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StarBeing Messenger
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connecting with the creative force of nature


Meet Shakara Tosha

Your Guide & Helper Through
Our Shifting Ascension Times

Hi, I’m Shakara.

I am here to support you to get fully connected to everything deeply—to become an actively engaged in shaping your life, to remember who you truly are, to raise your vibration, and to live a continually inspired life of joy. You are the creator and artist of your life. I know you are feeling this, as you found me by the law of attraction. And my Life’s Work is to assist you in navigating these quickly changing times, to open and connect with your highest state of being, and live your best life! Restore your energy balance.

Throughout my life I have had a direct connection to Star People and Spirit with many profound experiences, extensive downloads, transmissions & learnings from numerous “StarBeing” Guides (Star Nations, Elementals, Ascended Masters and others) on a wide range of topics. I have lived and embodied these teachings, which I now share with you to help you guide your own journey as you need & desire.

I’m a multidimensional activator, teacher, experiencer, author, guide, helper, connector, energetic artist and free spirit
I wear many hats and live totally guided by Spirit, consciously operating within multidimensional realms while functioning in the human 3D realm. My Mission is to assist you in your own personal awakening, expand your senses, become more energetically conscious, and activate your True Self while navigating your daily life in creatively new and inspiring ways.

I transmit powerful healing and activating energies through my extensive creative multimedia expressions of “Light Language”—manifested through multimedia symbols, codes, energetic dialect, toning, sound, music, artwork into my various product and service offerings.

I also share many useful teachings, tools, wisdom and insights gathered from years of downloads from my cosmic Guides in partnership with my Higher Self, together with living Light Language transmissions—via informative videos, classes, workshops, webinars, courses, sound journeys, meditations and public presentations. Each Guide has shown me many creative ways to view and utilize various life energies…to elevate the mind, body, soul and spirit. I also teach practical and exciting new ways to apply this learning and information in your own life and benefit greatly.

I make it fun to open to these new vibrational ways of living and Being. There is the New Us, a New You, a New Consciousness coming online fully in these Shifting Ascension times. I “see” you, and I’m honored to be of assistance to help you awaken fully and live your best intentional life while deepening your heart connection to everything in your world. I look forward to connecting with you! It’s your time now to align with your unique gifts…and share who you truly are with the world.

Express yourself freely.
Let’s walk this Ascension path together.
New World, New Earth, new You.

Welcome…YOU have arrived.

Blessings on your continued life journey,

My Life Mission & Role

My Life purpose and mission is assisting humanity to raise their unique energetic vibration, to Remember all aspects of themselves and reintegrate themselves back into a holistic Being of Light—integrating their Higher self (their True Self) together with their physical human self, to create and manifest from that state of holistic Being.

I’m a transmitter and activator of energy. I can help you get deeply connected to your own internal energies, the energies of the cosmos, the creative force of Nature, connect and partner with your Guides, and activate yourself in a very powerful way… to become more fully aware and connected to a higher state of consciousness, in your own unique way.

I work actively and consciously in partnership with the StarBeing Guides who have taught and guided me in every step of my learning and awakening journey in this lifetime. What I am shown and how it came to me is my offering to you—to awaken your own soul memories of how to master emotions, master manifesting in the physical world and become the magnificent Beings of Light you already are. 

My job is to help you awaken these power codes and an internal Knowing from within—you already carry these possibilities and potentials, you just need to sense and acknowledge they are there, connect with them, understand how they work, activate them fully within them, and begin creating whatever you wish with these energies. 

I assist people connect with their innate abilities and activate their unique soul Gifts to share with others, while clarifying and walking their true Path in life. I teach and guide people how to connect to everything in life and the creative life force itself. It’s a re-tuning and refinement of our internal energies, in tandem with connecting deeply with our Higher Self and all the Guides and tools in existence we already have access to.

I’m here for YOU. Let’s walk this ascending journey together.

Key Themes Of Shakara's Work

Navigating This New World

Artist Expressions, The Act of Creation, Connecting to the Energy of Creation & Manifestation

How Energy Functions & Working with Frequencies of Light, Sound & Vibration in Daily Life

Our Connection to the Stars & What's Occurring in the Cosmos

Working With Gaia, The Forces of Nature, Elementals, Energy Lines, Sacred Sites & The New Earth

Where It Comes From, What It Is, How Transmissions Affect in our DNA, Upgrading, Manifesting Your Expressions

Symbols, Codes, Numbers, Shapes, Signs, Glyphs, Crop Circles, Mandalas, Mantras & Higher Senses

Connecting to Universal Life Force, Daily Practices, Group Dynamics,  Aligning Career & Passions, Mastering Your Path

Your Energy Signature, Whole Self Balance & Healing, Upgrade your Body, Mind, Instincts, Senses & Blueprint

Continents, Grandma Trees, Moon Cycles, Feminine Energy, Crystal Skulls, Galactic Systems, Chakras & Senses

Honoring Sacred Moments, Dreaming, Visioning, Journeying, Healing & Activation Tools, Blending With Spirit

Remembering, Merging, Rebalancing & Reconnecting of Opposites, Feminine & Masculine, Spirit/Higher Self & Physical

Shakara’s Unique Spiritual Guidance Style 

Shakara taps into a vast range of personal experiences & wisdom from many sources that she crafts into a special experience with each connection she makes and each group she shares her Messages with. She’s fun and approachable, loving and deeply intuitive. Here’s a sampling of life experiences she utilizes in each of her sessions, projects and presentations that you can benefit from:

