Star Messages Ebook: ($11)

Downloaded/Channeled Messages from My Star Guides
On A Variety of Topics (30 page PDF)

  • Awakening —  We’re Evolving Ourselves Together
  • Your Personal Body System: A Vessel You Operate By Choice
  • Experiencing + Navigating New Higher Dimensional Frequencies
  • Time Shifting to No-Time / Your New Internal GPS System / Elemental Units
  • Speaking Creator Language of Elementals + Photonics
  • Old Negative Structures Are Unraveling /  New Energies Coming Onboard
  • Carbon Shifting to Crystal / Matter Shifting to Energy
  • Create Personal Ceremonies of Manifestation to Attune to Self + Spirit
  • Let Go, Upgrade  + Write Your Own Blueprint Manual In This Frequency Shift
  • Learn to Speak with the Elementals Around You
  • During These Intense Times — Choose To Live In Love + Light + Joy
  • Welcome to The New World + The New You
  • Poem to the Wise Elders: Grandmothers + Grandfathers + Youth
  • Poem for the Kogi Mamos
  • Personal Heart Travels