Client Testimonials

Light Language Sessions

“The session with you was full of effervescence. So much that we spoke about or examples you made during our conversation pointed to timelines that were pertinent, as if you had a crystal ball. When you spoke to me in light language the being who spoke filled my soul with warmth and comfort. It was like in the dream which brought me to you. The words spoken were unfamiliar but the energy surrounded me with so much love that tears flowed. In fact those tears flowed from the get go when you started to talk to me. Several awesome happenings have occurred since then that has reminded me to revisit our session and give gratitude for helping to open a place inside to let in more light.” 
- Donna B.

Thank you again for being you and for your gifted abilities – and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift – of love and light! And so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”
– Claudia C.

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful message and conversation we had Tuesday. Since the first time I spoke to you, the messages I receive and the dreams have become me more frequent helping me open up in wonderful ways. Your light language messages are sooo amazing and powerful...!!! It feels like a veil of peace and love fall upon me connecting my heart with the whole universe and the message. Although I can’t understand the words with my undeveloped human brain, I can feel the light flowing through your words and from your heart! Your voice changes; it falls like one tone down and there comes the heartfelt message.  The feeling is beautiful and amazing!!! I am so grateful to the universe for putting you in my path and for your guidance!Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Angela A.

“Your continued light, magic, language work is blesséd and amazing.”
- Light Language Client

“After my brief Light Language & Energy Drawing session with you, something shifted in me that took a while to process, but realized later that your energy work does really change people.  Since our connection, I am much more engaged in my professional work almost like an obsession, and my unique spiritual work style & purpose is clearer. I am able to think differently, more business-focused. In my spiritual work sessions I can now find the words to describe to my clients what is occurring in my process. After group calls, my clients are emailing me direct feedback that they are experiencing the journeys I walk them through really clearly, and major things are shifting for them. I am better at keeping my boundaries clearer, even with family. The spiritual downloads I am getting are much more intense and frequent. I am not able to translate them completely, however I’m realizing that they are helping me get clear on how to teach what I do, at least the beginning of it. I am sure there is more to come as I allow it too. Thank you so very much for coming into my life!”
– Pat F.

“Thank you for the beautiful uplifting session we had.”
– Agnes M.

“I thank you from my entire heart for doing what you do and being YOU.  Much love and happiness”.
– Raquel A.

“Thank you for my Amazing session last night! Learning who my guides are and being able to connect with them thru you was Absolutely Wonderful!! I’m speechless! You have helped me in more ways than you could possibly imagine. You are a remarkable, spiritual, gifted and loving soul. Thank You! Thank You! Blessings to you.”
– Becky P.

“Thanks so much, and I have tell you that when I saw you (on the interview), right away I just TRUELY thought that you are such a neat person and can truly appreciate your authenticity and the love and gratitude that you exude. / So greatful for you, and your gifts , I appreciate the authenticity that I get from you it’s just a wonderful feeling, thank you so much Jenny.”
– Raquel A.

“Really want to thank you loads for our time together…. SO loved it and so much to  digest…. you are a truly beautiful soul and I feel privileged for having met you…. “
– Charm B.

“I am very grateful for the session we did. It touched me deep and it will take me some time to integrate all. The advice of the guides is good, helpfull and now JUST DO IT! “
– Mieke D.

“I had a session yesterday with Shakara Tosha. It’s been on my mind ever since. She speaks light languages and channels your guides and her guides to give you messages you need to hear. It was amazing and heartfelt. She said things there was no way she could have known about me and that I so needed to hear. I’ve been having a [healing” issue]…and she eased my mind and gave me a whole new way of thinking and moving through the world to get through it, in ways that will help me come out of this vibrating higher than ever! I highly recommend a session with her! She’ll blow your mind and open it wide. Just listening to her speak light language makes me cry happy tears. Try this! You won’t be sorry.
Thanks Shakara…our conversation has been in my head all day.”
- Tracy W.

Energy Frequency Signature Bundles

“Thank you so much for this amazing work of art and translation. I’ve spent a little while meditating on it and have already felt a deep emotional connection to past life and longing to be “home”; I am humbled and inspired by your gift and feel incredibly blessed by what you’ve done for me. Please continue to share your gifts with us… I am looking forward to spending more time with the art piece and listening to the light language to continue to watch what unfolds…..”
- Jen B.

“This resonated with me…it unlocked deeper things for me. If this energetic signature reading could be likened to a portal-a door, so to speak, this reading became a key to open and explore what was within. As I was experiencing this, amazingly enough, I could feel only what I can describe as a discrepancy in space perception/depth perception, then a shuddering wave moved across my body, then I got a warm feeling in my forehead. “
- Gail J.

“Thank you again for being you and for your gifted abilities – and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift – of love and light! And so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”
- Claudia C.

“I love it so much – and it is also fascinating and I just also like to look at it in it’s vibration and colors and designs and be with the dimensional aspects.  I just love it… Thank you again for being you and your gifted abilities – and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift – of love and light! And so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”
- Jill G.

Recurring Session Package

“Shakara is a wonderful and insightful teacher, showing great patience, understanding and compassion. She will work with you on any level you are at and will help with light language sessions to grow your understanding and provide you with the knowing that allows you to grow into the new energies and frequencies.  This, to put it simply allows you to receive and learn to hear and understand concepts that our normal language does not allow for, and this is not just for beginners. If you are a person seeking advanced ways of opening up yourself to evolving spiritually with compassion and understanding, to grow further in you’re journey to becoming Love (Christ Consciousness / Sophia Consciousness) and balancing yourself spiritually and energetically, I cannot recommend a better guide. The work and offerings she provides work great in tandem with energy work and spiritual growth that others may provide and she will customize to your needs, for example providing a txt msg service so if questions arise when you’re not having a session or when the light language brings forth from within you a  need for further clarity after a session, she will be able to provide that.  Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity!!”
- Joe S.