Shakara Tosha: Activated Painting/Messages – May 2019

Sasquatch/Light Language Messages – Mar 2019

SoulogyOneStudios Interview – Feb 2019

Shakara Tosha: Messages From Red Rocks Sedona – Jan 2019

SoulogyOneStudios Interview – Nov 2018

Light Language Roundtable Conversation – Mar 2018


Awakened Goddess Show Interview – Dec 2017


Positive Head Radio Show Interview – Dec 2017


Heart Talks With Sheila Berger Interview – Nov 2017

2nd Annual Sasquatch Conference Presentation – Sept 2017


Star Messages Presentation – Serpent Mound Aug 2017
During The Solar Eclipse Gathering, Serpent Mound Ohio

(sound a bit choppy due to wind and audio quality)


Becoming a Galactic Citizen Part 1 — Aug 2017
Don Daniels Show, Galactic U — Blog Talk Radio


Becoming a Galactic Citizen Part 2 — Aug 2017
Don Daniels Show, Galactic U — Blog Talk Radio

Tolec Interview: Light Language, Conference Preview

Star Messages + LightLanguage Interview
New Earth New You 4-day Summit
(I’m the first speaker on this day 3 video)


Star Messages + LightLanguage Interview
The Darrell Nichols Show: TruthCat Radio


Exploring Light Languages Interview
Galactic Connection

This Post on Galactic Connection:
Galactic Connection Website:


Acoustic Health Interview With Lauren Galey

Replay page:
Acoustic Health Website:


Transformational Shift Conference Interview
Show Promo + Preview (Audio Only)

Sacred Matrix Radio Show:


Tolec-Jenny-Marks-Cheyenne-Stone-Sacred Matrix with-Sasha and Janet Lessin-2016-10-09

2016 Conference Event:
Andromeda Council


Interview with Dr. Suzanne Lie on Her Video Series: 
“How’s Your Ascension Going?”

Dr. Sue Lie’s Websites: +


Presentation on Creativity + Living your Life
as a Work of Art

At the 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference¨in Loveland CO, Nov 2014


Sample Light Language Speaking + 
Energetic Frequency Signature Drawings


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