Past Events


Sept 28-30, 2018

Transformational Shift Conference:
The Great Awakening
Sedona, AZ


I shared Light Language messages and new topics downloaded from my Star Guides about this Ascension time.

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Transformational Shift Conferences Information

Join this world’s top, highly gifted minds in exploring literal growing consciousness higher dimensional, spiritual… inter-related geopolitical, social, cultural & interpersonal change issues, and strategies to deal with these in the coming years. We truly hope you will gain new knowledge, insights and spiritual wisdom shared by our speakers, including noble Native American, Indigenous, Hawaii, Aboriginal teachers, and others, from these upcoming unique events.  With these experiences we hope will come great insight, knowledge, wisdom. And joy.

The goal of each specific conference, and  special  event,  is  to  help  enlighten, inform & impart both practical and spiritual wisdom as we attempt to deal  with  the formative changes happening on our  world today.  You can be assured these transformational changes will continue,  on  every  level,  as we we progress into becoming a more awake, aware and enlightened species. Expect these conferences, and special events, to always be spiritual, heart centered & grounded experiences… with many opportunities for extensive two way dialogues between you and the Speakers.

Mitakuye’ Oya’sin

May 19, 2018
Women’s Light Language Panel
Sedona, AZ

1:30 – 6:PM
Sedona Community Center
2615 Melody Lane (just off of State Rd 89A
West Sedona, Arizona






Light Language Panel in Sedona, AZ 5/19… please join us — so excited to share star messages and channeled light language with these wonderful, high-vibrational women. This is going to be fun! Hope to see you there ✨?

May 19, 2018
1:30 – 6:PM
Sedona Community Center
2615 Melody Lane
(just off of State Rd 89A, west Sedona, Arizona)

Jamye Price

Shekina Rose


Shakara Tosha

Laura Lizak

Amount: by ‘love donation’, at the door. Please bring a love donation so that we can simply cover our room rental cost for the afternoon. Expect this to be a highly enlighten-ing, dynamic and interactive afternoon with these special women. Hope to see you there!


March 23-25, 2018
Serpent Mound Spring Gathering

Peebles, OH


Peace Summit March 23-25, 2018
All nations All races All my relations

Serpent Mound Spring Seed & Water Blessing Peace Summit.
Friday March 23.
8:00 Chief Golden Light Eagle Teacher of The Star Ways, Chief Golden Light Eagle is one of the “original code carriers” of Turtle Island (North America). Nakota Sundance Chief Golden Light Eagle, is a member of the Nakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota, a spiritual advisor, and one of the seven Sundance Chiefs of the Yankton Nakota. Through years of prayer and ceremony, with a group of spiritual teachers, he has brought forth interpretations of the Star Laws.
& Drummers
9:00 Welcome by Thomas Johnson Terri A Rivera
10:00 Ojibwa Elder, Great-Grandmother Mary LyonsSummit.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Dr. Dawn Karima Mvskoke Creek & Cherokee heritage
This inspiring Native woman is an enrolled Mvskoke Creek but also is Cherokee and live in Cherokee. She is a NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD WINNER, who hosts “A Conversation with Dawn Karima”, a Native American talk show on Talktainment Radio and its affiliates.
2:00 Anara WhiteBear and Chris Katsaropoulos Star Ambassadors
3:00 Thomas Johnson Paleontologist and co-founder of the Peace
4:00 Garrett Duncan was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan born for the Red Running into the Water clan. His maternal grandfather’s clan is the Mexican clan and his paternal grandfather’s clan is the Many Hogans clan. He is from a small community of Sanostee, New Mexico and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Shakara Tosha Hiloha Homa, Susan Chapman, Light language
6:30 The Wiseman Band
7:30: Jen Noel
8:30 Zack Kouns
9:30 Chris Davis
10:00 Star Knowledge Band. Loren Zephier Bobbie Jo Kuhl, Mark Mcguire
11:11 Red Tent Moon Ceremony Carla Poluha
Saturday March 24
9:00 Aztec Dancers
9:30 Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli
Grandfather Mazatzin Casas Acosta, of Kickapoo and Chichimeka First Nations descent, devotes his life’s work to understanding and sharing the teachings of his culture, and in particular the Aztek Cosmology and Cosmo-
perception. He is a founding Board Member of the new International
First Nations Academy; a member of the Frente Nacional e Internacional Mexicano Pro Derechos Humanos; and a Peace
Ambassador for the United Nations for over 26 Years.
11:00 Go to the Private Spring on the old Serpent Mound Farm Property (privately owned) Anishinaabe Grandmother Sharon Day
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Ross Hamilton
2:00 Darrell Nichols
3:00. Jeffrey Wilson Friends of Serpent Mound President
4:00 Arthur Robert Cushman
5:00 Dinner Break
6:30 Tad Kato Japanese Sword Dancer.
7:00 Joe Kidd and Shelia Sheila Burke
8:00 Fiz Anthony
9:00 Abraham AB Mellish
10:00 Mark McGuire
Sunday March 25
9:00 Chief Golden Light Eagle & drummers
10:00 Joe Plum
10:30 Dyana Golden Eagle Blue light
11:10 Steve Spyrison
12:00 lunch
1:00 Master Mauta Kumara, Maori
2:30 Honoring Serpent Mound Elders, Drummers Matthew D Campbell Jr. Mark Mcguire Stephan WhiteEagle Chief Golden Light Joe Plum Markis Richard Whitesnake Jr. Bear Wyman Wichapi Lutah
(Place to be Determined)
3:30 Aztec Dancers.
4:30 6:00 Liz Morgan
Closing ceremony and Drumming Baba Jubal & Adam Ashe Ashe.
Fire Performance by Felix Fire Fox!!!
At Woodland Altars, All night lol

