Hand-drawn scripted codes From Your Higher Self and Guides 

  • Remote reading of your energy frequency
  • Shakara tunes in directly with your Guides and receives a key message she scribes digitally 
  • Digital file you can print out
  • Created and activated with Light Language

NOTE: please allow a 5-7 days for art creation. Shakara will email the digital file once complete.


This is a unique scripting of your energy frequency with Light Language codes, co-written by Shakara & Her Guides as a Message from Your Guides & Higher Self back to you.


Shakara first intuits your energy vibration and remotely receives energetic information about you from her Guides. She creates a digitally drawn scripting in galactic language of your frequency. She holds her hand over the portrait and receives a vibrational message from the artwork, which she “infuses” back into the energy of the artwork before sending to you.


You are then emailed a digital art file you can view on your computer or print out and place it on your desk or special altar area.


You activate this fully by looking at the artwork and tuning in with your higher self to get the full message.

You can use & work with as a tool for further enhanced activation as often as you wish.



“Thank you again for being you and for your gifted abilities–and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift – of love and light! And so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”
– Claudia C.

“I love it so much – and it is also fascinating and I just also like to look at it in its vibration and colors and designs and be with the dimensional aspects. 
– Jill G.



Embedded in the file is unique galactic script Message scribed just for you. This is a direct Message from your Guides and Higher Self that Shakara picks up on and scribes, like a Message back to you.

You activate the file by observing and tuning in with the codes written for you. The activation process happens quickly with these scripted codes.


Experiencing these cosmic scripted codes helps retune with your higher self. These Light Codes are like instructional manual from your Higher Self specifically about what you’re experiencing to aid you in your life at that moment. 


  • Deeper connection with your Higher Self
  • Positive breakthrough of old beliefs and behavior patterns
  • Activation of light language communication abilities

Many people recognized or remembered hearing/speaking/manifesting a kind of Light Language in some form in their past. All recipients mentioned a new energized feeling in their mind and body overall, finding creative new ways of expressing and being themselves in the world with their own unique voice.

How The Light Codes are Created

(1) Shakara receives unique energetic information from Your Higher Self

Shakara & her Guides perform a multidimensional reading of your individual Energetic Frequency:

First, she receives a cleaar Messages from your Guides and Higher Self about what you need support with. She psychically “sees” this Message in the form of a scripted Language.

Shakara then gathers energetic codes of information about you from your Higher Self aspect—your life situation, what personally motivates you, how you creatively process information, what your key strengths & unique skills are & what your being needs at that moment.

(2) Shakara creates your unique Light Code Script

Then Shakara creates you artistic “Light Language” script:

She simply observes the Message, scribes it and & reflects this back to you in the artwork. This for her occurs simultaneously & multidimensionally as physical, visual and/or audible messages that are then written into the inscriptions. This happens in the moment of the NOW as she is creating the Energetic Bundles or elements:

  • Shakara’s Guides manipulate the scribing to capture the essence of you as the energy moves through her system.
  • She visualizes in her mind’s eye a specific written language that supports the drawing which she incorporates into the Energy Signature.
  • She then puts her hand over the multidimensional artwork & feels the messages in the creation, which she verbally speaks through her higher self in an Ancient language. This gets embedded through her hand into the artwork.
(3) She emails you the digital art file

When created, Shakara emails your customized Light Codes script file.

This Energy Frequency Signature is a tool that is relative to your individual vibration…how you use it is up to you & the outcome is different for each individual. You don’t have to believe or understand in detail how these energetic frequencies work to experience the benefits.

This is an energy activation tool that awakens your enlightened awareness to help you identify your unique life purpose & how to actualize your own powers of creation & manifestation.

You activate it yourself every time you obserrve or work with it as desired.

The powerful eenergy and message brought through is not limited to moment the art was created or when you receive it—it can be used & “activated” anywhere, any time…once or repeatedly as chosen by you. 

Intention of the Light Codes Artwork

This scripted writing is ancient cosmic script your soul will feel and know how to interpret.

These are inscriptions utilizing what is called “The Language of Light” — an ancient form of energy transference that she have been (re)learning, that we also all do somehow in our unique ways, and have done in the past. Her intention is not to “heal” you or guide you in any way — this process of utilizing Light Language is precisely for you to awaken to something in you that will remember your own process, and remember how you have used Light Language in your own past lifetimes.

When you “receive” this material multidimensionally, it validates, connects to and/or triggers something inside of you for yourself—that is why your own unique experience of these multidimensional files are so important—it is all about your own personal interpretation. The most important thing about this kind of Light Language is that you find your own meaning and interpretation in it.

The Message Shakara has received for you from her Higher Self will help you activate DNA coding that have been dormant in your system — those that are especially unique to you. 

Shakara believes the written codes can help start the process of shifting your multidimensional thinking to a higher vibration. We all must remember that we have the knowing inside ourselves about exactly who we are and our infinitely powerful capabilities and possibilities of what we can manifest in the world.  You don’t need to seek answers outside of yourself as we have been conditioned and taught to do for so long— you have been “coded” in the past with all the information you need to know about how to live, survive, be, exist, create, engage, accelerate, manifest, activate and collaborate in the world.  That is why it is extremely important to listen to your own voice, the meaning you personally intuit from any kind of exchange and the value you give to any thing that happens in your life.