folks, the energies in the world are truly shifting quickly and becoming fluid — due to many factors: galactically via the photonic belt the Earth and all her inhabitants are moving through, planet relationships, new photonics radiating down from the Sun to Earth and all her Creatures — including us Hue-man Beings (this new Sun/Photonic Light carries new energies + upgrading information to all our cells) + a real consciousness awakening rising among many people + planet Earth herself (Mother Gaia is a being of incredible intelligence)… Due to all this shifting, our bodies + minds are experiencing a change of… well, heart! Or I should say a CHANGE TO HEART — we as a Collective are deciding (consciously + subconsciously, and some completely unconsciously!) what is not working, what we do enjoy + actively choosing to live in other ways that are taking on many new forms — organic farming + getting back to nature (possible in the country AND city…rooftop gardens, farmers markets with local produce, locally sourced artisanal cooking), moving physically or changing work/job/life relationships + locations to create new surroundings that vibrate with the new “us” that is changing….  We are beginning to call in new Tribes of people + places that resonate with our new vibrations, worrying less about those people + places that no longer “fit” our new lifestyle + ways of expression. A kind of energetic changing of the Guard, on our conscious night watch rounds.

The byproduct of these shifting energies that many are now beginning to experience as physical + emotional + spiritual life changes are referred to as “Ascension Symptoms”. Humans are electromagnetic beings directly influenced by all of the Earth + interpersonal re-jigging that is going on all over us — because we have the same physical + spiritual makeup as these things that are shifting our consciousness. That could manifest as a need for extreme quiet + deep immersion in/with nature in some form; you might feel the beginning stages of heightened sensory perceptions (Sounds + Light take on a new intensity, your intuition gets heightened, you feel more compassionate or empathic with others etc); even babies + children may seem to catch your attention + your eye a bit more + differently… the YOUNG ONES are especially sensitive to the shifts in Energies (the younger set already arrive here in this world just wired differently + hit the ground running with an awareness of life-purpose work + fun to be done). All this to say, we are awakening to dormant abilities we may not have known exist in us until know, these special strengths + gifts we inherently have to manage our lives + Creatively Manifest what we need + want in new ways. Different people get “activated” at different times in their growth stages (some may be full-blown in the thick of these energetics, some may not feel anything or have a clue yet — but is coming to you soon). It’s like we just got (or are in line to receive, if it hasn’t quite greeted you yet) an upgrade — and there’s no blueprint or manual to refer to yet  that goes with the new “us” model.

We actually need to write our own personal guidebooks, because the manifesting change is completely unique to each of us, and only we understand our own unique wiring. So if you are feeling a bit wonky these days, know that much of your agitation, frustration, aches + lethargy could stem from these things. Nothing may feel “right” anymore or you may have no desires to do any previous activities you thoroughly enjoyed… and/or you may have crazy energy spikes + feel motivated to stay up all night to build a new project or turn your house inside out, and the next moment you want to sleep for 3 days straight. Yes, crazy-making — until you understand that this is just what’s happening + why, then you can flow with it + let your instincts begin to guide you. We need to be aware of how we operate in our unique ways as these shifts are occurring + temper ourselves with new ways of functioning, on our own terms. It is a conscious choice we are being asked to make now — to evolve + break through old ways of living + open up to ALL POSSIBILITY… or continue to choose to be controlled by outside forces, directives + decisions.

You have been in a state of cleansing + incubation… now you are coming out of your shell and need to shine like the Golden Light Beings that you and I all are.  I AM.  WE ARE. We have shifted from carbon-based beings to Crystalline-Vibrational Light Beings radiating Divine energy.  This is not a philosophy or a mental construct or a “happening” — this is a HUGE vibrational shift that is newly “existing” on many multidimensional levels of existence  … the choice is up to you to take the leap of Faith and believe this “Shift” in all it’s glory is possible and is truly happening in this NOW moment, or choose to stay on the fence + ponder + judge the mere possibility of this change even occurring.  That is one form of free will choice… you determine your destiny by your belief systems. What you believe you perceive NOW.