WORKSHOPS ARE ALL FOR A LOVE OFFERING OF 25.00 that will go directly to the person holding the work shop. CHILDREN ARE FREE BUT IF YOU WANT TO DONATE SWEET!!!! Thank you. ( Some may have a sliding fee.)
9:00 Hiloha Homa
10:00 Dyana Golden Eagle Blue light
11:00 Bobbie Joe Kuhl Merkaba Meditation w/ Channeling of Thoth This workshop will begin with a guided Merkaba meditation to take you on a far out journey! The Merkaba is a divine light vehicle used to travel to higher dimensions. Together, we will clear deep wounds from the solar plexus, which by extension clears the path for ultimate access to the higher heart. This meditation will raise each of you to a higher vibration as you learn how to utilize your personal Merkaba, your Light(mer) Spirit(ka) Body(ba). When you return from travelling between dimensions, Bobbie Jo will channel Ascended Master Thoth. Thoth will provide guidance and wisdom to this experience along with any messages you are to receive at this time. With the higher heart chakra activated, you will unlock another door to remembering your higher self.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Mary Lyons 3:00 Baba Jabal Is a percussionist, drum maker, storyteller and teaching artist.
4:00 Delsey Wilson, Jeffrey Private tour
5:00 Dinner
6:00. Tad Kato. 90-minute-long workshop on Color Eurythmy for Self-Exploration

8:00 Tami Gringrow Seeds of intention, spirit of love. This is a 2 hour yoga and journaling meditation.
10:00. Red Tent Now is the time to collectively move from our analytical mind and drop into our hearts so we can FEEL. Really feel the feels, without judgement of good, bad, wrong or right. No suppression of any feelings allowed. We are to feel it ALL so we can come from PURE LOVE. In this Color Dance we will be guided to feel the vibration of live music provided by Mark McGuire. His cosmic sounds will lead you on a journey to the heart. It is from the heart that we will explore the vibration of color. Working with finger paints and creating on a 5’x7″ canvas what we wish to foster once we drop into that place of unconditional love and compassion. Joe Plum will also join us and as the music softens, Joe’s poetry will take us further into our journey. We will DANCE. We will PAINT. RE DISCOVER our child like playfulness and CREATE a new world
11:00 Mazatzin
1:00 Garrett Duncan
2:00 Sharon Day
4:00Anara WhiteBear & Chris Katsaropoulos Cosmic Resonance – The Power Of Sound … Learn how to use your voice to shift consciouness
6:00 Thomas Johnson Serpent Mound Crater Tour
7:00 Dyanna Golden Eagle
8:00 Matty Marr Metatron meditation thru sound.
9:00 Zack Kouns Sacred Plant Walk where I would talk about the herbal and nutritional benefits of the wild plants around Woodland Altars.
10:00 Chief Golden Light Eagle
11:00 Aztec Dancers. Teaching the Ancient Aztec Dance to those that would like to learn.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Mazatzin Aztec Calendar
2:00 Master Mauta Kumara, Maori
Bunks are $35 a night
Tent Space $35 a night
E-mail Carla Poluha 412-862-7348 or PayPal

Adams County has a new, internationally significant event: Spring Seed and Water Peace Summit. Held annually in March (timed to celebrate the Spring Equinox), the Summit brings together delegations from the Americas and all around the world to talk and pray about and for International Peace. Its message: “It Takes a Village; All nations All races All my relations”.
​Organized by Locust Grove residents Thomas Johnson and Terri Sings With Ravens, the three-day event is held annually at Woodland Altars event center & campground just a few miles from Serpent Mound. Free and open to the public, the Summit is made possible by voluntary contributions and fund drives.
​A major focus of the three-day program is the celebration and blessing of ancient seeds from around the world; praying, energizing, and exchanging these seeds. “It will be these seeds that will be planted by the people; the pollen from the flowers will be carried by the bees and wind all over the world. The power of these seeds is the Power of Creation, the planting of a New World of Peace” say the event’s founders.
​Four days of celebration include family-friendly and children’s activities, music, dance, meditation, and prayer by an amazing array of Native Speakers and Musicians, from all over the world. “This is a self-sustaining event,” explains Terri. “Everyone brings non-GMO food, wild game or free range meats and eggs. We encourage everyone to take a turn volunteering in the kitchen with prep work, cooking and clean up. Leftover food goes to two different soup kitchens and a self-sustaining community. Money left over goes for speakers in honorarium.”
​Part of the attraction is Woodland Altars itself, nestled deep in the quiet hills of Southern Ohio. Woodland Altars overlooks the impact crater, a unique geological formation. “There’s lots of beautiful energy,” says Tom Johnson, a well-known authority on trilobites and other fossils. Attendees can camp on site or stay in comfortable accommodations scattered among 450 acres of natural beauty
Grandmother Tree a Blue Ash that is close to 400 years old. She is Sitting right next to and on top of a fresh water spring. (said to be the purest around) IT IS HERE WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE OUR WATER BLESSING CEREMONY!!! LED BY GREAT GREAT OJIBWAY GRANDMOTHER Mary Lyons AND ANISHINAABE GRANDMOTHER Sharon Day. The water flows from the spring into a pond and eventually makes its way down to Brush creek that then can connect to the missouri and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. WATER IS LIFE!!!

March 17-18, 2018
Star Knowledge Conference — Roswell

Roswell, NM



11:11 Teachings and Ceremony of Renewal

I was a speaker at this wonderful conference… we connected with many Star People related to the Roswell event. I shared many messages from my guides about the current ascension process, how  to manage getting through these ascension times, and shared some Light Language too.



Photos From The Conference:

Mar 2, 2018
Light Language Roundtable
Audio Interview



I was a part of this wonderful Light Language Communicator’s Roundtable (hosted by Tolec of the Andromeda Council) — we each channeled our Light Language, shared messages about Light Language (what it is for us), and some of our unique experiences.




Nov 2017
HeartTalks TV
Video Interview



I will be interviewed by Sheila Berger of HeartTalks TV — discussing and sharing lots of star messages and light language.




Dec 20, 2017
Positive Head Podcast





I will be interviewed by Brandon Beachum — discussing and sharing lots of star messages and light language.


About Positive Head Podcast:

You can now tune in to the Positive Head Podcast daily Monday-Friday each week! Every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. On the other weekdays, Brandon features clips from various spiritual teachers, gives interpretations of his favorite quotes, shares a bit of mind-expanding or mysterious news, and digs into mind-expansive topics that will help keep your soul fed on a regular basis. It’s a daily conscious effort to keep a Positive Head and we’re here to help you keep your consciousness elevated!


