Light Language Oracle Cards

healing * activating * inspiring

Elegant & Vibrant Prints Created by Shakara Tosha


Email Bundle Includes: 

(8.5″ x 11″ printable PDF)

– activated artwork & star messages

… listen while viewing cards
(audio file)

– reading of each card message
– Light Language transmissions

(audio file)

– about Light Language
– story of each artwork
– how to work with the cards
– benefits


These high-vibrational cards come in digital form that YOU CAN OWN & includes a ONE HOUR AUDIO TRANSMISSION from me with Light Language and energetic readings of the cards… Soothing & meditative with beautiful background music.

I’m sure you’re really enjoy them! 


So appreciate the process of explaining each work of art. They are all so beautiful, mystifying and impactful. My curiosity has been so piqued! Thank you so much as I am receiving so much on so many levels.”

It was beautiful from beginning to end. Right after the first few cards some sort of doubting voice tried to stop me from listening but I surrendered and pushed through and ended up in a gentle state of lightness ease and clarity.”

The artwork and audio together are incredibly powerful! They have helped encourage me to deepen my own connection with Creator/Source and continue to awaken the codes within me. They help me want to dig deeper and alchemize my Soul by shedding the layers that need healing and moving closer and closer to the truth within. Thank you, Shakara! You are such a blessing!”

More About The Cards

These 2 files function multidimensionally together.  
You further “activate” the energies in these files when you listen to the audio file AND look at the visual image on each card simultaneously.

You can also experience them together or separately… as often as you wish.


File Preparation

Card Deck PDF:

  • Download the PDF card file (to computer)
  • Print out the PDF card file (best on glossy card stock paper) if you wish to hang them on a wall, put them on an altar, work desk, or somewhere you can hold and access them again as needed… otherwise you can just view on your computer
  • Prepare to view the cards while listening to the accompanying audio file (keeping them in order as presented in the PDF)

Meditation Audio File:

  • Download the audio file (to computer)
    How to Receive The Transmission & Activation
    • Experiencing Cards & Meditation Audio File Together: It is best to view the cards while simultaneously listening to the vocal language communication audio file (but they can also be experienced separately in any way that your wish to utilize these energy tools). 
    The Audio File Includes The Following:
    (A) Introduction about the cards & Light Language
    (B) Then, I move through each of the 13 cards  the same way (stating the title of each card as I read it, so you can follow with the physical cards) — repeat this process with each card:
    Look at the card I refer to while listening to the information about that specific card
    (meditate on any thoughts or feelings it may evoke in you)
    - I offer details about each artwork, and a short additional message about each card from the specific guide I received it from.
    View the cards (in the order of the PDF file, while listening to the audio file)
    (close your eyes and let yourself be taken on a multidimensional journey)
    - I read each card message, then transmit a unique Light Language expression related to that card.
    (C) Final message from me in Light Language
    Personal Preparation Before Working With the Cards
    • Take a quiet moment outside of your daily life hustle & bustle in a quiet space to best “receive" the energy in these messages (and listen to the audio file on headphones).
    • Understand that you may feel subtle or more intense vibrations in your system; your mind may wander, and you may have memory activations.
    • Experiencing this work is a multidimensional journey, healing, activation and inspiration. Anything you experience is OK. There is a high dimensional energy I engage with, receive this information from and transfer to you.
    • You may not consciously or literally understand the Light Language spoken or know how to conceptually view or interpret the artwork — but you may have a certain feeling or knowing that you can connect with this Light Language, and may begin to feel more of your unique Energy Frequency Signature expression during this process.
    When Done...
    • Please take time to rest for a moment and fully integrate the experience. Drink water, get grounded and rebalance yourself before doing your next action. These files carry strong vibrations to lift you and it’s important to be grounded afterward.


    Frequency of Use
    • You can meditate with these tools (card or audio meditation) as desired: daily, weekly, or just when you are in need of inspiration. They can be experienced together or separately as desired.
    How to Also Work With The Cards
    • You can put them on a table or your own personal altar area & meditate or reflect on them as needed.

    • You can also use them like a card deck — ask the universe or your Guides a question, and pick a card to reflect upon—the words will expand your perceptions & elevate your perspective; the artwork will stimulate your higher senses; the galactic script will trigger & integrate memories.
    How to Also Work With The Audio File
    • Listen to the full file one time or whenever you wish. For repeat listening, you can fast-forward to the section with the card interpretations and messages.
    Intention of the Light Language Communication
    • This is created with “The Language of Light” — an ancient form of energy communication transference that is at once universally understood and also manifested in us in each of our unique ways, either consciously or subconsciously.

    • We’ve all been “coded” in the past with inner knowing of who we are and our powerful capabilities — how to be, exist, create, engage, accelerate, manifest, activate and collaborate in the world.  It’s so important to listen to our own voice and follow the meaning we personally attribute to everything that manifests in our life. We are the true Creators of our evolving lives during this magnificent Shifting time period in the NOW moment of existence.

    • Shakara’s intention is not to guide you in any specific direction, just to inspire you — my process is intended to awaken something in you so you will remember your own creation process, and remember how you have used Light Language in your own past lifetimes, to help you raise your consciousness.

