888 Lion’s Gate Vibrations

888 Lion’s Gate Energies: Intense Transformation Occurring with Powerful Portal Openings + Transitions – by Shakara Tosha (Channeled message from my higher self on the 8-8) These days we are collectively moving through very strong + significant energies in the...

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:: Your Personal Body System: A Vessel You Operate By Choice

Your personal body vessel system is a blending of your physical, spiritual, soul-ar, emotional, etheric, auric + energetic fields) + has been pre-wired throughout the ages with all the information you need to navigate wherever you choose to travel. Now you can further...

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: : Speaking Creator Language of Elementals + Photonics

Go inside yourself in your meditations and general thoughts during the day — to find truth, joy + new inspiration evolving inside every one of your atoms. Each cell in your body carries its own packet of intelligence and has sensory receptors that can extend out of...

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: : Carbon Shifting to Crystal / Matter Shifting to Energy

Due to energetic changes in the world now, our carbon-based elements are beginning to morph into more crystal-like structures (Christ vibration consciousness), which are able to perceive, hold, carry and radiate much higher energy information communication. There is a...

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: : Learn to Speak with the Elementals Around You

The elements (earth, fire, water, sky) around + inside you each carry unique codes of information that can help you chart what to do with your life + your next step. Each of these elemental groups are separate “Nations” that have their own properties, messages,...

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: : Welcome to the New World + the New You.

We are all collectively shifting into a very new way of BEING in the world — due to energetic changes in the electromagnetic flow of energy in the universe, established systems reforming themselves and people waking up to their true poet and potential and human beings...

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: : Play – It’s all for Your Growth

Play… have fun + celebrate little moments in your day (especially the most difficult ones). Know that everything that happens to you is exactly what you need in that moment for your growth… and welcome it with open arms. When you strip away all the...

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Poem for the Kogi Mamos

An essence, a glow inside my hearts it calls to you from over here, which you initiated. In your travels I see your village, I see your children running with joy in bare feet talking through soil. I see the birth of young Mamos, opening their eyes for the first time...

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: : Personal Heart Travels

When I travel my spirit into my Sacred Space + Tiny Space of the Heart during meditation, it is a Kiva. Floating in the center is my Egg of Life — 8 blue sacred circles, with a tiny gold orb dot in the center (3 layered atoms) rotating very fast. There are also many...

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