Dec, 2017
The Awakened Goddess Show



I will be interviewed by the wonderful refuel Angela Wilkinson — sure to be a fun and lively conversation …
I’ll share many messages from my guides — about the divine feminine returning to the world, what’s happening during this time of ascension energies, how to manage the changes you may be feeling, and the beautiful outcome that is in store for us.

I’ll speak Light Language throughout the call and share many messages from my star guides… including who they are, how to identify & work with your own guide & your magnificent body system. This will be an invigorating call!


The Awakened Goddess Show broadcasts to approximately 700,000 households in the Greater Portland Metro area.The show is additionally available on: iTunes, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, YouTube and Libsyn.

November 10-11, 2017
Star Knowledge Conference
11:11 Teachings & The Ceremony of Remembrance
+ Dolphin Boat Cruise
Laguna Beach, CA

Note: I will be presenting on Nov 10 at 9am.

I will also be offering script/symbol/energy art +
private light language activation sessions in person.



Please join me — I’m a speaker at this upcoming event

About The Conference:

Join Chief Golden Light Eagle and your Star Family  in the Ceremony of Remembrance…Star Knowledge Teachings of the 11:11, 12:12, 13:13 with Chief Golden Light Eagle
20+ International Guest Speakers
Sacred Sisters Ceremony with Beautiful Blue Owl Woman
Native American Wisdom, Prophecy and Spiritual Teachings
Interactive Workshops and Presentations
Music, Entertainment and Sound Healing
Unique Craft Vendors
Dolphin Boat Experience with Michelle Anderson
Closing Ceremonies on the Beach!




September 2017 / 8pm (EST)
“Becoming a Galactic Citizen” Show
Part 2
BlogTalk Radio Live



Listen to the replay of part 2 of my live interview with Don Daniels on “Becoming a Galactic Citizen” (Galactic U) on BlogTalk Radio
Shakara Tosha is a metaphysical artist who speaks many multidimensional Light Languages + Guided Star Messages on a range of topics, recieved from various Guides (“The Arcs”Arcturian group +other Star Nations, Sasquatchtani Beings, Elementals, Jmmanuella, Divine Feminine aspect of Creator Spirit, Hathors, Joan of Arc Aspect, Stone + Tree Nations, and others).
Shakara just returned from the Spiritual & Psychic Sasquatch Conference/Gathering and is sharing many messages about the Sasquatch — and continuing the conversation from her last show interview.




September 1-3, 2017
Psychic & Spiritual Sasquatch Conference
Chewelah, WA



Please join me — I’m a speaker at this upcoming event:

“Messages from The Sasquatch + Sasquatchatani, Light Language Activation & workshop overview; Sasquatch Calling Song”
I have had many first-hand encounters and downloaded messages from various Sasquatch tribes — I’ll share information about who they are, their purpose on earth now, how to connect with them, and various messages channeled from these incredible star beings.
I will also channel live light language and messages from the Sasquatch beings.

WORKSHOPS: I will also be doing 2 workshops during the event: 

Workshop 1: Cost- $25
Channeled Messages + Spoken Star Language from Shakara Tosha and Her Sasquatch Guides: Who The Sas Are As Star Beings of Light, Their Work With Gaia + Humanity At This Time, Tools They Share To Raise Your Vibration, How to Connecting with Them, and Shakara’s Personal Interactions With Various Sas Tribes.

Workshop 2: Cost- $25
Remember Who You Are: DNA Activation, Galactic Symbols, and connecting with your Ancestors and Star Guides
Shakara Tosha Will Speak/Tone Light Language Codes to Activate Your DNA, Channel Messages From Her Many Star Guides (including Sasquatchatani, Arcturians, Feminine Aspect of Creator, The Grandmother Tree, Hathors, Dragons + Elemental Nations) For Your Ascension Enlightenment. She’ll Show Her Energized Artwork + Galactic Symbols, And Teach You How To Connect With The Sas + Your Personal Star Guides. Includes Light Language Exercises Plus Q&A Session.

>> As time permits, I will offer 30 Minute Personalized, Channeled Sessions including Spoken Light Language, Star Guidance Message + Galactic Drawing ($44 suggested donation). I’ll also offer special discount rates for conference attendees who register on-location: 1 hour session ($88) and 1/2 hour mini-session ($44).
>> Sign up is available for discounted skype/phone sessions ($100 for conference attendees, regularly $222)

Other products will available for purchase during the event: (print + digital formats)
>> cards; channeled drawings, symbols + galactic scripts; mini-books

About The Conference:

Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the second annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Event and Weekend Retreat on Friday September 1st through Sunday September 3rd, 2017 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington.

On behalf of the Sasquatch People, Star Elders, Mother Earth, and all of Humanity, we propose a spiritual and ecological approach to healing our planet and our own collective soul consciousness. We are all related, all children of Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to live and work together to create peace and harmony for all living beings. The speakers for the 2017 Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference Event will share their own personal encounters with these sentient beings as well as the messages that have been shared with them to assist in improving and healing ourselves, relationships, and perspective realities. This year, we will also be offering workshops on various spiritual, metaphysical, shamanic, and self-help subjects such as meditation, learning how to use spiritual tools, psychic readings, energy artists, healing sessions, etc. which may be subject to additional fees by the vendors and workshop presenters.

