Custom Light Codes Art Portrait


Hand-drawn scripted Light Language Codes From Your Higher Self & Guides
This is a unique scripting of your “Energy Frequency Signature” with Light Language codes, co-written by me & my Guides as a Message from Your Guides & Higher Self back to you.


A digitally hand-drawn, hand-crafted energetic artwork and script--just for you!
This is a remote reading of your unique Energy Frequency Signature. I tune in directly with your Guides and receive a key Message I scribe digitally in Light Language

Creation Process

  • I first intuit your energy vibration and remotely receive energetic information about you from my Guides.
  • I creates a digitally drawn scripting in galactic language of your frequency.
  • I hold my hand over the portrait and receive a vibrational Message from the artwork
  • I “infuse” that Message back into the energy of the artwork before sending it to you.

What You Receive

  • I email you a digital art file (PDF)
  • You can save and view on your computer, or print out and place it on your desk or special altar area.
  • NOTE: please allow a 5-7 days for art creation. Shakara will email you the digital PDF file (via the email address you provide) once complete.

How You Fully Activate It

  • You activate this fully by looking at the artwork and tuning in with your higher self to get the full Message. You can use & work with as a tool for further enhanced activation as often as you wish.

Benefits Clients Have Received

  • Deeper connection with their Higher Self
  • Positive breakthrough of old beliefs and behavior patterns
  • Activation of their Light Language communication abilities
  • Rebalancing and retuning of their energy
  • Makes a great artwork to print out and hang, or put in a sacred area in your home

Codes Embedded In The File

  • Embedded in the file is unique galactic script Message scribed just for you. This is a direct Message from your Guides and Higher Self that Shakara picks up on and scribes, like a Message back to you. You activate the file by observing and tuning in with the codes written for you. The activation process happens quickly with these scripted codes.

Energizing & Instructional

  • Experiencing these cosmic scripted codes helps retune with your Higher Self. These Light Codes are like an instructional manual from your Higher Self specifically about what you’re experiencing, to aid you in your life at that moment to transform your energy into whaat you truly desire.

“Thank you again for being you and for your gifted abilities–and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift – of love and light! And so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”

“I love it so much – and it is also fascinating and I just also like to look at it in its vibration and colors and designs and be with the dimensional aspects.