Becoming Shakara

Life Journey Phases

Early Life Experiences

Experience in the teepee

  • Her aunt came back from New Mexico with a teepee—Shakara prayed and chanted in that teepee, connected with the earth, was personally guided to make healing salves and talked to spirits, and did things like moving energy between her hands

Meditating in the “Twin Caves”

  • Around 9-12 years old she found a way to rent a canoe in her local park and row down the creek to a pair of ancient Native American twin caves next to each other; she’d tie the canoe up and explore the caves or just sit there and meditate for hours; she found many arrowheads there and felt she had been there in her past life

Created “stations” in her house

  • Created various “stations” where she would set up experimental labs—an art studio, science lab, an office where she ran a play start-up “business” called Anything Company Etc (“ACE”), a performance stage with speakers and dance floor,  a library (to “rent” books), a daycare (for dolls) etc.
  • Her eldest sister would visit and they’d do acting and psychic games together…feeling energies between their hands, visioning journeys, feeling the light body etc.

Native American connection & calling

  • Shakara has Nez Perce tribe ancestors; she further researched her geneology and was guided also to ancestors who married into Lenni Lanape tribe (felt a flash of light when she saw the woman’s name)
  • She would dress up in Indian clothing and pray in her closet with a peace pipe
  • Joined a version of Girl Scouts for fathers and daughters…learned about Native American Culture and Traditions, learned Indigenous songs (had premonition of a Lakota Chief she’d meet later in life)
  • Visited Acoma Reservation & Taos in New Mexico as a kid, felt connected and saw spirits there walking around the pueblos; felt ancient memories of living in pueblos and doing ceremony in Kivas and caves
  • Local park had a totem pole made by an Alaskan elder, she’d talk to this totem and greet it in her own kind of ceremony each time she’d go into the park; there was also a waterfall with steps created by ancient indigenous elders she’d climb

Experience in uncle’s and aunt’s 1850 period houses

  • Shakara’s uncle was a genius architect but chose to live primitively (pre-industrial revolution) with no electricity or modern appliances, only candles and a stove; his house was decorated in 1850’s period furniture
  • Her aunt lived in an 1850’s landmark house in the country; she’d drive out in her uncle’s pastel blue corvair with the rooftop down, listening to opera and classical music; she’d play croquet and read art books on a quilt by the fountain her aunt built; her aunt would cook in a copper kettle over a fire, light her Christmas tree with candles, and Shakara has fond memories picking fruit and vegetables from her aunt’s amazing “victory garden” and make homemade ice cream in an antique churn


  • Shakara was very athletic with intense energy flowing through her body all the time; she did every sport she could experience—especially track, swimming, tennis, golf and horseback riding
  • Ran track in middle school and went to Iowa State to train for the olympics
  • Had a thoroughbred at 12 and was hunting/jumping; trained in high school horseback riding and 3-day eventing for the olympics

Anti-social and shy

  • Shakara was very introverted and quiet in the early years of her life; she was bullied often and experienced many social life tests to overcome

Health episodes

  • Shakara was hospitalized from 6 months to 1 year in an oxygen tent—because of induced chemical pneumonia; she had clear memories of her Arcturian Star Family visiting and teaching her things
  • She experienced grand mal seizures from agea 4-7: she’d consciously go out of body and travel to a familiar Arcturian ship…which she still visits to this day
High School & Art School

High School

  • Attended Kent High School (boarding school), CT on scholarship, focused on horseback riding and 3-day eventing (dressage, cross-country and jumping)
  • Attended & graduated from Emma Willard (girl’s boarding school), NY on scholarship, did many electives and independent studies—had her own studio in the art building
  • Took college courses at local RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic institute) in digital synth music, directed and performed in her own multimedia performances with others

Art School (College)

  • Attended RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), RI, focused on traditional painting and crafts
  • Attended & Graduated with BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Multimedia), IL and studied alternative media, video art, performance art, bookmaking and painting
New York City Life
  • Shakara spent most of her teen summers and 20’s life in Soho, Greenwich Village and Tribeca, NYC
  • Experienced the early heyday & highlights of Club Culture, hung out with well-known celebrities, musicians and artists, participated in club art installations
  • Worked at Leo Castelli Gallery, who represented the most pronounced artists of the 20th Century, and hung out with them (Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, others); interacted with many celebrities and big collectors
  • Stayed in many different artist lofts in Soho and Tribeca NYC with her sister
  • Walked around the streets early mornings and hung with graffiti artists who were tagging walls, including Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat
  • Lived an unusual social life in the heart of New York and Brooklyn, and interacted with many high-profile people
  • Lived in various Brooklyn neighborhoods when there was a community-feeling (Park Slope, Fort Greene, Bed-Stuy etc)
Work & Career Life

Created “ACE” play business

  • Started her own “play” business from ages 8-13 called “Anything Company Etc (ACE)” where she offered services to her family and friends: massages with various techniques; hand-made salves and creams; offered her version of ESP and telepathy; “sold” her mom’s artwork and other objects she made
  • Offered services to “host” family holiday events with hand-made table decorations, theme music, menus etc
  • Created her company logo and gift packaging (and had a business card and desk plaque)
  • Offered a newsletter and “gazette” with recipes, family updates, local news, games, recipes and codes to decipher; created many hand-made catalogs
  • Created 2 branch companies “Things and Things” and “JEMS” with friends

Ran her own ongoing freelance Consulting Business (age 25-now)