The speakers for this event include:
* Kewaunee Lapseritis – Author of “The Psychic Sasquatch” and “The Sasquatch People”
* Kelly Lapseritis – Spiritual teacher, publisher, and event coordinator
* SunBôw (DawaOutah LomaKatsi) – Author of “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity” Part 1 and 2
* Shakara Tosha – Light Language Activator and Star Message Channeler
* Mike Paterson – Sasquatch researcher and experiencer of YouTube’s “Sasquatch Ontario”
* Garrett Duncan – Navajo Shaman
* Su Walker – Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive and Rev. White Otter – Shamanic Practitioner
* Leigh Kerr, Mick Harrison, and Kagi Taka Raven (Brook Nobelius) – Spiritual Experiences with the Yowie in Australia

The Chewelah Peak Learning Center is beautiful wilderness retreat about 45 miles north of Spokane, WA and just a few minutes away from the 49° North Ski and Mountain Resort. This location is a perfect setting for this event and has many accommodations for everyone. Tent and RV camping is available on-site or you can also choose to bunk with others in the dorm room. There will also be food available on-site for purchase through a kitchen or organic food truck. The town of Chewelah also has 3 nice motels and a variety of restaurants and places to dine about 8 miles from the facility (as well as many places between Chewelah and Spokane). The premises has hiking trails, a pavilion, fire pits, and an amphitheater, and would present wonderful opportunities to connect spiritually with the Sasquatch People, nature spirits, and other sentient beings that are present.

We have vendors selling the following:
* Books; Shirts and apparel; Jewelry; Spiritual items; Sasquatch carvings and items; Crystals; Candles; Shamanic tools; Healing and Energy products

Our scheduled Workshops thus far are:
*** “Telepathy 101” with Su Walker and White Otter
*** “The Feather Way” with Gayle Fowler
*** “Connecting with your Spirit Guides” with Garrett Duncan and Gayle Fowler
*** “Channeled Messages and Spoken Star Language from Shakara Tosha and her Sasquatch Guides: Sasquatch and Star Elders working with Gaia and Tools to Raise Your Vibration”
*** “Remember Who You Are: DNA Activation, Galactic Symbols, and connecting with your Ancestors and Star Guides” with Shakara Tosha

August 28, 2017 / 8pm (EST)
“Becoming a Galactic Citizen” Show
BlogTalk Radio Live



Listen to the replay of my live interview with Don Daniels on “Becoming a Galactic Citizen” (Galactic U) on BlogTalk Radio
Shakara Tosha is a metaphysical artist who speaks many multidimensional Light Languages + Guided Star Messages on a range of topics, recieved from various Guides (“The Arcs”Arcturian group +other Star Nations, Sasquatchtani Beings, Elementals, Jmmanuella, Divine Feminine aspect of Creator Spirit, Hathors, Joan of Arc Aspect, Stone + Tree Nations, and others).
Shakara just returned from an incredible ceremony gathering at Serpent Mound in Ohio for the eclipse and she is fired up!
Some of the topics we may cover on the show, + your questions, are:
– What’s happening energetically in the universe + why NOW + how all are raising their vibrations
– Ascension symptoms you may be experiencing? + how to work through them
– Understanding + moving through 3D-13D multidimensional worldsby choice
– Solutions to balance your move your life forward with joy + manifest your highest potential
– Tapping into your unique creative Energetic Frequency Signature + heartsong expression
– Manifesting your own light language creations + perfecting your higher energy skills + senses
– Communicating with star, elemental, ascended guides + your higher self
– Working with your powerful, unique body system that’s coded from the stars
– Mastering the art of creation + creativity in your daily life
– Inspiring + activating your own soul codes to higher vibrations of possibility



August 18-21, 2017
Serpent Mound Solar Eclipse Gathering
Peebles, Ohio


Please join me — I’m a speaker at the incredible event:
I will share Many Light Language and guided messages about the Serpent Mound, the solar eclipse and the times of ascension we are now living in and how to navigate them.

About The Conference:

Dedicated to Chief Blue Star Eagle/Elk Man Sherwyn
Chief MC Connie Davis, Carla Poluha, Bobbie Jo Kuhl

Friday, August 18,
4:44pm u Temu Re EL Harmonic Convergence Prayers & Meditations
6:00 Dragon Meditation and Music by Bobbie Jo Kuhl
7:00 Chief Golden Light Eagle Loren Zephier
8:00 Chris Davis Blue Grass
9:00 Mark McGuire Sound Scape
10:00 Michael Lee Hill Rock

Saturday, August 19
7:00 am MEDITATION AT DAWN Red Tent Carla Poluha, Gypsy Red
MICHAEL GRISKA performs and teaches North Indian Classical Music
Better known as Hindustani Music on the sitar and surbahar.
9:00 Chief Steve McCullough Sundance Chief and Spiritual leader
10:00 Elder Robert White Mountain A Hunkpapa Lakota Elder from
the South Dakota side of the
Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation
11:00 Michelle ‘Michelle Anderson Calling in the Ancient Sea Life
She is a prominent figure in the southern California spiritual community,
with a passion to make everyone feel special and bring people together
in a Spirit of Oneness
12:00 Shakara Tosha Ancient Download of the Mound
metaphysical artist who communicates multidimensional Light Language
messages from various Star Nation Guides,
1:00 Susan Chapman Light language Blessing
2:00 Ross Hamilton Author of Mystery of the Serpent Mound, Star Mounds &
Giant Expert
3:00 Darrin Mingee ex-police officer and big foot contact Darrin Mingee
4:00 Joseph Reyna/5 Eagles published author his work deals with two eclipses t
That occurred on the same day 2,000 years ago .
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Imani Jade Singer Song Writer
7:00 Zack Kouns Experimental Music
8:00 Liz Morgan Cozspirit RAP

Sunday, August 20,
7:00 am Sunrise Meditation Red Tent Carla Poluha, Gypsy Red
And Michael Griska Hindustani Music on the sitar and surbahar.
8:00 Deborah Brubaker Yellow Flicker, Native American Flute
9:00 Chief Golden Light Eagle opening Ceremony & Teaching of
Chief Sasquatchitan.
11:00 Thomas Johnson Sea Bed of the Serpent Mound
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Grandfather Rainbow Eagle Rolland Williston Okla-Choctaw
Peace Shield (from the Anishinabe/Ojibwe tradition). This is part of the
fulfillment of the Seventh Fire Prophecy
2:30 Jeffery Wilson Repatriation of skeletons at Serpent Mound.
4:00 Roger Sugden Crop Circles & Sound ICCRA Founding Member &
Board Member
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Jen Noel Singer Song Writer Angels will Guide you
7:00 Ben Barson/Gizelxanath Soprano Afro/Yaqui MusicRoger
8:00 AB Mellish Singer Not folk, or R&B, or Gospel, or Soul…
definitely a hybrid dynamic.
9:00 Bikbaye Inejnema spoken word, rap artist and writer
10:00 Darrell Nichols Galactic Dance Party

