About My Work

Scope of My Work

The extensive body of my work includes many Messages and wisdom I’ve downloaded from my Star Guides (translating into many books and course now), Light Language Expressions (I speak and sing it, speak it with hand mudras, and have written and painted thousands of codes and symbols and galactic writing), products (oracle cards, runes and more to come), performances and sound journeys, meditations, Private Sessions and teachings on a vast array of topics.

My Mission

My Mission is prepare people for this new world that we are moving into, helping them through the transition phase, and empowering them to create a beautiful future together. I’m shown I am an Ambassador for the Star People here on earth, and for the Earth People in the stars. I am one of the bridges, a conduit. I’m here to prepare humans to reconnect with their starry nature.

My role is to help people change their state of being and to feel and “see” differently—creating new ideas, perceptions and ways of experiencing life, from a more cosmic perspective. I do this through deep heart connection together with Light Language, my teachings, my creativity and enthusiasm, and my love for life.

How I Work

I have received “downloads”, “transmissions” and “Messages” constantly throughout my life in every moment, even now. It is a continual process for me of tapping into them—intuiting, reflecting, deepening my understanding in research, integrating and upgrading my energy and my vibration, applying these things to my life…and then making art, writings and creations from what I have learned—to better understand it all, then share this with others.

All Message downloads come to me in the form of symbols and packets of information represented by a symbol (kind of like shorthand from the Guides), Then I translate out what I received. I also work with physical and etheric symbols, and work with energetic “codes” within the symbols, concepts, energy, within me (my internal light codes) and within the person I’m helping.

I feel and “see” people’s star codes and can source what their star lineage is, which parallels which Star Guides are present around them when I’m doing an energy reading or session.

I’m shown I energetically travel to higher dimensions and get intel in any topic, word, code or concept—while I am “viewing” or “visioning” that input from many different perspectives. It’s a kind of multidimensional energetic scrying of energy and information I share with my clients and students.

I utilize healing techniques incorporating a similar process as working with symbols—I intuit what a person needs tap into the Akashic, and pull the correct energy, answer and healing out into existence for the person at that particular moment.

My work contains high-frequency energy to help you open and expand into your full consciousness and get reconnected to the ALL (Creative Source, the cosmos, Star People, etheric energy and spirit, higher dimensions, your higher senses, earth and nature, your Higher Self, your Guides, your physical self, and other humans and animals).

connecting with the creative force of nature 

Multidimensional Guide

Teacher, Artist, Visionary, Wayshower

Personal Sessions

Support & Inspiration

Light Languages

Activating Transmissions

Inspiring Guidance

Invigorating Teachings

Soul Portraits

Energy Frequency Signatures


Awakening Your Creative Abilities

Sound Journeys

Healing Vibrations

Wisdom Panels

Wisdom Keepers & Star Connections

Ascension Classes

Empowering Tools

Master Teachings

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Heart Connections

Awakening Joy Within

Creative Key Codes

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Star Messages

Multidimensional Knowledge

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Activated Paintings

Coded Energies

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Sacred Journeys

Messages From The Land

Through my multidimensional body of work, I offer accessible and useful processes and tools you can easily apply in your daily life–which help you more smoothly navigate through our shifting energetic times, as we move into the New World we are experiencing and co-creating NOW. My offerings and services assist you in invigorating your own inner Light Codes of Creation—to Awaken, Remember and BE your true fully-integrated self, to get internally centered, and to further expand your soul, spirit, mind, body, emotions, higher senses and etheric nature in new ways of your choosing.

All aspects of my work are “Activating Tools” to help you raise your vibration, shift your frequency, and utilize light and energy in new ways–which include my many expressions of” Light Language” (galactic languages, singing, frequencies, symbols and codes), Spiritual and Cosmic Messages, Wisdom Teachings and Guidance on an array of topics, my connection to many Star Guides I work with, and my creative multimedia expressions.

I have compiled a vast library of reference and guidance material, downloaded “Messages” from the Star Guides and my Higher Self which I have worked with, lived, and shaped in new methods of teaching and creations…while I continue to offer live and spontaneous Messages, presentations, teachings, ceremonial events and artistic creations.

