About My Guides

About The Guides I Work With

My StarBeing Guides “Consultant Team”

I’ve received extensive downloads and teachings from many Guides over the years…these include Star People, Elementals, Animals and Ascended Beings—both cosmic and earthly aspects. Each different Guide shared a different understanding from their unique perspective on similar topics, which I have scribed in detail. Each include “The” in their name as a title of respect and a collective of that energy they represent…I have just listed their names generally below.

NOTE: I have compiled their individual teachings and Messages, more information about them and my connections with each of them and will soon be sharing in many books about them, including how to connect with your own Guides.


Comprehensive List Of Guides I Work With

The Guides and Groups I have connected with–and the form the appeared to me:
(each Group below include many subgroups and individual Guides—over 125 different ones!).

The Arcturian Collective (The “ARCs”)–My family 

The Sasquatch (The “SAS”)

  • Sas Individuals: Clan Leader Sasquatch; Situ (my key female Guide); Kitae (my key male Guide; Sunokaya; Sasquahi (Chunaba Sasquatchi); Sasqui; White Sas/Pachat hybrid; Ankara’ Maniku (preserver of the stone ways); Unci Dakari Grandmother; Uchu Sasquatchii Grandmother; Unci Kara” Grandmother; Kabatun Aatama Grandfather; Kaetel; The Blonde One Shillowa; Haloti

  • Sas Tribes: Ancient Ones; AN; Sasquatchitani; Star Nation Sas-ku-wachi hybrid children; Sasquatchi; Sas Firefly Orbs; Local Wisconsin Tribe; Sas Tri-skele Shifter; Sas Tree Tribe; Sas Stone Tribe; Sas Sasquahi Tribe

The Star Nations (The “SN”)

  • Tribes & Groups: Venusian Nation (Venus); Pleiadian Nation; Sirian Nation (& Pachats Cat People & Dolphins/Whales from Sirius A, B & C); Zeen, Zine, Zane and Zahir; Lyran Nation; Lyran-Anauhuazi/Anuhazi” People; Anu; Draco; Eieyani Nation; Orion Nation; Inner Earth Beings in Telos & Agartha; Star Nations in Cities of Light & Shamballa; Star Bird Tribes; Cygnus Cosmic Bird Beings; Partner from the Blue Star Council; Beings of the Ultra-Violet Flame (The Violet Ray & Planet)’ Ancient Star Elders from Northwest Pacific US; New Ancient Star Nations arriving

  • Ancient Councils: Galactic Federation; Ancient Els; New Galactic Councils; Blue Orb Sphere Light Ray Council of 13; Collective of 13 Galactic Federations (old and new); Galactic Council of Light)

The Divine Feminine (The “DF”)

  • The Great “Divine Mother” Feminine Aspect Of Creator: The Creatress; The Divine Feminine Aspect of Creation; Asherah (Ashara the Pure Spirit); The Shakinah (The Shakti energy); Mother Arc;

  • Individual Divine Feminine Beings: Jmmanuella (my key Guide & twin sister of Jmmanuel/Jesus); Dresdimalla Of The White Flame; Arya Tara (White Tara, Mother Earth Goddess); Joan of Arc; Quan Nin; Lady KA-tsina” (Kachina); White Buffalo Calf Woman; Unkara The Priestess of High Road of Undaal; Towi (Blue Star Woman); Magiratha (Protector of the Light); Ancient Grandmother Tree

  • Collective Feminine Energy Groups: Magda-Sophia Energies; Maryamne (Divine Mary, Marataten, The many Marys Energies); Egyptian Goddesses, Priestesses and Masters Tribe; Sophia Sisterhood Collective/Counsel; 3 Girl Bee Guides;  Seven Sisters of Pleiades; Triple Goddesses Collective; 13 Stargate Goddesses; 13 Lemurian Grandmothers

  • Priestess-Hoods & Guardian Collectives: Feminine Masters of Djedi (& Assasi Warriors); Banduri & Queen Maev); Shamankas; Amazonia Feminine Masters of Mazur (Mazurka/Mazuria); Ancient Ones (& Hisatsinom/Anasazi Grandmothers); Priestess-Hood of The Sacred Flame; Royal Priestesses of Mu & Lemuria; Oracles of Nature; Feminine Ishayas” & Their Master Teachers; Feminine Essenes & Their Master Teachers; Inner Priestess-Hood of the Knights Templar; Sisterhood of the Rose ( & Sisterhood of the Blue Apples); The Feminine Golden Dragon Society

The Animal Nations (The “AN”)

  • Earthly Animal Tribes: Whale & Dolphin Nations; White Animals; Black Jaguar Clan; Bee Nation; Deer Nation; Bird Nation; Spider Nation; Serpents

  • Galactic Tribes & Animal Beings: White Paschat Lions Of The Cosmic Cat Nation; White Crane/Dove/Swan of Cygnus; Galactic White Spider

  • Galactic & Earthly Ancient Hybrid Beings: Ancient Dragon Guardians; Rising Phoenix & Rainbow Phoenix; Mermen Mermaid People Of The Mer (Waters); Ancient ‘Water Serpent”; All Other Hybrid Creatures

The Elemental Nations (The “ELs”)

  • Cosmic Elemental Nations: Solar (Soul/Sol) Sun Star; Lunar Moon;

  • Gaia Earth Nations: Tree Nation; Rock Nations (Stone, Rock & Crystal Nation); Wind, Air & Cloud Nation (Water Nation/Mni Wiconi); Fire Nation (Photons of Light Nation);  Ether (Etheric) Nation