7:00 MEDITATION AT DAWN With The Red Tent, Carla Poluha and Tosha.
9:00 (Meet at Serpent Mound Parking Lot. $8.00 a car load.
(Wear you’re walking shoes)
With Elder Bikbaye Inejnema DOGON teacher of the Kemetic knowledge.
PROCESSION TO THE SERPENT More Teaching by Bikbaye
11:11 Prayer and songs with Terri Sings With Ravens Rivera
12:00 Bishop Darrell Nichols Peace
1:00 Robert Irving III Medicine Wheel GI GONG SELF HEALING AND THE
2:00 Baba Jubal Parade/One Heart Beat Drum
Tehuti Temu Re EL Re EL
Sesheta Ma’at Ma’at
With Sundance Drummers Mathew Campbell Jr.,Robert White Mountain,
Marcus White Snake Che Jim,& brother
Wyman Bear Wichapi Luta Red Star, Mark McGuire
INIPI Ceremonies will be offered every evening at the Sundance Grounds down the road. They will be Ran by Robert White Mountain No drugs or Alcohol ( if interested we will give you directions at the time of the event.






August 6-9, 2017
New Earth New You NOW Free Online Summit
Streaming Live (also available after event)

See Facebook page here for Day 3 live/archived video:


I was a speaker during this 4-day Live Online Summit (archive available) on 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal day.

About The Conference:

Join me live on Facebook today at 4pm (US Pacific Time) on the 8/8 lion’s gate — during this amazing FREE New Earth/New You Now 4-day Live Online Summit — presenting together with a handful of other incredible creative lightworkers + speakers!
I’ll share spoken Light Language activations + Star Messages about our evolving new world + new you energetic blueprints that are activating now during our shifting ascension times…and discuss collaborative new energy projects.
Please join the gathering live if you can! (live shows will also be accessible afterward).
> Synergistic Co-Creations of New Earth
> 8 Group Meditations / 4x Open Group dicussions end of each conference
> Shared – Future events, festivals, Summits and Sustainable community and Earth Healing Projects
Some Themes discussed during the overall summit:
New Earth Energies, New Age theories, Eco Villages, Sustainable Communities, Collaborative and Sustainable Business, Alternative Currency, Mind Shifts and Mind Works with Consciousness, DNA upgrades and Consciousness evolution, Re forestation, Raw Food, Vegan food, Nutrition, Wellness in Mind Body and Spirit, Masc and Fem Balance, Synergistic social media and Alternative Media solutions, Quantum Physics and more.
Today’s schedule — going live soon:
DAY 3: (Spirit)
1:30pm – Jody Morrison –, SOC Radio
2:15pm – Paula Hopwood – Inspirational Speaker, Author, InSpirit Soul Healer/Reader
2:45pm – Nomvula Green – Nomvula the Greeninglady
3:30pm – Michelle Lightworker – Lightworker Reflections
4pm – Shakara Tosha – An energetic guide + artist who communicates Light Languages + Star Messages
5pm – David Kam – Earth Dollar
5:30pm – Aislinn Kerchaert – Energy Therapy | Kundalini Goddessing | Earth Activation Altar-ation Art.
DAY 4: (mixed topics)
1:30pm – Olly Boon – The Roots Project
2:15pm – Chris Larcombe – Noomap & Synergy Hub Network
3pm – Heidi Little – International Children’s Month, We the World , Earth Dollar
3:30pm – Raymond D. Powell – The New Earth Collective
4:15pm – Juan Ayala – Sentient being, embodiment of Ecological Consciousness, member of the Community of Life on Earth
5pm – Katrina Elkins – Breath coach, mystic and internationally bestselling
spiritual author
5:30pm – Rozy Kalliabetsos – Personal coach · Health & wellness at RozyGlow
> Synergistic Co-Creations of New Earth
> 8 Group Meditations / 4x Open Group dicussions end of each conference
> Shared – Future events, festivals, Summits and Sustainable community and Earth Healing Projects
Some Themes discussed during the overall summit:
New Earth Energies, New Age theories, Eco Villages, Sustainable Communities, Collaborative and Sustainable Business, Alternative Currency, Mind Shifts and Mind Works with Consciousness, DNA upgrades and Consciousness evolution, Re forestation, Raw Food, Vegan food, Nutrition, Wellness in Mind Body and Spirit, Masc and Fem Balance, Synergistic social media and Alternative Media solutions, Quantum Physics and more.




June 3-10, 2017
Star Family Reunion – Moon of the Tree
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming



Please join me — I’m a speaker at this upcoming event

About The Conference:

“The Way of the Sacred Tree” Returning to Nature …
13:13 Teachings (Can Wakan Wicohan)

  • Nightly Wisdom Circles and Teachings of the Star Ways
  • Messages from the Ancients
  • Nightly Star Gazing
  • Singing and Drumming
  • Teachings and Presentations at the Amphitheater

For questions and Registration assistance, please call 303-506-1319





May 30, 2017
Darrell Nichols Interview — Truth Cat Radio
8-10pm Eastern Time, US


Call in at 8pm Eastern Time US to join the call …

CALL IN #: 714-598-3125
Join online at:  (chat room option available)

… call will be recorded for replay…



I was interviewed on Darrel Nichols’ online Radio Show.
DATE: Tuesday May 30, 2017
TIME: 8-10pm (Eastern Time US)

About The Show:

I’ll speak live channeled light language and star messages! You can ask questions + get more information about connecting with me to support your lif journey in an incredible way!

I’ll also cover lots of topics, including:

  • What my spirit + star work is about, my guides, how I channel light language
  • What’s happening during this ascension shift time + what you can do about it to engage your powerful self
  • Identifying with and activating your own soul light codes — what they are, how to work with them yourself to expand your life + live in joy while following your passions + why you came to this planet earth at this time
  • What Light Language is, how to work with it…

April 13, 2017
Ions Group Gathering
Bettendorf, Iowa


Ions Gathering:

I offered a multimedia presentation at this monthly gathering event. Also offered private Light Language Sessions.