Key Topics I Write About & Teach

Navigating This New World, New Consciousness, New Earth, New You

Artist Expressions, The Act of Creation, Connecting to the Energy of Creation & Manifestation

How Energy Functions & Working with Frequencies of Light, Sound & Vibration in Daily Life

Our Connection to the Stars & What's Occurring in the Cosmos

Working With Gaia, The Forces of Nature, Elementals, Energy Lines, Sacred Sites & The New Earth

Where It Comes From, What It Is, How Transmissions Affect in our DNA, Upgrading, Manifesting Your Expressions

Symbols, Codes, Numbers, Shapes, Signs, Glyphs, Crop Circles, Mandalas, Mantras & Higher Senses

Connecting to Universal Life Force, Daily Practices, Group Dynamics,  Aligning Career & Passions, Mastering Your Path

Your Energy Signature, Whole Self Balance & Healing, Upgrade your Body, Mind, Instincts, Senses & Blueprint

Continents, Grandma Trees, Moon Cycles, Feminine Energy, Crystal Skulls, Galactic Systems, Chakras & Senses

Honoring Sacred Moments, Dreaming, Visioning, Journeying, Healing & Activation Tools, Blending With Spirit

Remembering, Merging, Rebalancing & Reconnecting of Opposites, Feminine & Masculine, Spirit/Higher Self & Physical

Main Themes Of My Work

  • Light Language—what it is, examples of other people’s expressions, Star Nation communication codes, intuiting and using the tools of Light Language, connecting with your own expression of it and manifesting it in various formats , exploring, mastering and finding finding your own voice and manifesting it in your own way.
  • Creation & Creativity, life=art—living your life as a creative expression. Using the tools, symbols and essence of art-making to manifest your world. The creative process—how to find it inside yourself, how to activate it, how to create and share your unique gifts back into the world. Our real purpose in the is New World is to create and share our self-expressions with love and heart
  • All About Ascension—riding the multidimensional wave through The Shifting Times of our  NOW moment—what is the “Shift” how it is manifesting, what are dimensional changes, symptoms, and what to do about it.
  • Energy—how it works and how to work with it in many ways.

What I Teach

  • What’s happening energetically in the universe, why NOW,  and how all are raising their vibrations
  • Ascension symptoms you may be experiencing and how to work through them
  • Understanding and moving through 3D-13D multidimensional worlds by choice
  • Solutions to balance you and move your life forward with joy and manifest your highest potential
  • Tapping into your unique creative Energetic Frequency Signature and heartsong expression
  • Manifesting your own Light Language creations
  • Perfecting your higher energy skills and senses
  • Communicating with various Guides—StarBeings, Elementals, Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self and you as your own Guide
  • Working with your powerful, unique body system that’s coded from the stars
  • Mastering the art of creation and creativity in your daily life
  • Inspiring and activating your own soul codes to higher vibrations of possibility

Core Concepts I Teach & Share During Sessions
(and upcoming books & courses)

About Ascension, Mastery & The Ascension Process

  • The foundations and tools of Mastery through this Ascension Process—to make this transition smooth for you.
  • Grasping and Knowing what the process of Ascension is really about—through awakening and expanding to what you already have inside of you.
  • How to live multidimensionally, and walk in many realms, while living smoothly in 3D.

Working With Light—In The World & Within You

  • You are a vessel of dynamic Light, and you are learning consciously how to reconnect fragmented aspects of yourself—holistically uniting your mind, body, soul, spirit, and etheric vibrations. To walk in the Light, walk with the Light, realize you are the Light, you carry the Light, and you are becoming a full body of Light manifested in physical form.
  • Become a vehicle for pure Light to descend into you, as you raise your vibration. The Truth, the Light and Creative Power is not “out there”…it’s “in here”—right inside you already. I help people reconnect with their inner self with your Higher Self—which is an immediate access to the divine, the essence of Creation, energy, and higher vibrations…literally connecting you fully to your Higher Self with the Divine, by tapping into and utilizing the energy of pure Light.