  • Specializing in Interactive Website design, video promo creations, photo shoots, event planning and print marketing promotions; clients included:
    • Mario Batali restraurants (Becco, Esca)
    • Bad Boy Entertainment (Sean “Puffy” Combs site with Virtual Melanin)
    • Penguin Publishing
    • Hallmark Entertainment
    • Warner Brothers
    • Fast Company
    • Madiba African Restaurant
    • Shaman’s Breath
    • Kickapoo Woods Cooperative Services
    • Star Knowledge Conferences
    • Gem Alchemy Creations (jewelry)
    • Center for Healing Alternatives (Sedona concierge for natural and tech healing modalities)
    • Promo material for Gabriella Young (Sufi poet and performer)
    • Community Hunger Solutions (supplying 2nd hand produce to local community pantries)
    • HoneyTree Forest (Waldorf early childhood Forestry school in Brooklyn)
    • Canopy of Fine Arts artist site
    • Viroqua Area Foundation (community support)
    • Driftless Books (local mega book store and performance space)
    • The Ark local community center
    • Southwest Sanitation company
    • Caribbean party promotion team
    • Video shooting & production included Mindfulness Yoga, Qi Gong, German Language instruction, Spiritual Life Coach
    • Other website for clients included: a hand-made doll designer, a photographer,  a handbag designer, a Sedona-based healer and tour guide, a Holistic acupuncture healer, a Local Air B&B, an Interior Designer, a well-known Contemporary painter and an experimental artist site

Worked over 35 years in the business world

  • Worked in many fields (art, finance, start-ups, entertainment, PR, marketing etc)
  • Early work: Leo Castelli Gallery, assistant to Allan McCollum (post-modern conceptual artist)
  • Held top senior positions at many Fortune 500 companies:
  • Senior Producer, Project Manager & Director:
    Renegade Marketing, Belk Mignogna, Siegel Gale, Nu America Agency, Credit Suisse, Urban Box Office–African American start-up for iconic celebrity features, Random House Publishing (Director of Web Development & Strategy)
  • Some clients included:
    Panasonic, Sony, Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber, AT&T, AMEX, Kodak, Nonstock Stock photos, Columbia University, Educational Testing Services, others
Spiritual Presentations & Conferences

Shakara then began sharing the Downloads, Messages, teachings and Light Language to others:

  • She’s a seasoned speaker at many conferences, events and interviews
  • Traveled 5 years all over the US to share Messages and connect with the Land
  • Coordinated & led her own classes and workshops on specific topics
  • Shared Messages and Light Language Activations at many conferences, workshops and gatherings
  • Performed her own sacred meditations & sound journeys in collaboration with other musicians and healers
  • Coordinated and joined many home-gatherings and group events
  • Offers private sessions: guiding thousands of diverse people worldwide on various situations and needs, online and in-person
  • Offered her artistic interpretations for others in the form of symbols, Soul Portraits and Energy Frequency Signature drawings of their energetic field

Key conferences, events and gatherings:

  • Shared Star Messages and Light Language at many “Star Knowledge Conferences” (hosted by Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle)—in Roswell NM, Blythe CA, Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, Golden CO, Estes Park CO,  Ft Collins CO, Laguna Beach CA, Devil’s Tower WY, Des Moines IA, Desert Springs CA; also assisted the Chief in set up and video filming
  • Presented 4 years at the “Psychic & Spiritual Sasquatch Conferences” in Washington State
  • Presented 4 years at the sacred “Serpent Mound Gatherings” in Ohio
  • Presented at 3 “Transformational Shift” Events: The Great Awakening, Women’s Light Language Panel and another conference
  • Shared Messages and singing with her daughter at “Project Manifest” Event in Sedona AZ
  • Presented at “Soulogy” Event in Sedona AZ (hosted by Todd Medina) and offered a Light Language performance at “Chocolatree” restaurant in Sedona AZ
  • Shared Messages at the “New Earth New You” Online Group Summit

Other Events where Shakara shared Mesages, Light Language and teachings:

  • Namaste Center IL
  • Soderworld Wellness Center IL (with Sacred Geomery artist; and with Chief Golden Light Eagle)
  • Various local events in Sedona AZ, including Cosmic Awakening Event (shared Messages)
  • Various Psychic and Healing Fairs
  • Many private home gatherings


  • Acoustic Health with Lauren Galey
  • Galactic Connection
  • Awaking Code Radio
  • Soulogy with Todd Medina
  • Positive Head podcast
  • Heart Talks
  • Grandmothers Circle the Earth
  • Awakened Goddess Show
  • Galactic U Radio show with Don Daniels
  • Truth Cat Radio with Darrell Nichols
  • Sheila Berger Show, Borrowed Wisdom World Summit
  • Sacred Matrix Radio with Dr. Sasha & Janet Lessin
  • Beyond Reality Show
  • 100 Voices interview
  • Cosmic Oracle Show with Barbara Jean Lindsey
  • Interdimensional Coffee Talk
  • others

Offered her own hosted events and Messages with Light Language:

  • Ions Group IA
  • Sound Journey at La Vida Spa outside Chicago
  • Midwest Lightworkers event
  • Numerous home gatherings
  • Yoga center in Sedona AZ
  • Sacred Rememberings studio in Sedona AZ
  • Other healing centers across the US
Travels & Messages From the Land
  • Shakra left her home completely and traveled all over the US for 5 years
  • Connected deeply with the land and received Messages from each area
  • Traveled and lived on her own or stayed with friends and worked on their land
  • Did extensive travel, ceremony and conferences with her “Star Brother” Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle—sharing experiences, Messages and teachings about Star People, galactic Messages, Codes and Symbols, and Native American teachings, ceremony and wisdom
  • Personal and coordinated group grid work on sacred lay lines & vortexes
  • Coordinated & participated in sacred ceremony with various groups
  • Connected with many petroglyphs around Sedona AZ full days at a time including sacred ceremony for months
  • Key physical areas she focused on, stayed at or participated in ceremony: Sedona AZ, Driftless Region WI, Redwood Forests CA, Mt Shasta CA,  Joshua Tree CA, Mt Lemon AZ, Roswell NM, Montezuma’s Well & Wall AZ, Blythe CA (intaglios), Serpent Mounds OH and other mounds across the US including Mound Bottom TN and Cahokia IL, Santa Cruz CA, Lakota Reservation SD, outside Chicago IL, Navoo IL (Mormon village), Iowa, etc.
Retreating & Living Off-Grid
  • Later, Shakara relocated in the midwest to live a quiet, simple life, mostly off-grid in a permaculture and amish environment in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin
  • By choice, she only spoke to a few people over three next 3 years
  • She connected with the land and scribed more Messages
  • Lived quietly in Sedona AZ for a year in a sacred home right next to Thunder Mountain and the Buddhist Stupa
  • Then resided in Washington State on sacred land
  • Finally Shakara returned to Wisconsin land
Gathering All Messages for "The Big Book"
  • Shakara has been challenged all her life with words and traditional learning (she always had to create her own way of understanding something); and she struggled with reading and writing in traditional grammar structure
  • As a kid she saw a vision that she would speak Messages to many people and they would access Star People through or within her
  • 8 years ago she was guidedby Chief Golden Light Eagle that she would write a book about Creation to assist humanity
  • Shakara has amassed a vast library of topics dictated or written by her, edited and organized in a blueprint structure for all her future work
  • She calculated just from her notes that she’d have 500+ books’ worth of writing (if each book was 300 pages long!)
  • Shakara is finally pulling all the Messages together in her first book—a guidebook sampler of Messages and a Primer Blueprint book as a framework for all her upcoming work
  • She was shown that each chapter from the original primer book will be it’s own book, and she’ll create associated content, tools and teachings related to that specific topic, theme or Guide

Key Experiences
A Multidimensional Life

Art Creations, Writing & Multimedia

Shakara has been a practicing artist all her life, classically trained & work in diverse multimedia:

  • Attended both fine art/craft-focused Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and new media/multimedia School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
  • Had home art studio as a kid
  • Performs, tones, sings and dances many kinds of Light Language & Messages
  • She writes, scribes, creates and interprets thousands of hand-drawn and digital scripts, codes and symbols

Art Mediums and Multimedia:

  • Shakara’s mom and aunt started community college art department; she worked in a studio there (and home studio) from 7 on, learning and creating in various media: painting, sculpture, lithography, acid etching, block printing, photography, ceramaics, silk screen, others
  • She spent much of my lifetime visiting galleries, museums and artist studios; she would view and contemplate the artistic process for hours
  • Shakara’s aunt was an early adopter of tech and art, she attended class at MIT for early digital art and created “hard-edge” paintings influenced by Native American patterns when living in the southwest; she taught these techniques to Shakara
  • Shakara creaated and edits films with dad’s 88mm camera
  • All through high school & Art School Shakara was attracted to working with various media and seeing relationships/patterns with the media
  • She’d often do a performance with video, live art creations and painting, dance, objects etc, showing process and creation in real-time
  • In high school she used early reel-to-reel tape recorders and early video reels and synthesizer to explore and perform her own pieces
  • At School of the Art Institute of Chicago she was an early adopter of the first version Apple computers–used for graphic design, prints, hand bookmaking etc.
  • At School of the Art Institute of Chicago she studied video art creation and installation work
  • In many work positions in NYC she was an early adopter or worked with companies who were using the first versions of tech tools well before their time–early development company editing video in real-time across-country, companies using the internet for the first time, early explorations of DVD content format, first round of computers for book publishing; early user of web tech tools (hand-crated HTML code, Dreamweaver etc)

Writing, poetry and journaling:

  • Shakara wrote “stream of consciousness” scripts in many journals all my life
  • She wrote lots of poetry and many song lyrics from high-school onward
  • She mapped out many diagrams, infographics and illustrations of the energetic principles and quantum concepts she received…to better understand how they function, and for a quick way to recall the full throught form of each

Book Creations:

  • She made her own books, including hand-crafted books and offset printing in a College Bookmaking class, and always put together objects and ideas in her artwork that one normally wouldn’t associate with each other…to leave it open to the viewer’s interpretation
Performances & Collaborations


  • Shakara performed in local plays at local community theatre and community college  (first at age 4 in Emperor’s New Clothes, then Oliver, Sound of Music)
  • She got an amplifier and microphone early on; performed for family with friends
  • Created and performed plays with friends for family
  • Spent lots of time at local community theater (the first community theater in the US) helping with set design, costumes, makeup, lighting and sound production—mom would do set design and costumes, dad would direct and act in plays
  • Wrote and performed little vignettes and short plays (with friends)
  • Studied dance, ballet and creative movement
  • Learned piano and would write my own intuitive songs
  • Would sing privately to herself

High School:

  • Studied advanced dance instruction of many forms with Ed Parish (well-known dancer who was training adopted kids for major dance companies); included ballet, jazz, modern dance
  • Studied Modern dance with established teacher
  • Created and choreographed her own multimedia performances in High School
  • Performed as a singer in a high school alternative music punk & reggae band
  • Spent a lot of time weekends/breaks in NYC early club scene, street culture (hung out and break-danced with New York City Breakers at Roxy club), art galleries in Soho and at alternative galleries in the Early days of the East Village art scene—very performative and mutimedia-focused
  • Into alternative music—frequented the early alt record stores and music performances
  • Wrote many of her own songs 


  • Focused on Performance Art (together with new media)
  • Performed in small bands (singer)

New York City later:

  • Loved the club scene in the 80’s which at the time was very creative; loved dancing; hung out at lots of early underground clubs–Reggae Lounge, hip hop private venues in NYC, Bronx and Brooklyn, big clubs like Peppermint Lounge, Area, Pyramid Club, Coffee Shop underground, meatpacking district and East Village clubs, many others
  • Spent a lot of time at The Kitchen Gallery which was one of the first public performance art studios
  • Wrote many songs (lyrics), worked on her own demo album with her own lyrics and co-wrote the music, R&B and rap, with known producers including Robert Reed from the DC group “Trouble Funk” and others; put final record on hold
  • Performed her songs and poetry in early underground hip-hop and acid jazz clubs along side up-and-coming well-known performers
StarBeing Guides, Visits & Experiences

Shakara has had extensive and fully conscious experiences and interactions with many Star People, Elementals and Spiritual Guides throughout her life:

  • Directly experienced and connected with many Star Guides, Elementals, and Spirit Guides all her life
  • Encountered many multidimensional Beings in Dreamtime, in the physical and on other dimensions
  • Received massive downloaded Messages for years about many topics she is now sharing in various ways

Visited by a Guardian of Light:

  • At age 4 playing outside, Shakara had a fully conscious memory: she was instructed by a voice to lay on the grass and put her hands up; she saw light flowing between her hands and then circling around her body through the ground; she saw a huge beam of light materialize near the top of her head about 4o feet; heard a voice say “in your 20’s and 30’s your life will be very difficult, in your 40’s and 50’s you will realize your mission to help others….now go play”; she remembera consciously standing up and having to watch her little friend to see how she was walking so Shakara could walk like a human 4 year old

Visiting the Arcturian starship:

  • Shakara often visits an Arcturian star ship she is connected with, all her life
  • She goes into a room where she laya on a bed and the “Arcs” recalibrate her energy; while they are doing this she steps outside her body and they teach and show her about the light body and DNA etc
  • Another room she visits is full of a circle of both Arcturian and human children; she observes them talking telepathically and teaching each other what they know about the cosmos, with elders present; she shape-shifts into her Arcturian avatar and teaches them both about her experiences on earth and ancient teachings about many things
  • There’s a room consists only of a huge holographic wall made of a grid of millions of gold symbols; she has learned how to “pull” them these symbol codes out separately with her hands and mind; she intuitively knows how to “rotate” these polygonal shapes and pull different ones together to work with each other; she’s shown some symbols represent simple thought forms, some represent blueprints for the body or planets etc, and some power and drive the star ship
  • There’s a room that consists of various portal gates and doorways that can be rolled out and superimposed on each other to travel in space
  • There’s a room that consists of big crystals, rocks and other natural tools and minerals; like a lab where you can play with them and find new ways to use them and talk to them like Beings

Star Being Guides & how they appeared:

  • Shakra calls all the Guide visitors “StarBeing Guides”—she’s shown that all have come from the stars; animals and plants have their own respective planet they come from for each tribe; earthly minerals are originally from off-planet; Ascended Masters have walked the Earth and were originally from the stars; Humans are made of stardust and had original lives on other planet systems
  • These Guides have come to visit Shakara in many ways—she dreams them, she has seen them in the physical, they morph in and out of visibility; she hears them, they telepath with her; they often the click on the walls or she can feel their touch, feel pressure on her head when they are around; and she knows to shift her consciousness into higher dimensions while fully conscious in the physical
  • As a child Shakara would see the Star Guides in her crib and around her, and connect with them when in nature too; sometimes they send messages to her through nature like clouds or birds flying or sings; it can happen anywhere when they want to pop in and show her something
  • Then about 8 years ago different guides started appearing to Shakara on early morning time codes (2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55am) and begin a teaching on a new subject each day 
  • Shakara participated in weekly sweat lodges with a Lakota Chief and a group…the Guides would come in the lodge in the dark and  she would see them materialize like blue outlines; they’d come touch her or be right in front of her and telepath with her; some were star beings and some were animals… the animals asked if she wanted to experience their world and show her how to energetically enter their energy form in a kind of shamanic way and she’d feel what they feel (like running as a deer or swimming as a whale etc); other Guides, especially White Buffalo Calf Woman and a blue being guide, would come to teach her messages and tools to share with others
  • Once in a while they appear to emerge “through” the energetic field of a client she’s doing a session with (these can be related to that person, or the ones who come often to me) and tell me things about that particular person I’m supposed to say or share with them to help them
  • Shakra has had direct encounters with Sasquatch when out on the land doing a vision quest recently; as a child near a lake she’d visit when she’d go walking, and other times in nature; she saw them about 75 feet away , they would telepath or “mind-speak” to her, and it was like family; often she would see them going in and out of dimensions; she has seen them shape-shift into other animals
  • Arcturians would visit Shakara in her room as a child, especially around a full moon; she could see a group that looked like tiny kids and they’d surround her bed and telepath with her; they would come and go through portals in front of her
  • She has experienced many orbs and balls of light from time to time; some as a bright gold dot, some as big blue circles, some as a hazy rotating globe
  • Nature spirits and elementals would often reveal themselves to her when in nature
  • Sometimes they would visit and she’d travel with them through energetic portals to other dimensions
  • When they are around her often they physically click on technology or wood to get her attention