March 17-20, 2017
Serpent Mound Spring Equinox Ceremony
Peebles, OH


Serpent Mound Ceremony:

I shared Light Language at the Spring Equinox Ceremony at the serpent mound. I also shared Light Language messages at the Red Tent gathering.



March 17-20th 2017


MC’s Marilee Clark and Jennifer Crystal Eve, Bobbie Joe Kuel

10:10 Woodland Altars The Facility and what you might need to know
Julian Lauzzana what it takes for us to be able to feed ourselves like a self sustaining community. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

11:11 Opening Ceremony Woodland Altars Chief Golden light Eagle

12:12 Mazatzin

1:00 Red Tent Society

2:00 Celtic Ceremony James Raven Wolf and Maggie Hardin

3:33 Michael Thue Round table on the Medicinal plant Medicine

4:30 Dr. Diane Vickery. Meditation.

5:30 Celtic bard Joe PluCeltic bard Joe Plum

6:30 Jen Noel Music

7:30 Terri Sings With Ravens and Chris Davis,

8:30 Chief Golden Light Eagle, Bobbie Jo Kuel and Friends.

9:30 Douglas Blue Feather Native American Flute


8:00 Yoga and Sound

MC Connie Davis

9:00 Woodland Altars The Facility and what you might need to know
Julian Lauzzana what it takes for us to be able to feed ourselves like a self sustaining community. VERY IMPORTANT!!!
Deborah Brubaker about seed exchange table.

10:10 Thomas Johnson and Terri Terri A Rivera Founders of Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Peace Summit,

11:30 Yankton Sioux Chief Golden Light Eagle Loren Zepher South Dakota

1:00 Zuni Grandfather Clifford Mahooty Kachina and Star Nation Arizona

2:30 Rachael Page,Traditional Practitioner, derived from her whakapapa of Tainui, Maniapoto, Rongoā Māori-tangata, to their whanau, and hāpu of Aotea, Ngati Wai, Tainui and Ngapuhi tribual connections

3:30 Te Hira Pere Maori wisdom teacher from New Zealand

4:30 Bishop Mustafa Salahuddin Bey, Chief Spiritual Minister and Teacher of Indigenous Spirituality & Ancestral Education of the Washitaw Empire.

5:30 FEAST

6:30 Peace activist Bishop Darrell Nichols one of the 7 Steering Committee members of Conscious Global Youth Network

7:30 Mark McGuire Spiritual young gun of Cleveland

8:30 Bikbaye Inejnema, aka Bik (servant) is a teacher of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) knowledge, cultural activist, healer, spoken word, rap artist and writer.

9:30 Beabee Irving former music composer for Jazz legend Miles Davis Chicago


8:00 Am Yoga and Sound. Zack Kouns

MC. Connie Davis

9:00 Grandfather Dr. Arthur Arthur Robert Cushman AT WOODLAND ALTARS

9:45 Travel to the Serpent mound Interence

10:00 Maexika/ Aztec dancers DANZA AZTEKA QUETZALCOATL de TENNESSE prayers and dancing

10:30 Water Blessing at the Under water serpent Mary Lyons of the Indigenous Grandmothers of the Sacred We and Women UNDERWATER SERPENT

12:00 Seed blessing at the Serpent Mound Havasupi Cultural director Marcie Craynon SERPENT MOUND

2:00 Hunbutz Men Memorial by Patricia Patricia Morris Cardona and Dr. Daniel Cardona

3:00 Chief Steve McCullough Sundance Chief and Spiritual leader

4:00 Master Drummer Baba Jabal, Tehuti Temu Re EL and the One Love Heart Rhythm Ceremony


7:00 Shannon Harris Esoterik Being Chicago Sacred Dance Party

8:00 Earl B Hall can only be described as a seasoned professional entertainer.

9:00 Rap Artist Liz Morgan from Dayton

10:00 Nigerian Drummer Baoku Moses

MONDAY MARCH 20, Spring Equinox

MC. Jennifer

Equinox Sun Rise Cermoney at Serpent Mound with Grandmother Silver Star AT SERPENT MOUND

9AM Susan Chapman and LamaCristumDEUS AT WOODLAND ALTARS
Celestial Being of the Six Winger/Watcher Light Language from Ontario Canada

10:00 Norma L. Seledon Two Spirited People Chicago

11:00 Grandfather Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli Aztec Calendar Reader from Mexico City

12:00 Thomas Johnson Trilobites and the Serpent Mound Carter from Michigan Ohio

1:00 Ross Hamilton Ohio Giants

2:00 Jeffery Wilson Presents Serpent Mound and crop circles. from Michigan and Ohio

3:30 Robert Studinski and Terra Slide show of Standing Rock.

4:30 Closing Ceremony at Serpent Mound With Maori Grandmother Rachael Page, AT SERPENT MOUND
and Te Hira Pere Maori wisdom teacher from New Zealand


6:00 Aurelia Aurelia Glenrose Piatt and Josh Wise
7:00 Brenda Walker
8:00 Zack Kouns

8:00 am Yoga downstairs heritage lodge


February 14, 2017
Borrowed Wisdom: Wisdom Wednesdays FREE Web Series (register)
Featured Speaker


Online Interview:

I was interviewed for Borrowed Wisdom’s interview series with top experts:
I shared many messages from my guides about the current ascension process, how to manage getting through these instance times with grace and ease, and shares some Light Language too. Join this free online series with other wonderful speakers.


About The Interview:

About The Borrowed Wisdom Wisdom Wednesdays FREE Webinar Series:
January – August 2017

Mother-daughter duo, Dr. Sharon & Alexis
Every third Weds of the month, get free access to interviews with top transformational experts
Join the movement…you’re capable of more than you think. Remove the barriers holding you back / Get the tools you need to maximize your life.

It’s time to get what you want. Honored to be a part of an incredible free interview series with top experts who will show you how! Just a few tweaks could change your life. You will discover the practical, simple tools that can change your life.





