Meet Shakara Tosha

Your Guide & Helper Through
Our Shifting Ascension Times

Hi, I’m Shakara.

I am here to support you to get fully connected to everything deeply—to become an actively engaged in shaping your life, to remember who you truly are, to raise your vibration, and to live a continually inspired life of joy. You are the creator and artist of your life. I know you are feeling this, as you found me by the law of attraction.

My Life’s Work is to assist you in navigating these quickly changing times, to open and connect with your highest state of being, to activate your own awakening, and live your best life and restore your energy balance. Throughout my life I have had a direct connection to Star People and Spirit with many profound experiences, extensive downloads, transmissions & learnings from numerous “StarBeing” Guides (Star Nations, Elementals, Ascended Masters and others) on a wide range of topics. I have lived and embodied these teachings, which I now share with you to help you guide your own journey as you need.

I transmit powerful healing and activating energies through my extensive creative multimedia expressions of “Light Language”—manifested through multimedia symbols, codes, energetic dialect, toning, sound, music, artwork into my various product and service offerings. I wear many hats and live totally guided by Spirit, consciously operating within multidimensional realms while functioning in the human 3D realm. My Mission is to assist you in your own personal awakening, expand your senses, become more energetically conscious, and activate your True Self while navigating your daily life in creatively new and inspiring ways.

I also share many useful teachings, tools, wisdom and insights gathered from years of downloads from my cosmic Guides in partnership with my Higher Self, together with living Light Language transmissions—via informative videos, classes, workshops, webinars, courses, sound journeys, meditations and public presentations. Each Guide has shown me many creative ways to view and utilize various life energies…to elevate the mind, body, soul and spirit. I also teach practical and exciting new ways to apply this learning and information in your own life and benefit greatly.

I make it fun to open to these new vibrational ways of living and Being. There is the New Us, a New You, a New Consciousness coming online fully in these Shifting Ascension times. I “see” you, and I’m honored to be of assistance to help you awaken fully and live your best intentional life while deepening your heart connection to everything in your world. I look forward to connecting with you! It’s your time now to align with your unique gifts…and share who you truly are with the world.

Express yourself freely. Let’s walk this Ascension path together.
New World, New Earth, new You.
Welcome…YOU have arrived.
Blessings on your continued life journey,

SHA   KA   RA   TO   SHA

StarBeing Messenger & Ascension Guide

Energetic Activator & Master Teacher
Multidimensional Artist & Light Language Speaker

Galactic Code Writer & Creative Inspirationalist

Mystic Intuitive & Creative Code Carrier

Inspiring Transmissions

Cosmic StarBeing Messages

Vibrant Communications

Light Language Activations

Conscious Wayshowing

Soul Guidance & Teachings


Creative Expressions

Energetic Art & Performances

New World, New Earth, New You.
Welcome…WE have arrived.

About The Guides I Work With

My StarBeing Guides “Consultant Team”

I’ve received extensive downloads and teachings from many Guides over the years…these include Star People, Elementals, Animals and Ascended Beings—both cosmic and earthly aspects. Each different Guide shared a different understanding from their unique perspective on similar topics, which I have scribed in detail. Each include “The” in their name as a title of respect and a collective of that energy they represent…I have just listed their names generally below.

NOTE: I have compiled their individual teachings and Messages, more information about them and my connections with each of them and will soon be sharing in many books about them, including how to connect with your own Guides.

The Guides and Groups I have connected with–and the form the appeared to me:
(each Group below include many subgroups and individual Guides—over 125 different ones!).

  • The Arcturian Collective (The “ARCs”)–My family 
  • The Sasquatch (The “SAS”)
  • The Star Nations (The “SN”)
  • The Divine Feminine (The “DF”)
  • The Animal Nations (The “AN”)
  • The Elemental Nations (The “ELs”)
  • The Ascended Masters (The “TRI-SKELs”)
  • “The Shakara” & “Layooesh Tunila” (The “SHAKI”)
  • The “Guardian Alliance” (The “Guardians”)

A Few Of My Key Encounters With Some Guides

  • Visited by a Guardian of Light as a Child—at age 4 I had a fully conscious memory of my first StarBeing interaction, who told me about my Mission and activated my Light Language.
  • Visiting the Arcturian Starship all my life—there are various “rooms” and stations including a learning and teaching room, a healing room, a room with a holographic wall, a room with various portal gates and big crystals, natural tools and minerals.
  • I dream the Guides, I have seen them in the physical, I hear them, they telepath with me, they often click on the walls, sometimes I feel their touch and pressure on my head; I learned how to shift my consciousness into higher dimensions while fully conscious in the physical, and connect with them.
  • As a baby I would see the Star Guides in my crib and around me; later I was hospitalized a few months before age one, and the Arcturians would visit and teach things; during a few years of Grand Mal Seizures and would “journey” in the cosmos with the Guides; Arcturians would surround my bed and telepath with me.
  • At age 3 I was gifted a little teepee from New Mexico from my aunt—it was my “temple” I’d go into, meditate and move energy with my hands, and the Guides would visit and share Messages and teachings about many things.
  • As a youth I’d rent a canoe down our little river and visit these “twin caves”—I’d dock and sit in the caves and sing, meditate and talk to the Spirit world and the ancestors.
  • I also connect with the Guides when in nature, sending Messages through nature via morphing cloud formations, water ripples, bird flight patterns or songs.
  • Visited by many different Guides during spiritual vision quests and during sundance.
  • The Guides would come in many sweat lodges and materialize like blue outlines, touch me and telepath and give me a Message for someone in the lodge, myself, or the writing I was doing.
  • Various direct physical encounters with Sasquatch, most dynamically during a “vision quest” where 8 of them circled about 75 feet away and “mind-spoke” to me; I’d see them in the forest as a child; they go in and out of dimensions, and shape-shift.
  • I experience Beings as orbs of light, some as a bright gold dot, big blue circles, a hazy rotating globe; I’d travel with them psychically through energetic portals.
  • Guides would pop in when I was working on something in my daily life that was their specialty, to teach me more about it from their understanding
  • Sometimes they emerge “through” the energetic field of a client I’m doing a session with and tell me things about that particular person I’m guided share to help them.