  • Earth Nations Protectors: Mother Earth Protectors; Ley Line Guardians; Earth Guardian Elementals

The Ascended Masters (The “TRI-SKELs”)

  • The Divine Masculine Trinity:  Jmmanuel (Jesus)—The Carrier of Christ Consciousness; Melchizedek” (MelkiTzedek)—The Melchizedek Priesthood; Quetzelquatl (Quetzal Coatl)—The Feathered Serpent

  • The Divine Feminine Trinity

“The Shakara” & “Layooesh Tunila” (The “SHAKI”)

The “Guardian Alliance” (The “Guardians”)

  • Guardian Alliance Collective Of All Groups; Galactic, Cosmic & Universal Guardians; Spiritual, Astral & Etheric Guardians ; Elemental Earth Guardians; Human Guardians

    More Information

    • These Guides came to me in many forms, in many ways. All these Guides are StarBeings to me. I call all these Guides “Star People”—even if they are Nature Spirits, Animals, Elements, Ascended Masters or other Beings and entities. Because at one point and most current all came from the Stars.
    • I call all the guides “Messengers” because they come to me with specific Messages I’m guided to work with, then share.
    • I am now a Messenger for the material I have downloaded and learned from them.
    • All these Guides are “StarBeings” to me. I call them all “Star People”—even Nature Spirits, Animals, Elements, Ascended Masters or other Beings and entities—because at one point all came from the Stars. I was shown that each species has originated from it’s own planetary system, and represents (and is still deeply connected to) the Star location they are from. Earth is a living organism with every possible species represented here—all connected to the Stars. 
    • Many of us have been some of these beings in other lifetimes—trees, grass, wind, animals and probably a few star races in the past. We are all connected. There is infinite star-being diversity represented on this planet, and we are here to learn from each other, support each other, honor each other and co-exist in our myriad forms. Together.
    • All Guides and all Beings are “People” to me. I call them all “People” because I relate to them on the same level and have deep respect for them all, in whatever shape they present themselves, just as I love humans equally and reverently. We are all connected, and all Guides are our relations in some form. 
    • We have come from the Stars, and are deeply connected to all Star People in our ancient (and sometimes recent) heritage. I am referring to the “Star Nations” such a Arcturians, Pleiadians, those from Orion and Cygnus, and all the others. I consider them all people, all equally balanced.

    Ultimately…Everything Is A Guide To Each of Us

    • What’s so amazing is they show me anything and everything is also a Guide to help us, always available and accessible, we just need to know the special codes of connection. They are awakening within us all.

    They Each Represent Various Realms

    • The StarBeing Tribes come to me as different energies—Makasitomnia (Holy Ones of Mother Earth), Wicahpi Oyate, (Star Nations), and Gapipilla Oyate (Ascended Masters & Angelics)—I refer to them in these Lakota ways I learned from my Lakota Star Brother. 
    • Some come to me as groups that work together, and others visit individually  on their own accord.

    The Elementals are within us.
    This Ascended Masters are within us.
    The Star Beings are within us.
    We are Earthly StarBeings that carry everything within.
    We all dance together.

    • All my Guides share Messages on all topics. And each of these Guides has a unique perspective and Message, from their own viewpoint. They all work together on many things, and bring in their specific traits and understandings to us from their unique Nation realm.

    Each Group Teaches From Their Realm of Perspective

    • The “Galactic, Cosmic Guides” (Arcturians, Sasquatch, Star Nations & Star Counsels) teach about universal principles, about Ascension times,  and our connection to the cosmos
    • The “Divine Feminine Guides” (all the tribes) teach about love, feminine powers, self-worth and integrity
    • The “Animal Nation Guides” teach about working together in harmony and perfecting your abilities
    • The “Elemental Nations” teach about the earth and physical realms
    • The “Mystical Creatures” teach about uniqueness, hidden strength and awakening from the dreamtime
    • The “Ascended Masters Guides” teach about reality, growth, Ascension, and activating our hidden powers
    • “The Shakara & LayooeshTunila” Beings teach about authenticity, inner power, love and connecting to your Higher Self
    • The “Guardian Alliance Guides” teach about protection, wisdom, healthy boundaries and equality

    They Had To Evolve & Learn To Master Their Own Frequency

    • My “Consultant Team” of Guides that have visited me are Wisdom Keepers, Master Teachers, helpers, custodians, guardians and protectors of energy, and Creators themselves. They have all shown me that—just like humanity—they too have had their own numerous life experiences where they overcame challenges, highs and lows, judgement, doubt, indecision, questions about life and who they were—and through their own unique growth they explored, experienced and evolved themselves into their unique state of Being in this now moment. They are still evolving, just like humans. 
    • I call them all “People” because I am very familiar with them. They are great friends to me.
    • They teach me that each and every Being has infinite potential. Each Being has its own life experience that can be shared. Each Being has their own unique experiences they evolve for themselves, and then evolve the overall collective of sentient Beings, and anyone they come in contact with, when they share their learning and Knowing. 
    • All my Guides had to evolve and learn to master their own frequency. This became their Knowing, which they use in their energetic lives now, as they continue to evolve. 
    • The Messages, teachings and wisdom they have shared with me is what I share now to you…and in all my work.


    This process of experiencing, sharing, connecting and evolving
    IS the Act of Creation, creating with Creative Source energy.
    It is respecting uniqueness and honoring the unity of oneness and love.