Working with Creativity & Manifestation

  • Learn to work with Creativity & Manifestation—and become The Conscious Creator of your life.
  • Tune into the full awareness of the divinity and the Source of Creation and creativity as it flows through you—reconnecting your memories and experiences of many lifetimes, and applying it in your life to shift your frequency.
  • Becoming a Creative Manifester in all you do and all you choose to create in your life and in the world.
  • Elegantly, gracefully and beautifully becoming the passionate Creator that you truly are. Actualizing your true style and substance and what makes you unique—and sharing your gifts.
  • Learn and master how to manifest multidimensionally in these new times.
  • Activate your highest potential and the presence of the Divine within you.
  • Love the life you live, and become a conscious co-creator in the New World we are ushering in now.

Working with Energy & Vibration

  • Raising your frequency, and shifting your frequency to a higher vibration.
  • How to work with the energies that are shifting, as opposed to working or fighting against them. Tuning in with the changing energies so that you can go with the flow. Not being pulled down by the weight of current vibrations in society.
  • Learn how to tap into energy within everything—learn how to utilize energy and become energy.
  • Learn to flow with all the energies of the world—because you are synced up with them, and you actually become the energy of Source Creation itself through your physical and spiritual bodies, while becoming agile to go with the flow of life changes easily.
  • Sync up to your own internal energy, the energy of the cosmos, the energy of creation and the earth—reconnect with the ALL that is…and then create together with that energy, and with others who carry that energy.

Life Tools To Help Maintain A High Vibration

  • Maintaining a high vibrational state and becoming completely in tune with everything.
  • Tapping into the vital life force, and Source energy to revitalize and empower you.
  • Live in the Now moment, and activate yourself fully.
  • Live a joyous, abundant, positive, and exciting daily life with purpose.
  • Begin your conscious journey back to the true essence of Being.
  • How to get in the pure flow state, how to release attachments that hold you back, and how to become completely perceptive to everything.
  • Learn tools you can apply in your life—to expand your way of living, your quantum consciousness, your connection to the cosmos, and find peace and a true expression of freedom within your heart, while stepping into your mastery.

Connecting Deeply With Yourself  & Your Purpose

  • Assistance, support and guidance on your soul and spirit path in your daily life—to get a clear direction, and the best action to take to manifest a beautiful life of your creation.
  • How to become fully present in the new moment in your life and release the past. How to feel the divine presence of Creator and Creation within that is always there, then activate it and bring it to the surface so you can utilize your full potential. You are the gift in the present that you give to yourself in the world.
  • Feeling confident, safe, secure, and OK with who you are—actively choosing how you wish to express yourself in the world, and how to attract supportive energies around you.
  • Find your own voice, and be authentically you—whatever and however you choose to express yourself. You may continually go through a range of moods, emotions, and expressions—accept be that Being. Gain confidence in know that the world accepts you as your True Self. You are important in the world, and you have a purpose here.
  • How to get into a state of being that is completely flexible, adjustable, perceptive, aware, creative, applicable, purposeful, fun, prosperous and abundant.
  • Transform your self in your life easily. Align your transformation personally with the transformation that is going on in the cosmos in earth as we shift into the New World.
  • Engage your self empowerment and your gifts—creatively through your work, play and daily life. Embody your gifts and express them.
  • Integrate your Higher Self and cosmic spiritual aspects fully within your daily human lifestyle—blend them to work together and increase your life for more vitality.

Awakening To Your True Abilities

  • How to see visually and psychically in an open and new way. How to think and feel differently about their life and the world, to become fully aware and awakened…and live in that state continually.
  • Awakening the crystals within your body that allow you to tune in with crystals within everything. Becoming a high-vibrational Being who resonates, and holds a state of Christ consciousness in everything you do.
  • Embodying a divine crystalline frequency—then working with that energy. It carries and holds Light in a way that can be transferable and it never shuts down. Become a Light bearer, a Light carrier, and a Light messenger, to anchor and hold the frequency of the light that’s coming in our planetary realm at this time to help other people.
  • Learn to work with your instincts and higher senses—how to read energy differently so you can understand the original essence of it and what’s behind what is superficially visible—which will help you navigate your life with clear direction and purpose.