About My Work

Scope of My Work

The extensive body of my work includes many Messages and wisdom I’ve downloaded from my Star Guides (translating into many books and course now), Light Language Expressions (I speak and sing it, speak it with hand mudras, and have written and painted thousands of codes and symbols and galactic writing), artwork, products (oracle cards, runes and more to come), performances and sound journeysmeditationsPrivate Sessions and teachings on a vast array of topics.

In the last 10 years I have downloaded volumes of Messages I refer to as “The Big Book” that I am now compiling in many books and courses. I tap into and teach from the material in all my presentations and sessions.

My Mission

My Mission is prepare people for this new world that we are moving into, helping them through the transition phase, and empowering them to create a beautiful future together. I’m shown I am an Ambassador for the Star People here on earth, and for the Earth People in the stars. I am one of the bridges, a conduit. I’m here to prepare humans to reconnect with their starry nature.

My role is to help people change their state of being and to feel and “see” differently—creating new ideas, perceptions and ways of experiencing life, from a more cosmic perspective. I do this through deep heart connection together with Light Language, my teachings, my creativity and enthusiasm, and my love for life.

Life Journey Highlights

Early Years
  • Started a play business ages 8-13 called “Anything Company” (“ACE”)
  • Engaged in multimedia, video, computer graphics, electronic instruments and film
  • Wrote extensive poetry, songs, hand-made books, journaling and automatic writing
  • Studied modern dance, ballet, jazz and creative movement & choreographed dances
  • Lead singer in a high school punk band, produced my own rap demo
  • Attended Rhode Island School of Design
  • Graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    (BFA in Fine Art, Multimedia and Post-Modern Conceptual Art theory)
NYC Life
  • Spent my teens and 20’s in Soho and Brooklyn
  • Performed my own songs, rap and poetry in early underground hip-hop and acid jazz clubs
  • Early adopter of technology–early computers, hand-coded websites, self-taught on digital software
  • Ran my own Interactive Website & Media Consulting Business for many years
    (serving large corporations, start-ups, smaller boutiques and local businesses)
  • Senior Interactive Producer, Account Manager and Director at top fortune 500 companies
    (in the art world, finance, publishing, communications, PR, start-ups, music)
Ceremony Calling
  • Practiced 2 different Japanese spiritual practices for 14 years
  • Spiritual healing and activation circles with indigenous elders and wisdom keepers
  • Organized and participated in ceremonies and grid-work on sacred ley lines
  • Spiritual work and ceremony with a Lakota Chief connected to the star Ways
  • 4-year sundancer in the Lakota tradition, 4-day vision quests
Traveling, Presentations & Conferences
  • Left my home and most of my belongings, journeyed all over the US for 5 yearsK
  • Key speaker at many conferences, events, home gatherings and interviews
  • Coordinated classes and workshops, meditations & sound journeys
  • Offered thousands of private client sessions world-wide
Living Off-Grid
  • Lived off-grid for 4 years on the land and renovated a tiny off-grid loft
  • Continued to scribe more Messages and pull the “Big Book” together
Launching My New Work Now
  • “Downloaded” and transcribed thousands of pages of writing from the Guides
  • Gathered thousands of pages of my written scripts, codes, symbols and diagrams
  • Organized everything into a holistic overall blueprint structure
  • Final edit of 25 books simultaneously over the last 3 years
  • Created a series of Light Language art (will manifest in various forms)
  • now rolling out all books with related webinars, workshops, courses & products
My Given Spirit & Star Names
  • Spirit Name “Wichape Tosha Waste Wi” (“Beautiful Violet Star Woman”)
    (Given in ceremony by Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle)
  • Star Name “Shakara Tosha”
    (Given in in ceremony by The Star People)
I Communicate Many Forms of “Light Language”
  • Scribed Light Language in symbols in my artwork and script writing all my life
  • Began transmitting spoken Light Language 10 years ago
  • Write, draw, diagram, sing, rap, dance and speak it
  • They are Star languages, data downloads, energy transfers or my own Arcturian Language
  • Often after I share it people spontaneously activate their own Light Language.