December 8, 2016
Galactic Connection Website:
Feature Interview: featured blog post of the day


Online Interview:

I was interviewed by Galactic Connection site owner Alexandra Meadors, featured as a daily blog post on her high-profile website. During the interview, I speak various star languages, and share a lot of information about the many messages I have received from the various Star Nations Guides who work with me, including what’s really happening during these ascension-shifting times and how to manage it in your lives and life in joy. In this very in-depth interview, I also discuss my spiritual path, speaking + drawing Light Language, and how I channel Energy Messages from my Star Nations Guides.

About Galactic Connection:

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors… connecting minds and hearts everywhere to step out of the 3D matrix unilaterally. Even those of us who have done an immense amount of work are still learning how much the 3D set of rules and limitations has pervaded our recent outcomes. What you will learn as you listen is news, education, research, healing information, and out-of-this-world perspectives in regards to people, government, country, world, planet, aliens, UFO’s, Galactic Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, solar systems, ancient civilizations and beyond. The videos and the posdast are designed to get you to start seeing yourself and the planet you live on, in a more expansive view, recognizing that becoming spiritual is synonymous with becoming galactic. Higher dimensional beings will be visiting us, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and vibration that will trigger us beyond our comprehension.

Unplug From The Matrix and Into Our Spiritually Galactic Hub
With our continuous upward shift in dimensionality, we are inescapably entering the need to bridge spiritual consciousness with cosmic awareness. What was once coined as weird and paranormal, has now become a typical daily occurrence throughout the world . It is no longer extraordinary to hear of other beings physically entering our sphere. And these other beings are not from the next continent over, but from our surrounding solar system and the galaxies beyond.We are now entering their realm of consciousness, and with this experience, it is essential for us to prepare and shift our perspectives gracefully, respectfully, and galactically.

Galactic Connection WebsiteGalactic Connection Facebook

Dec, 2016
Awakening Code Radio show
Laguna Beach, CA


Radio Interview:

I was a interviewed as a guest speaker together with Chief Golden Light Eagle + Grandmother Mary Lightweaver on this enlightened radio station hosted by Michelle Anderson + Eric Rankin. I spoke Light Language messages and gave a brief background of my experiences with Star Nations + Light Language.

Native Americans + “Star Beings” with Guest Chief Golden Light Eagle + Friends
(no replay available)

Website Links:
Chief Golden Light Eagle:
Mary Lightweaver:

About Awakening Code Radio:

Awakening Code Radio is a non-profit, global community talk-and-music radio show that exists to serve the greater good of all life on this planet (and beyond!). We hope you’ll tune in each week to feel the positive energy of the conversation and music! 

Awakening Code Radio WebsiteAwakening Code Radio Facebook

Dec 15, 2016
Star Knowledge Event
Private Home, Orange County, CA


Private Event:

Chief Golden Light Eagle shared messages about the 11:11 and 12:12 laws.
I shared some Light Language activations during the event.

November 11, 12, 13, 2016
20th Anniversary Star Knowledge Conference +
Earth Shift Conference
Desert Springs, CA


Conference Presentation:

I spoke at this conference — shared Light Language + wisdom from the Star Nations I work with — information about the shifting times we are experiencing and hope for the future… together with a great panel of speakers.

Star Knowledge Conference meets EarthShift Conference

Star Knowledge Conferences, from Chief Golden Light Eagle, teamed up with the Earth Shift Conference to make this one POWER HOUSE Event!  Ancient Wisdom and Ceremony perfectly blended with Art, Music and Healing!

This was a gathering of conscious souls to activate our consciousness and empower us as we tap into higher dimensional wisdom. 3-plus days of amazing presenters and conscious frequency raising music. (This Gathering marks the 20th anniversary of the Star Knowledge Conference. Join Chief Golden Light Eagle and his tremendous presenters, along with Julian and all of the Earthshift people for four days which will magically alter reality!


About The Earth Shift & Star Knowledge:

Awakening Code Radio Website About The Earthshift Event/button]

October 21-23, 2016
2016 Transformational Shift Conference
Tucson, Arizona


Conference Presentation:

I spoke at this conference — sharing Light Language and wisdom from the Star Nations I work with — information about the shifting times we are experiencing and hope for the future… and includes a great panel of speakers.


Join this world’s top, highly gifted minds in exploring exosocial, exopolitcal and extraterrestrial contact… as they discuss key transformation and disclosure trends, geopolitical events and strategies to deal with them in the coming year.   Each speaker has been chosen because he or she has had amazing out of this world experiences, one is a distinguished researcher, has contact with extraterrestrial  races,  a few from Andromeda, & many  times  of  a  higher  dimensional vibration.  He, or she, continues to have these extraordinary experiences… and with them comes great insight, knowledge, wisdom and joy. The focus of this specific conference is to help enlighten, inform and impart both practical and spiritual wisdom as we attempt to deal with the very real, continued political, social consciousness and transformational changes happening on our world.



October 9, 2016
Interview – Sacred Matrix Radio Show
with Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin


Radio Interview:

was interviewed as an intro/overview of what I will present at the Shift Conference in October, 2016.

Your hosts Janet and Dr. Sasha Lessin of the Sacred Matrix will be creating new paradigms of love for humanity to open doors of thought to solve the issues we commonly are engaged in together. Along with our guests we will give enlightening insights into new realms of thought and expand your conscious mind. Join us in mystic discussions about dreams and the nature of consciousness to the real life experiences of individuals who have traveled into deeper realms of the human potential for two hours of expansive discussions and topics.

About Sacred Matrix

Freedom Slips Blog RadioSacred Matrix Website

October 1, 2016
Galactic Connection Website:
Featured blog post of the day


Video Repost on Galactic Connection Website:

An earlier video of my presentation at a previous Star Knowledge Conference was promoted on the main page and Daily Blog post page for Galactic Connection website. (note, video quality minimal; shows an essence of my presentations)

September 17, 2016
Spiritual & Psychic Sasquatch Conference
Chewelah, Washington



I shared various messages I have received energetically and physically from various Sasquatch beings about who they are as energetic Star Beings and how they manifest, their mission on earth at this time, and how they are working with Mother Earth plus all Humanity to raise our consciousness. I also shared star messages from my various Star Nation guides that include “The Arcs” (and Arcturian group) and others, and spoke Light Language and Star Language throughout the event.

Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis are hosting the first annual Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center in Chewelah, Washington. Our Elder Brothers, the Sasquatch People, have a critical message for humanity to share. Our speakers will describe the Forest People’s wish for the Human People to join with them and reintegrate the Council of our Star Elders and tell of their own experiences with these gentle Nature Folks. The way to begin to heal ourselves and our collective karma is to practice unconditional love, understanding, acceptance, and to help one another, which is the focus of this meeting. On behalf of the Sasquatch People, Mother Earth, and all of Humanity, we propose a spiritual and ecological approach to healing our planet and our own collective soul consciousness. We are all related, all children of Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to live and work together to create peace and harmony for all living beings.

July 13, 2016
Star Beings, Star Seeds & Light Language
Part of The Quantum Conversations/Healing Conversations Series
Acoustic Health Radio Show — Lauren Galey


Web Interview:

I was interviewed by Host Lauren Galey for this popular web radio show — I offered an overview of my background and work with Light Language, and shares various messages and information about the shift we are now experiencing and also speak Light Language on the program. I also spoke Light Language during the show.

Note: Also available are my special offers at a discount only through this show.


In this Quantum Conversation, Jenny Marks discusses:

  1. Light Language + how to connect with your unique Energetic Signature
  2. Life as a creative expression: using the tools, symbols + essence of art-making to manifest your creative gifts into the world
  3. Riding the 5D dimensional changes during our shifting times, symptom relief + how to utilize these energies

Benefits include:
These multidimensional Light Language messages begin to unlock your creative DNA codes and inspire you to vibrate higher and clearly and give you energy; many recognized or remembered hearing/speaking/manifesting a kind of Light Language in some form in their past. All recipients mentioned a new energized feeling in their mind + body overall, finding creative new ways of expressing + being themselves in the world with their own unique voice.

The messages and Light Language inspire an awakening, a remembering and a knowing of your true life’s purpose and passion in this lifetime, including:

  • Deeper awareness of life purpose
  • Acknowledgement of an inherent power that can be tapped into at will
  • Calming of tension + anxiety
  • Positive breakthrough of old beliefs + behavior patterns
  • Quick shift by choice into a new career, relationship + life scenarios
  • Enhanced awareness of + clear alignment with their Higher Self

About Acoustic Health + Healing Conversations:

Healing Conversations offers you a QUANTUM LEAP in Transformation! Enjoy Quantum Converstions (TM)
Are you ready to step up and into your personal power? The power of Joy, Love, Abundance and Health that comes from doing what you love to do. This season of Quantum Conversations will help you with Quantum Transformation as you EMBODY LOVE and LIVE your passion! The cosmic energies arriving on our planet provide incredible support for each of us at this time by truly doing what makes our hearts sing. Your Passion is fuel for the creative forces of the Universe to give you your heart’s command. These Healing Conversations features Spiritual Teachers, Healers and New Paradigm Thinkers who will EXPAND your Consciousness, OPEN your heart, and EMPOWER you with your own self-mastery.
Tune in each week as we Open Hearts, Empower Millions and Raise the Vibration of the Planet.

Acoustic Health Website

June 14-16, 2016
Star Knowledge Conference/Ceremony
Des Moines, Iowa


Star Knowledge Conference:

I spoke at the upcoming Star Knowledge Gathering June 14-16, 2016, in Iowa — sharing energetic messages about navigating the energetic shift that we are experiencing in the world, your unique frequency signature, and living your life as a creative work of art.

I connect with these Arcturian guides called “The Arcs”, Magdalene energies, and other Star Nations including Sasquatch energy beings that teach about Love and Light. As a “creative inspirationalist”, I speak various star languages, draw and share “Light Language” messages that activate people’s creative DNA codes. Please join if you can–there will be many other wonderful wisdom keepers, spirit elders and modern messengers.

Invitation Message:

More information on Star Knowledge:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Videos

May 11, 2016
Beyond Reality Show: Blow Radio Interview


Radio Interview:

I shared messages & Light Language and answered a few burning questions about reality, interacting with the Star Nations and our shifting times during this ascension process.


March 18, 19, 20, 2016
Serpent Mound: Seed & Water Blessing & Peace Summit
Serpent Mound, Peebles Ohio


Serpent Mound Ceremony:

I shared some Spirit Messages received about the purpose, significance + energetics of Serpent Mound, including the importance of protecting + energizing our Seeds + Water, at this special Spring Equinox event. 

Seeds will be planted in our gardens the gardens of this New World of Peace. They are the seeds that we will carry with us for the seeds carry memories and these seeds are the link to life. The seeds are the link for the continuation of all the gifts the Creator sent to Earth Mother to grow and be fruitful, to feed the Animal Nation, 2 legged, winged and creepy crawly. Seeds to flourish as it does energy grows and procreates, manifests, and gives life to the world. It will be these seeds that will planted by the people , in our gardens then the pollen from the flowers, corn and squash will be carried by the bees all over the world. The power of these seeds are the Power of Creation, the planting of a New World of Peace.

Welcome Message:


Dec 11-13, 2015
Estes Park, Colorado


Star Knowledge Conference: MC + Presenter

I was the Master of Ceremonies for this event… and shared Messages from “The arcs” throughout the event.
During the 3 days of the ceremony I also offered private 1:1 Light Language Guidance Sessions + also creation of unique Energy Frequency Signatures.




Welcome Message:

More information on Star Knowledge:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Videos


Aug 2015
Lake Mills, WI


Presentation + Private Sessions:


  • Light Language Communication (together with cellist Angela McJunkin)


  • Light Language Guidance Sessions
  • Energetic Frequency Creation Sessions


Nov 2014
Ft. Collins, Colorado


Star Knowledge Conference


  • Light Language + Creativity Presentation
    • Creativity + Light Language Honoring Ceremony for Dr. Emoto


    • Finding your Unique Creativity + Light Language Communication

    More information on Star Knowledge:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Videos

Video Replay:




Welcome Message:

More information on Star Knowledge:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Videos