Poem to the Wise Elders: Grandmothers + Grandfathers + Youth

Poem to the Wise Elders: Grandmothers + Grandfathers + Youth

Merging Masculine & feminine, head & heart, ancient wisdom & modern energetics.

Essence of the water, smooth and flowing free
take me to a higher plane that’s where I want to be
Formation of Fire, materialize above
build your strength in inner power, fill it with your love.

To the Grandmothers,

We have joined you in prayer and ceremony—I know the water is the eternal language, the essence of the light codes in our system, that carries the Star Messages.

During Ceremony I see all the ancient ones in ceremony above our heads, in a circle talking through the bark of the trees and whispering sweet sounds through the breeze. The fire circle opens a portal above our heads to the heavens and beyond the beyond, so those in other realms join with you. You merge the east and west coast when merging with the elementals and water and Mother Earth.

The ancients are happy.

You are all following the call of Spirit in your hearts, and humble you all are, so generous in heart. When we are around you, we long to just sit near you and feel your love.

We see you in the hills, and in the city too. When you are in any city doing ceremony, the ground and concrete and tunnels and hard streets take note, and became gentle for your walk, and the roads part on your way.

You show the way by your be-ing. Hue-man be-ing.

Grandmother says we are re-member-ing.
Thank you for your smiles, your wisdom, your way.

To the Grandfathers,
In the south, north, east, west, middle-way,
we.are.coming.back. we have made a promise. to you, to them, to all Ones.
We will try again.

When the tribe child forgets how wonderful his voice is, her dance is, longing to be with the ultra-tech modern world, we can remind them that it is really the illusion, the masked world ideal of a false image.

The real truth and joy and fun and center is what was suppressed for so long by those who didn’t want to let Spirit fly in youth hearts.

It is so.important.to.hear.your.calling.
Be   Who   You   Are   :: :: ::

Grandfathers, thank you for holding the torch, for bearing the weight, the wait, the wisdom. Thank you now for trusting us, now that we are growing and shifting and awakening enough, even baby steps.

To be able to learn how to hold and carry the torch. We know the symbols and laws of Love when we see them, though our heads may be foggy. We know you all by the very glow in your eyes, that star nation twinkle glimmer. We recognize you in your gestures, the symbols somewhere deep in our memory we can understand.

The children are asking for you. For the stories. For the Truth. For the beauty to be returned. Mother earth is awakening out of her caterpillar cocoon, shifting the magnetic pull and stretching her wings. Father sky is bursting with flames of galactic center energy, awakening our DNA light codes.

To the Youth, babies, young adults & young at heart— this is your world, manifest it as you wish.  Break the old paradigms, the old roles and rules and create the most magnificent vision you see in your mind’s eye.  You have the abilities inside of you, trust your instincts, trust your heart.  Live from your heart and Love will manifest in everything you do.
We love you all.

Golden light bodies, barely contained in our package. Not knowing our true creative powers. Awakening together. Creation becoming creator. All returning. All coming together now. A New Earth. Dreaming a new dream.

Spider woman weaves her tale tapestry. White Buffalo Calf Woman roaming the plains once again. Lightening beings and Earth elementals and all Nations sing and dance together — Stone Nations, Animal Nations, Tree Nations, Elementals, Water Nation, Hue-man Rainbow Nations. The Rainbow bridges, antakarana warriors and guardians are return in the NOW as well as the Ancient Ones, to shift Mother Earth into new dimensional vibrations.

Star Nation beings are returning. H-u-g-e beings, light channels, wings, orbs, floating, surrounding you, our elder guides. Thank you for calling them. Keeping the hope and dream alive. Holding the laughter in your heart even during the long rain. Teaching the middle way is the powerful way, walking the grounded center, through the heart of the 11:11. The cities of light, the glowing new earth, new you, new us, happy we are birthing into Light.

For all 7 generations of the future and realigning the 7 Generations of the past and present, we move forward together.

Peace. Patience. You. Us. We. All.

ONE dance

Poem to the Wise Elders: Grandmothers + Grandfathers + Youth

Poem for the Kogi Mamos

An essence, a glow
inside my hearts
it calls to you from over here, which you initiated.

In your travels
I see your village, I see your children running with joy in bare feet talking through soil.
I see the birth of young Mamos, opening their eyes for the first time to the breath of light after white training and guidance. life. they already see inside their inner heart, other dimensions, other layers.

You hold the essence of the world, you kiss the roots of the world tree as it pulses.
You have called those of us beings back to source, to essence.
Your offerings, your great work, without end, generates much joy.
You need to awaken the language of heart–beat, the wave, the constant hum, inside us all.

From the bottom of my heart, I know we have strayed so far away now in dreamtime,
but there are those of us who can still feel the magic of the earth mother breathing,
expanding her lungs, pushing for air,
pushing her children onward, even in her struggles and need for rest.

We who walk the surface, some of us have a subtle memory
of talking without words, in light sounds, in energy waves.

As you shift your form, manifest in various levels, traverse the grids,
offer your blessings and gratitude to the soul of earth, the heart inside the crystal iron grid,
there are those elementals who carry your wishes and intentions out
and some of us have ears and eyes and beings who can pick     up       that       frequency   …
…we feel it in our be-ing, and we start beating together with you.

If there is one innocent child who knows
in her heart of heart, in his depth of depth, that
behind the world there is a lot of stuff-ness, then all is not lost.

The way, the truth, the light, the drum, talking drum, inner ear drum, inner heart sanctuary, resonating kiva, light slowly streaming in waves, circulating in golden spirals, all sacred dimensions, spawning through the grids.

I love you. I love your truth, your desire for peace.
For keeping the traditions, I hail the light.
You make my heart sing. I give and give and give to you. With a smile in my heart.
Please utilize my essence to help awaken those here in my realm.

Your eyes they shine, inside like mine. us. all.

Please kiss the children for me, and tell them we will all get There together.
Sit quietly next to them, that they may feel our presence out here,  awakening slowly but still awakening.
And thank them for their wisdom.
They know, and they know they know. That’s why they glow and smile.

Peace + blessings.

: : Personal Heart Travels

: : Personal Heart Travels

When I travel my spirit into my Sacred Space + Tiny Space of the Heart during meditation, it is a Kiva.

Floating in the center is my Egg of Life — 8 blue sacred circles, with a tiny gold orb dot in the center (3 layered atoms) rotating very fast.

There are also many tools, sacred symbols + sacred objects stacked in different areas of the Kiva, and 6 elements (with ethers + sphere), language of light writing and Star Law Manual symbols –these all materialize when I call them by their ancient name. I am quickly learning what the objects are and how to activate them.

All the portal doors of the world are there (starting with Aramu Muru, ending with Telos + the Plasma beings)–they await travel when I slide them in a line, with a special hum sound. It is the same with the objects–they know how to speak to each other when I bring them together in a certain way.

They are now vibrating faster, the crystals and skulls are humming and radiating prana and energy bolts, and the layers are “patterning”.

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