: : Speaking Creator Language of Elementals + Photonics

: : Speaking Creator Language of Elementals + Photonics

Go inside yourself in your meditations and general thoughts during the day — to find truth, joy + new inspiration evolving inside every one of your atoms. Each cell in your body carries its own packet of intelligence and has sensory receptors that can extend out of the cell and perceive or “read” information in photonic Light, which the cell interprets and returns to inform + update its core operating system — then extends out to “call” other cells of similar resonance to action, to join together to create and form new ideas, functions + ways of operating. This happens billions of times a second, and there is a brief lull moment of null exchange between impulse + receiving pulses, similar to Zero Point, where nothing + everything exists simultaneously in that moment + all possibilities happen at once… before the cells move on to manifest what they intend. At this zero moment no space/time exists, and this is where connection to the galactic center is possible, merging of all dimensions is possible, and where the All-There-Is I AM energy exists — where the source of Spirit flows through.  These cells are firing + floating + pausing numerous times — and this process can be altered quickly at any moment.  This is where manifestation of anything occurs, and why it is so important to be mindful of your thoughts as they will manifest as you intend them.

This is also how telepathy works + quantum physics quarks/strings function — all is connected by this invisible negative space between matter and no-matter.  It’s like the space between half-step notes on a piano, that space between impulse + something becoming “other” or something new. When an artist creates something, this inter-“space” is where the impulse + communication + vision flows through, before the artist interprets a message they receive to manifest it in form. This is the same as the Flow state for athletes, artists + anyone manifesting anything in 3d: the person’s body system (mind, body, spirit) becomes simultaneously (1) the attractor of an idea/energy/vision, (2) the interpreter of that message via their skills + intuition + life experience, and (3) initiator of their personal choice of how + what gets manifested + birthed into the world.

The elementals of creation + potential in the universe connect with a person’s internal elementals, mix-n-match to form something new, and that “unit” or “packet” of information creation gets presented back into the world of actualization. The key is how one picks up the impulses + how sensitive they are, what they attend to (where they put their attention), how they work with their unique energy frequency signature, and what they intend to manifest that then gets created. In this process, a person is mirroring the function of creation, therefore has merged with the source of creation + the process of creation — becoming Creator, part of and ONE with the grand Creative Spirit.

We must find our own inner inspiration + the will to be + exist — the current 3d external society as we have experienced it has served the purpose of gestating our new frequencies, globally, collectively, + individually… it is dismantling as it is no longer needed or operable in this new place of being.

When you meditate + quiet your mind, you can begin to better hear your own inner voice — that voice carries all your past life + ancestral experiential information — it is the method to connect with your Higher self (it actually IS your higher self). This is the way to the universal collective (the Akashic records), the universal stream of consciousness + communication: etheric non-linear, non-time space where all communication on all dimensional levels is possible + anything/everything exists at a probable + possible state, where you can choose any line of outcome as you wish, this is that which is connected to the higher and galactic realms.  All nature + elementals + ether energetics communicate on these strata of communication — a kind of energy beam superhighway that you can ramp up onto and exist with and pull out + off of at will.

Begin to master this.   Envision what it looks + feels like + you will begin to “see” it in your mind’s eye. The 4 elements as we know them in the 3rd dimension are beginning to become more malleable — taking on new form… even your physical body will begin to “feel” different. We are experiencing less “definition” between our physical frame + the space around us, as if we can “blend” in + out of former “walls” of air + material objects next to us.  All atoms in our system are vibrating faster + more intentionally so that we can almost “see” inside our physical body + move our Spirit into different parts of our body. While being completely present + holding our physical form, we begin to move in + out of our “layers” of being, walking around + coming back into our bodies. Play with this experience and get to know your unique personal process of doing this activity — create your own Style Signature of how you operate this.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

: : Let Go, Upgrade  + Write Your Own Blueprint Manual In This Frequency Time Shift

: : Let Go, Upgrade  + Write Your Own Blueprint Manual In This Frequency Time Shift

You are here on the planet in this NOW moment to live out all your dreams + desires. All the experiences in this life’s journey (and your past lives—as we have been many people + places) inform you how to raise your own personal vibration, to shape your life to your liking + help the worldly Collective shift to a new way of interacting  — new community, new conversational + transactional exchanges, new ways of interacting with the environment, new art forms + new ways of being. Worldly systems (finance, culture, entertainment, food, etc.) appear outwardly to be falling apart at the seams, but this is part of the energetic transitional shifting process + has a purpose to create new ways of interacting. Coming onboard are new, open + inspiring methodologies + visionary actions taking place to shift the whole system that will completely redefine what our current world looks like and how it operates. All these will come to fruition in the very near future. Like the calm before the storm, the Sun is not too far away on the other side of the cloud, and it will become visible once the wind blows the clouds onward.

This is a processing time for all of us to review + let go of personal + collective past traumas (we all churn these emotionally/physically/spiritually), outplayed family dynamics + old behavioral conditioning we have been told that we thought defined our identity. Energetically, all is now coming up for “review” for everyone — to let go of these outdated energies once + for all, so we can move forward with a clean slate. This includes consciously reviewing our personal relationships with EVERYTHING (food, money, friends, family, work life, etc.), thereafter determining what works for us personally + what is no longer useful. We are shaping our own new personal paradigms in how we relate to the world, Nature, other people, friends + family, and especially to ourselves. We are truly coming “online” with our new abilities, desires, needs, + skills. For so long we have been collectively “instructed” to dummy-down, follow order, and feel as though life gets projected onto us as another character “label” — we have collectively functioned often in fear-based survival mode + reacting to things that seem to “happen” to us from “outside” ourselves.

