Creative Inspiration & Guidance to assist you on your life journey during these transforming ASCENSION times

StarBeing Messenger & Light Language 

Activate a deep inner Knowing of who you truly ARE. 
Insights & practical tools to navigate the shifting energies in our world now.
Align consciously with your purpose & special gifts, your Guides & Higher Self.
Transition easily into a highly vibrational state of Being & Living.

 Inspiring Transmissions: Multidimensional StarBeing Messages
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New World, New Earth, New You. Welcome…YOU have arrived. 


Meet Shakara Tosha

StarBeing Messages & Light Language Transmissions

Your Guide, Teacher & Helper During These Shifting Ascension Times

Hi, I’m Shakara.

I am here to support YOU to get fully connected to everything deeply — to change your life, remember who you truly are, raise your vibration and live an inspired life of joy. You are the creator and artist of your life. I know you are feeling this, as you found me by the law of attraction. And my Life’s Work is to assist YOU in navigating these quickly changing times, to open and connect with your highest state of being, and live your best life!

Throughout my life I have had a direct connection to Spirit and had so many profound experiences, extensive downloads & learnings from numerous Guides (Star Nations, Elementals, Ascended Masters)  on a wide range of topics—which I now share with you to help you guide your own journey as you need & desire. I’m a multidimensional master teacher, activator, experiencer, author, guide, helper, connector, energetic artist and free spirit… yeah, I wear many hats and live totally guided by Spirit. My Mission here to assist you in your own personal awakening and becoming your full spiritual Self while navigating your daily life.

I transmit powerful healing and activating energies through my extensive creative multimedia expressions of “Light Language” manifest in multimedia symbols, codes, energetic dialect and toning, in artwork and various products.

I also share lots of useful teachings, tools, wisdom and insights gathered from years of downloads from my cosmic Guides in partnership with my Higher Self, including living Light Language transmissions—via informative videos, classes, workshops, webinars, courses, sound journeys and meditations and public presentations. Each Guide has shown creative ways to view and utilize various life energies…to elevate the mind, body, soul and spirit. I also teach practical and exciting ways to use this learning and information in a way you can benefit fully from applying it in your own life. 

I make it fun to open to these new vibrational ways of living and Being. This is the New YOU coming online fully, in these Shifting Ascension times. I “see” you, and I’m honored to be of assistance to help you awaken fully and live your best intentional life with purpose and joy while deepening your heart connection to everything in your world. I look forward to connecting with you! Align with your unique gifts and share who you truly are with the world. Express yourself freely. Let’s walk this journey together.

New World, New Earth, new YOU.
Welcome…YOU have arrived.

Blessings to you,  

Connect with me!

Read more about my story…to further inspire your own life journey:

Shakara’s Energetic Service Offerings:

Connect directly with me via inspiring private sessions & custom-made Light Language Art + Codes

These services assist in your personal & energetic growth—to help transcend your daily life gracefully into higher vibrations full of happiness & purpose with conscious intention. Each service offers different flavors of energetic transmissions depending on what your situation calls for, including healings, activations, guidance, shifting of energies, clarity, peace & inspiration.

Personal Sessions

During online (or in-person) sessions, in partnership with Higher Self & Star Guides, I connect & work directly with your Higher Self & personal Guides to offer multidimensional insights, guidance & practical tools on specific topics you need support with. Throughout the conversational session, I communicate extensive & profound energetic “Light Language” messages  which further activate your creative DNA codes & assist you in many ways. Clients have experienced a huge paradigm energy shift in their life & further opening of creative energy & clarity within.

Activated Soul Portraits

Guided by Spirit & Star energies, I intuit your auric field to manifest unique Energy Frequency Signature images. These powerful digital drawings represent creative energies resonating through your being. They’re further activated with encoded Light Language script relevant to what’s needed for you at the moment.  When viewing the combination of imagery & codes,  you participate in the final “activation” of the work. This action stimulates a vibrational shift in your field which continually resonates healing energy over time.

