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— Light Language Transmissions, Guidance & Teachings

Shakara has developed various new messages about living creatively during these times, how our life IS a living art form and how to manifest what you need creatively.

She produces multimedia conversations and presentations — with slides and/or videos, music, dialog and Light Language communication from her Guides, in various verbal ancient languages, gestures and movement.

 These energetic messages are channeled from her higher self & her various Star Guides for the group energy activation, healing and inspiration on their Ascension Journey.


transcendent light language activation codes

messages downloaded from Shakara's various guides

intuited guidance from the Star Nations

transfer of multidimensional energy frequencies

high-dimensional impulses from her higher self

Some topics include:

light language

what it is, examples of other people’ expressions, Star Nation communication codes, intuiting and using the tools of light language, connecting with your own expression of it and manifesting it in various formats (examples of my galactic writing, scripts an speaking, how to activate it in yourself) — finding your own voice and manifesting it… you are a source of and for creation

life=art — living your life as a creative expression

using the tools, symbols and essence of art-making to manifest your world… the creative process, how to find it inside yourself, how to activate it and how to create gifts back into the world — our real purpose in the is new world is to create and share with love and heart

riding the multidimensional wave

the shifting times in this now moment — what is the energetic “shift” happening now, dimensional changes, how these manifest, personal symptoms, and what we can do to manage these changes

Shakara's personal experiences

her background with light language + art making, her star guides + how they communicate, move from corporate world to spirit/star path, her process

Shakara's creations

examples of her extensive light language artwork, glyphs, scripts, and symbols that she creates

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