Well folks, the energies in the world are truly shifting quickly and becoming fluid — due to many factors: galactically via the photonic belt the Earth and all her inhabitants are moving through, planet relationships, new photonics radiating down from the Sun to Earth and all her Creatures — including us Hue-man Beings (this new Sun/Photonic Light carries new energies + upgrading information to all our cells) + a real consciousness awakening rising among many people + planet Earth herself (Mother Gaia is a being of incredible intelligence)… Due to all this shifting, our bodies + minds are experiencing a change of… well, heart! Or I should say a CHANGE TO HEART — we as a Collective are deciding (consciously + subconsciously, and some completely unconsciously!) what is not working, what we do enjoy + actively choosing to live in other ways that are taking on many new forms — organic farming + getting back to nature (possible in the country AND city…rooftop gardens, farmers markets with local produce, locally sourced artisanal cooking), moving physically or changing work/job/life relationships + locations to create new surroundings that vibrate with the new “us” that is changing….  We are beginning to call in new Tribes of people + places that resonate with our new vibrations, worrying less about those people + places that no longer “fit” our new lifestyle + ways of expression. A kind of energetic changing of the Guard, on our conscious night watch rounds.

The byproduct of these shifting energies that many are now beginning to experience as physical + emotional + spiritual life changes are referred to as “Ascension Symptoms”. Humans are electromagnetic beings directly influenced by all of the Earth + interpersonal re-jigging that is going on all over us — because we have the same physical + spiritual makeup as these things that are shifting our consciousness. That could manifest as a need for extreme quiet + deep immersion in/with nature in some form; you might feel the beginning stages of heightened sensory perceptions (Sounds + Light take on a new intensity, your intuition gets heightened, you feel more compassionate or empathic with others etc); even babies + children may seem to catch your attention + your eye a bit more + differently… the YOUNG ONES are especially sensitive to the shifts in Energies (the younger set already arrive here in this world just wired differently + hit the ground running with an awareness of life-purpose work + fun to be done). All this to say, we are awakening to dormant abilities we may not have known exist in us until know, these special strengths + gifts we inherently have to manage our lives + Creatively Manifest what we need + want in new ways. Different people get “activated” at different times in their growth stages (some may be full-blown in the thick of these energetics, some may not feel anything or have a clue yet — but is coming to you soon). It’s like we just got (or are in line to receive, if it hasn’t quite greeted you yet) an upgrade — and there’s no blueprint or manual to refer to yet  that goes with the new “us” model.

We actually need to write our own personal guidebooks, because the manifesting change is completely unique to each of us, and only we understand our own unique wiring. So if you are feeling a bit wonky these days, know that much of your agitation, frustration, aches + lethargy could stem from these things. Nothing may feel “right” anymore or you may have no desires to do any previous activities you thoroughly enjoyed… and/or you may have crazy energy spikes + feel motivated to stay up all night to build a new project or turn your house inside out, and the next moment you want to sleep for 3 days straight. Yes, crazy-making — until you understand that this is just what’s happening + why, then you can flow with it + let your instincts begin to guide you. We need to be aware of how we operate in our unique ways as these shifts are occurring + temper ourselves with new ways of functioning, on our own terms. It is a conscious choice we are being asked to make now — to evolve + break through old ways of living + open up to ALL POSSIBILITY… or continue to choose to be controlled by outside forces, directives + decisions.

You have been in a state of cleansing + incubation… now you are coming out of your shell and need to shine like the Golden Light Beings that you and I all are.  I AM.  WE ARE. We have shifted from carbon-based beings to Crystalline-Vibrational Light Beings radiating Divine energy.  This is not a philosophy or a mental construct or a “happening” — this is a HUGE vibrational shift that is newly “existing” on many multidimensional levels of existence  … the choice is up to you to take the leap of Faith and believe this “Shift” in all it’s glory is possible and is truly happening in this NOW moment, or choose to stay on the fence + ponder + judge the mere possibility of this change even occurring.  That is one form of free will choice… you determine your destiny by your belief systems. What you believe you perceive NOW.

: : Welcome to the New World + the New You.

: : Welcome to the New World + the New You.

We are all collectively shifting into a very new way of BEING in the world — due to energetic changes in the electromagnetic flow of energy in the universe, established systems reforming themselves and people waking up to their true poet and potential and human beings in the NOW (living this exact moment in time).

You may feel changes happening all around you in your world — a desire to change jobs or relationships or where you live, a need to seek out a deeper purpose in your life, finding and living by new values that you passionately believe in, wanting to find and align with your true purpose for being on earth at this time, and even physical and spiritual changes you may be experiencing (most of your “symptoms” are due to an influx of new energetic information coming from the sun and your whole body system coming “online:) — you are waking up out of a long, deep slumber and may be finding that the world feels different… well IT IS.

We have now entered into a very new time, a really new Golden Age of the New earth and New You and New Possibilities — where manifestation and materialization of new dreams and realities are really possible… people are awakening to the reality that they now have the ability to create anything they want or need… with a few new ways of BEING in and experiencing the world. Your life is really a creative act, and you are the driver, the Master Creator of your destiny, your reality, your joy, your day-to-day reality. Trust that this is occurring, and you will begin to raise your vibration and be able to see visual manifestations of this new way of BEING all around you — you are attracting it to you, and you are actually creating your life at every moment! Actively choose to raise your vibration and you can ride this new wave beautifully!

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