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Shakara Tosha is a metaphysical artist who communicates multidimensional Light Language messages from various Guides — Star Nation Guides, especially Arcturians (“The Arcs”); Sasquatchtani Beings; Elementals; Thoth; Isis; Hathors; Mary Magdalene; Stone + Tree Nations; and others — that unlock your DNA codes and inspire you to vibrate higher — via blog posts, workshops, presentations, ceremony + energetic artwork. These messages focus on living your life creatively during the 5D consciousness shift we’re all experiencing now. She encourages co-creators to re-mem-ber their true nature and develop their unique heart & soul expressions. Bridging ancient wisdom and modern life.

She’s a “creative inspirationalist” of Galactic service assisting the rise of frequencies to higher dimensions with joy + creativity, bridging ancient wisdom + modern life — encouraging co-creators to re-mem-ber their true nature, develop their unique heart & soul expressions + manifest the creative life of their dreams. She is an energetic guide + artist, offering a variety of Activation Services to inspire your lifestyle during these energetically shifting times — to assist in your personal + energetic growth — and help transcend your daily life gracefully into higher vibrations of happiness + purpose:

Shakara Tosha (Star Name)

Wicahpi Tosha Waste Win (Beautiful Violet Star Woman) (Spirit Name)