What occurs when they visit her:

  • She feels incredible pressure on her body, especially the top of her head and ringing in her ears; each Guide does this differently so she can sense which is visiting by how she feels when they are around her; the early morning visits are incredibly intense for her mind and body, and she has to rest afterward for a while and integrate what occurred
  • They show and teach Shakara many things from their unique perspective; often they come in groups of 3 to teach together
About the Messages Received

The range and types of Messages Shakara receives:

  • Sometimes the Guides will come in and teach specifically about them: who they are and how they work with earth or energy
  • Some Messages come just for her and her life
  • Some Messages come in for another person when she’s doing a session or for a group
  • Some Messages come in from Guides appearing and teaching me something
  • And/or they will come in just as symbols or creations from her Higher Self
  • Sometimes just a word, image, sound or thought form is a “Messenger” to her (versus coming in as a Guide); it’s like the universe is always talking to her through coded language, symbols or energy that manifests in various forms
  • To Shakara, everything is a Guide, a teacher she can learn from, as she gets Messages from everything about different things or topics at different times
  • Each Guide will teach her a range of things: something about them, something about her, something about that physical location where they appear to her, the energetic property of an object, the energy of a person, how things and energy work from many perspectives, or how everything is related
  • Sometimes Messages come from nature, or animals, a specific location the land (which I see and call all of them Guides too)

She is shown why this whole Messaging process was occurring to her in all different ways:

  • It recently “clicked” for Shakara that she has received so many themes and topics of messages, from many different Guides, to share in many forms of media to understand how everything is related
  • She was shown that she had to experience all these different “flavors” of reception, experiences and understandings, so she could understand various aspects of humanity and be able to relate to many different people with compassion
  • She was shown that there would be something in some Messages that would touch every type of person and every type of learning
  • All the Messages received were giving Shakara an incredible informational and energetic upgrade as they came in, swirled in her field, and she worked with them and shared with others, made art and videos and books…she was being upgraded energetically in this overall process
  • Shakara was shown that she was now to share all this in various multimedia, and consider herself as multidimensional; this presence and sharing of her work will awaken this remembering in other people that they are multidimensional too, and that everything is related and can be changed, created, interpreted, shared and enjoyed in numerous ways
The Download Process of the Messages

Shakara’s experience receiving downloads come in many ways, for many different purposes:

The Guides awaken Shakara at early morning time-codes:

  • About 8 years ago different guides started appearing to Shakara on early morning time codes (2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55am) and begin a teaching on a new subject each day, usually based on some key trigger word I experienced the day before; Shakara gets massive downloads of information coming as holograms, thought forms, telepathy or symbols and codes…like data downloads from a supercomputer—and she scribes them in notebooks, sketch what they show her, or type or dictate on her phone—this lasts about 3-5 hours; then she’s guided to go on the internet and do specific keyword searches they tell her—and look for images they have shown her holographically or telepathically, and research more about that subject from many perspectives, especially technically or scientifically

How The Messages come to her & her personal experiences:

  • All the Messages Shakara receives come in first as a form of Light Language, multidimensionally (often she’ll see, hear and sense the message at the same time)
  • Sometimes she’ll see strings of codes coming down from the ethers over someone she’s doing a reading or session for
  • When doing a session, Shakara’s Higher Self and Guides connect with the client’s Higher Self and Guides, and they exchange codes; then she speaks or shares an energetic transmission of what she was shown
  • When speaking to a group she sees Light Language over everyone’s head and hears a collective, like her Higher Self hears a common pattern of energy the attendees share; she then speaks it back to them in Light Language and Messages; often she’s guided to go around the room and give each person a unique message for them
  • There is an Energetic download and transfer from her Guides to her then to another person
  • When doing a session or speaking to a group, sometimes Messages come from her Guides or her Higher Self just for them; and sometimes it’s just a healing or activating transfer of information, awakening or retuning
  • Shakara received huge packets of information “bundles” that come in as complete symbols or packages that she literally has to envision opening and working with
  • She can feel the StarBeing coming through another person during a session and she responds to that Being or works with them on a higher dimensional realm
  • Often she sees gold dots and string filaments of light in nature or in the environment
  • Sometimes she looks at nature or a person and sese a kind of blue ring highlighting what needs healing on that element, or that location has a message for her
  • She gets Messages in lucid dreaming
  • She can close her eyes and travel to a higher aspect of herself and easily “sees” a code or answer to a situation, like tapping into the akashic
  • She sees “overlays” in people and objects, like the many lifetimes or states of being
  • She can look at objects (or scenarios) and psychically “go into them” or create a kind of levitation of the thing, concept or situation with her mind and rotate it to see another perspective
  • Any word or sound she hears can be a trigger for a message or Light Language to come in
  • The Messages come in a vision (awake or sleeping) or as a physical experience

Steps in processing the Messages:

  • When the Messages come in Shakara is instructed to immediately write, draw or create what she experiences, in her own interpretation; if she can’t grasp it or it comes in too fast, she will “scribe” it onto her arm to remember and recall later, or take her hand and “breathe” it into to her body, or tap her head to remember it later
  • As Shakara’s processing the Messages in various ways,  she “unwraps” and works with the concepts and how they are related to other concepts, like cross-referencing them, sometimes building them as symbols or codes in a sequence or a totem
  • Often she’ll review her notes and get new understandings, or new Messages come in with enhanced understandings
  • Reviewing and preparing the material for the books and future courses she will offer in the near future has also made her review and refine the understanding ot the messages
Writing "The Big Book" From the Downloads

Shakara began to put all the Messages together, and was guided to organize and share it in a specific “blueprinted” way in her new work:

  • When Shakara lived off-grid, she was guided to gather all the Messages she downloaded and put them in an organized structure to share with people to help and inspire them
  • This was challenging because the messages would come through each morning on one topic, then meander into many more through the session time each day
  • One thought form, topic or concept would be interwoven into about 20 related but unique topics, and she had to o figure out how to separate all this in an organized and understandable way
  • It is tricky for her because each topic relates to another and Shakara sees and understands each in a layered, multidimensional way
  • The Guides have shown her that all the topics are multi-layered—even the way they taught her is multidimensional—and every word or phrase she gathers is like a special code sequence, but the concepts themselves are not sequential or based in time
  • She had to read some sections to friends and get feedback about how to structure things to get clarity and ask them what resonance they felt with the Messages to know where to place them
  • She was writing and reviewing all the material she received, and had no idea how to go about what to do with it, but the Guides showed her every step of the way
  • She is now compiling her first “primer” book (of many) called “Remember Who You Are”, which will be a blueprint Guidebook sampling of info about the Guides, a few sample Messages they have shared on many topics, and more information about her experience with all this, including her own scripts, codes, Light Language art, Messages and writing she gleaned and was inspired by all the Guides’ Messages to her

Shakara was also guided to merge and map all the Messages with the other multimedia she downloaded or created:

  • She was shown how to map the Messages together with all the photos and videos from the land she created, codes, symbols, scripts, energetic paintings, drawings and digital artwork, including her own writing and poetry
Metaphysical Development

Shakara developed her psychic & higher sense abilities:

  • Shakara is a metaphysical “seer” & “visioner”; she has become highly intuitive and reads/scries energy frequencies easily
  • She reads & scans patterns & relationships between everything
  • She’s highly perceptive & in alignment with her Higher Self & Multi-dimensions
  • Often Shakara gets visions that come in with sound and geometric shapes and colors, and see things holographically
  • She was very introverted, and felt everything and the universe was speaking with her all her life
  • Shakara’s mom and aunt were twins and they’d telepath with each other for hours; she learned telepathy from them
  • She always felt Spirits, Guides, orbs and energies around
  • Even as a child, Shakara would hold objects and be able to “skry” or energetically read their energies or messages in patterns she’d view, and feel she could go back in time through the object to feel and hear conversations of all the people who held those objects or the person who created it originally and feel their intentions and emotions
  • She feels this kind of scrying each creative step or time sequence also when she’s looking at artwork or listening to music… she can “retrace” the steps the artist took to create the work while she also feels a resonant feeling the creators were experiencing at each step
  • Shakara has also had many ancient memories of past lifetimes and was able to travel to these places by closing her eyes and toning
  • She experienced “synesthesia” all her life, then later learned what it was; this is a crossing of all your sensees (ex. you hear sounds and see colors etc)
  • She was dyslexic…when reading, each word would actually rise from the page and rotate like a hologram; it was very hard to compute language as she felt she “saw” into words a symbols multidimensionally
Connecting with Star Kids

Shakara loves being a parent and deeply relate to youth and young adults:

  • She often telepaths with Star Kids when she encounters them…they stare at her or come up to her and touch her hand; often they tell her some key piece of information about their star family and where they come from or about their earth family
  • They often tell Shakara they feel very friendly and safe with her, and many tell her she can understand them
  • They openly talk to her about high-vibrational tools and information (like how crystals and rocks work)
  • They can project pictures easily into her mind’s eye so she can understand their sharings
  • Many spontaneously start speaking Light Language to her and they have conversations in Light Language

Becoming Shakara: Her Name & Initiation

Shakara’s Spirit Name:

  • Shakra received her Spirit Name “Wichape Tosha Waste Wi” (means “beautiful Violet Star Woman”) in ceremony by Chief Golden Light Eagle. He said she was a Star Person (Arcturian) in human form, that she works with the Violet Ray of energy (“Tosha” is a spiritual word for Violet when used in Lakota sacred ceremony), and that she is related energetically to the White Buffalo Woman and Sasquatch

Shakara’s Star Name:

  • Later the Star People revealed the Star Name “Shakara Tosha” to her and told her she was to go by this name, and they said when she uses this name they will see her in a new way energetically and that the name carries coded activating vibrations in the syllables
  • Shakara was resistant to use it, but after 3 years she asked for a sign, and saw that first name scribed on a rock in the middle of a vacant area in California next to Giant Rock
  • They showed her that she needed to research the phonics of the name from all different cultures as it is a kind of universal template found in many ancient cultures
  • When she did a search on the internet there were no links about it, except one person referred to “The Shakara” which was an energy related to “The Shekinah” (meaning pillar of light, the one who dwells)