Personal Light Codes

These unique digital Light Codes are intuited by me from remote-sensing of your vibration & your special gifts. They are spontaneous creations of Light Language script and/or codes embued with your essence. These scripted elements function as key activation tools brought forth by my Higher Self in a co-created partnership with your energetic field. They manifest in different ways for each recipient—for whatever is needed by you—as activations for your continued life journey.

Get Shakara’s Creative Activation Tools

Order these inspirational multidimensional tools to assist you in full self-awakening & personal mastery

These tools are imbued with energetic vibrations that you can utilize in your own way…to get inspired, shift your consciousness & experience a new paradim of living.

Digital Oracle Prints

Artwork & poetic message transmissions to download & own. This high-vibrational digital bundle includes 13 print-sized cards + a 1 hour audio transmission of light language & energetic readings of the cards… soothing & meditative with beautiful background music.

Digital Mini-Ebooks

Various mini-ebooks on a variety of topics…transmissions directly from my Higher Self & the various Star Guides I partner with. These are poetic & deeply informative messages to spark your conscious awareness & stimulate rememberings.

Physical Art Prints

Purchase prints of my activated artwork (infused with high vibrational Light Language energies during creation). I also hand-write a personal Light Language message on the back intuited just for you with my signature before mailing. 

What is this “Ascension” Time?

This is a profound time to be alive. Our world is experiencing a huge energetic shift in evolution, often referred to as “Ascension” or “The Shift of Ages”. At this moment there are various vibrational changes occuring within the Earth’s resonance, solar flare increases, societial evolution and enlightened energy beings visiting our planet right now. These all affect the physical and spiritual body in intense ways, including the swift awakening of our overall consciousness.

We are all beginning to open to new ways of thought, higher vibratory states of being and heightened multidimensional senses. These changes are affecting every living being on our planet now. In addition, The Cosmic Star Nations are also helping asssist in this human awakening. It is time for us to remember all we carry inside of us and share our unique creative gifts to move this evolution forward, ascending our vibrations into a new dimensional existence.

Many people are having spontaneous “awakenings” and wondering what is happening… they feel different and may not know why. It can be exciting and overwhelming when this happens. It’s helpful to have a Guide walk you through this process of full awakening of your true self and navigating these energies and shifts as you fully awaken them in your core being.

What Is Light Language?

The Language of Light is a high-vibrating light energy that carries spirit intelligence and information, existing within the universe and every cell in your body. It is both intuitively understood and uniquely manifested in various forms (sound, color, script, movement, shape & energy) by those people who communicate with it and those who experience it.  

Shakara manifests profound energizing & healing energy during her StarBeing transmissions — in her personal sessions and through her unique artwork.

Recipients have felt immediate activations, expansion, inspiration and new clarity about their life purpose, which continues to expand long after the exchange experienced with Shakara. 



Re-Find your inner voice, your true calling & your unique gifts

Step into the New Way that you are creating every moment

Up-shift into a transcendent, multidimensional way of living

Live a life of abundance & deepen your passion & joy

Activate ancient codes of light deep within you

Partner & co-create with your energetic Guides

Re-align with the flame of life that is YOU

Resonate with many multidimensional realms

Uplift your unique energetic vibration

Discover, reveal & express who you truly are

Connect with the source of creation flowing through everything

Step into the New Way that you create every moment

Open up to your greatness

Become the fully embodied StarBeing you came here to be

Find your soul tribe & manifest your passions easily


Welcome...YOU have arrived.

“Your continued light, magic, language work is blesséd and amazing.”


When you spoke to me in light language the being who spoke filled my soul with warmth and comfort. It was like in the dream which brought me to you.”

“I received a very healing and comforting light language activation from Shakara that felt like going into the deepest levels of my being – awakening and activating other realities and memories of who I AM – giving me a taste of experiencing my multi-dimensional self.”

“I felt seen, heard, understood, and loved by Shakara…during the entire session, I felt safe and so much unconditional love pouring out to me from her heart to my heart.”

Connect with me today…
get activated & inspired on your continued life journey. 

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