  • Shakara received a huge upgrade and a form of initiation from all these Guides and all these diverse experiences in her life
  • She has experienced many big tests and challenges that have forced her to temper her thoughts and emotions, and learned a lot of patience and flexibility
  • Each time she offers a client Guidance Session she gets upgraded as the Light Language and Messages for that client flows through her
  • The dramatic effects these downloads and visits has made on mhery body and mind have been very intense, but she’s learning to temper and recalibrate these in her energy field
  • Shakara was shown various specific ceremony was guided to do, which she did, as a kind of rigorous self-initiation
  • She was then guided to leave her home and sell or give away almost all her belongings and travel; she was shown she’d be guided where she needed to go, connect with who she needed to work in partnership with or to help, then she’s be fully free to pursue this work, which seems to be happening now in full form
  • Shakara is now living fully guided by Spirit and her Higher Self/Guides


Light Language Communicator & Artist

Shakara has been communicating and working with Light Language all her life:

  • She communicates many Light Languages in various forms (spoken, script, illustrations, codes, symbols, singing tones, dance, mudras)
  • She has painted symbols and codes since she was young in all her artwork
  • Shakara speaks many Star Languages & Light Languages from many Guides
  • Since she was young she’d scribe endless books of galactic script she’d call “Stream of Consciousness”
  • As a child and later with friends she’d always make up spoken languages and code languages to be deciphered; she’d make up her own quirky words and phrases and speak them in the house

How the Light Language Comes to Shakara:

  • Sometimes, Shakara will sense Light Language when she gets downloads about anything (hearing, seeing visually, seeing with her mind’s eye, when she’d experience patterns, holographic or symbolic images, see or feel or hear rays of light like a music score, and other ways
  • It just comes very naturally…she sees holographic messages in front of her or in her mind’s eye
  • It comes to her as a wave of feeling (she can “feel” the language as it appears in her etheric field)
  • She feels and sees an immediate instinctual understanding of what comes through

Interpretations and Information Shakara receives:

  • A wisdom keeper identified each of the Star Nations of the various languages she spoke in succession
  • Shakara has spoken so many form of Light Language that now she can usually recognize or identify the specific Light Language coming through in her own speaking and others speaking Light Language
  • Some are galactic Star Nations tribal languages or codes, others are a kind of energetic transfer or download

Shakara had received deep understandings about Light Language, including:

  • How Light Language functions and how it is connected to energy vibration,  transference and exchange
  • Why so many people are instantly communicating it in various forms
  • How it recalibrates, upgrades and modulates the body at a cellular level and is directly related to DNA which it also affects
  • That it is related to the original Language of Light, Sound and Vibration, and the original Language of Love
  • We all knew, recognized and spoke a core language in ancient times and are remembering our unique soul expressions of this, which is a pure essence of Being in its simplest state
  • She is shown how to work with Light Language in collaboration with other practices and fields, thereby exchanging and combining multidimensional codes from each (science, sound, healing and energy work, artwork and creative arts, spiritual practices, etc)
Spiritual Practices & Sacred Ceremony

Spiritual Practices:

  • Shakra has mostly done her own self-initiation throughout her life; even in groups of collectives she was always intuiting her own understanding or getting direct Messages from Guides about what was being shown or taught
  • She has also learned and practiced various Spiritual Methods: including 7 years of Mahikari (Japanese healing art similar to Reiki and working with the spiritual world, she trained to be a Doshi or spiritual teacher; this practice included rigorous chanting, spiritual and extreme physical training; she joined ceremony and training in Japan); 7 years of Nichiren Buddhism (rigorous chanting and spiritual training, and community support activities); she also practiced  and “played” Kendo (an ancient Japanese martial art in full regalia)

Shakara has participated in many sacred ceremonies with various groups, indigenous elders & wisdom keepers:

  • She has participated in many Star Knowledge group gatherings, and joined a sacred ceremony bringing in the Divine Feminine energy, and also the Snake Dance to cross over to new realities and energies
  • She is a 4-Year Sundancer (in teh Lakota tradition), and was a 5-year supporter for others
  • She did various vision quests in preparation for Sundance:  4 days vision quest in the heart of the hills of Wisconsin where she physically connected with a family of Sasquatch and a group of Arcturians; participated in a 4-day vision quest at the Sacred Grandmother Tree refered to as ‘Devil’s Tower” where it was believed that the White Buffalo Calf WOman originally appeared to the Lakota;  a deep vision quest in the heart of Boynton Canyon Sedona AZ where she connected with the ancient Egyptian tribes, bird tribes and star nations who visited and did ancient ceremony there and exists there energetically even today
  • She participated in weekly and bi-weekly sweat lodges for 4+ years where she’d deeply connect with Spirit Guides and was often asked to share Star Messages in the lodge
  • She joined many drum circles & sacred gatherings across the country
  • Shakara spiritually worked directly with Lakota Chief in ceremony, bringing in & interpreting star messages & symbols/codes
  • She volunteered 2 months with the visiting Buddhist Monks from Gaden Shartze, Sedona AZ

Projects in the Works Now

Here are a few things Shakara is developing at the moment:

  • Collaborative website: interviews with co-creators from every field & a resource directory to promote of others
  • Webinars & courses: teachings on many topics
  • Series of products & tools: artistic creations, housewares, activation tools & other forms of her messages & art
  • Hosted conferences: for many diverse Messengers & speakers to share their experiences and wisdom
  • Retreat center: featuring leading-edge explorations of light, sound & vibration as healing tools for energy shifting