    • Shakara feels you “receive” this material in your energy body multidimensionally, and it somehow validates, connects to and/or triggers something inside of you for yourself — that is why your own unique experience of this multidimensional audio file is so important — it is all about your own personal interpretation.  As a “creator” of this material, Shakara is aware of what she was directly feeling & intuiting when doing it, but the most important thing about this kind of Light Language is that you find your own meaning and interpretation in it.  
    How the Activation Functions & What You May Receive
    • The vibrations in the images, text and accompanying audio file will help create a shifting of your energy — they address & work with what you are needing at that moment — sacred healing, meditative calming, focus, energy, vibrational activation or inspiration.
    • Shakara’s Higher Self & her Star Guides show that the energies embedded in this work will help you activate DNA coding that has been dormant in your system — those that are especially unique to you. Our global society is currently in the process of collectively shifting out of a 3-dimensional experience of life and time and into a 5th to 13th higher dimensional consciousness…. while still maintaining our physical form and our connection to the world around us. There is an interactive experience you can have with this activation and the codes embedded within the work—she feels they can help shift your multidimensional being to a higher vibration.
    • Both the spoken language & artwork assist in moving creative energy through your being. Your spirit consciousness will understand the energy transference & it is intended to activate memories of your unique creative photonic DNA codes in your Lightbody—to help further raise your vibration and connect with your Higher Self into full consciousness.
    • Shakara’s experience has been that many recipients of the energies she transmits felt a heightened awareness about something in their ancient past and past lives, a re-introduction to something about themselves, a sense of peace and calm and/or realignment with something inside their own system (physical or spiritual).
    • The Light Language audio file will spin energies in your field in new ways as needed to help realize the greater potentials available to you…with more purpose & joy.
    This Helps You Remember Who You Are & Your True Soul Nature
    • How you feel & what you interpret in this Oracle Card Bundle is the gift to you — the meaning and understanding of the Light Language & activated art may be known or unknown to you, it may be a subtle feeling, or it may be a full energetic packet download that will take some dreamtime and daily life to reveal itself to you. This is ok, it is part of the process of REMEMBERING.

    • We all must remember that we have the knowing inside ourselves about exactly who we are and our infinitely powerful capabilities and possibilities of what we can manifest in the world.

    • You don’t need to seek answers outside of yourself as we have been conditioned and taught to do for so long—you have been “coded” in the past with all the information you need to know about how to live, survive, be, exist, create, engage, accelerate, manifest, activate and collaborate in the world.  That is why, just like your engagement with other works of art, spiritual practices, thoughts, concepts and belief systems, it is extremely important to listen to your own voice — especially the meaning you personally intuit from any kind of exchange and the value you give to anything that happens in your life.

    • You “receive” this material multidimensionally -- it validates and triggers something inside of you to find your own meaning and interpretation in it. Shakara feels that this will help you activate unique DNA coding dormant in your system and shift your multidimensional thinking to a higher vibration. 
    About the Light Language Activated Artwork

    Shakara is a metaphysical artist working on many realms and dimensions, bring in the Codes of Light & Creation into our current 3D world. During the artwork creation, Shakara transmitted live Light Language verbally & co-created encoded message vibrations that were energetically embedded into the artwork with her Higher Self & various Star Guides.

    Additionally, some of the artwork includes galactic script writing related to the image or codes brought through in the artwork.

    About the Distilled Messages on the Cards

    The distilled messages on each card are excerpted mini-messages from many detailed downloads Shakara received from her Guides & Higher Self on diverse themes. Her Guides share information, understandings, teachings, tools, symbols and activations that Shakara has intuited & further mixed multidimensionally with the artwork and wording embedded in these cards.

    These messages include information about our shifting “Ascension” time, Creation & Manifestation, how to navigate our body systems and awaken higher sense perceptions, how to activate your codes of Light fully within you to awaken your life purpose, and hundreds of other topics. These tools help empower you to remember your true gifts and all that you are… to realize your full potential, enliven then share your gifts with others. The full messages are currently being manifested in books, videos and webinars soon to come.

    About the Guides Shakara Works With

    Shakara connects with numerous Guides from many realms—some are aspects of her Higher Self, some she co-creates with as needed, related to the person she’s connecting with during Light Language Sessions or the audience she’s speaking with. These Guides have been communicating with her all her life since childhood in many ways. Shakara speaks many multidimensional Light Languages in various galactic and elemental expressions, and as pure energy transmissions.

    She works with many Guides, including: “The Arcs” Arcturian group & other Star Nations, Sasquatch Beings, Elementals, Jmmanuella (sister of Jmmanuel, known as Jesus), Divine Feminine aspect of Creator Spirit, Hathors, Joan of Arc Aspect, Stone and Tree Nations, The Shakinah, The Shakara, Leoueshtunila from 66D, and others. These beings of Light manifest to her in thought forms, holographic messages, etheric vibrational energies and in physical form.

    About the Shakara's Light Language

    Shakara speaks/tones/sings Light Codes, & writes hundreds of various Galactic Codes, Symbols and Scripts. This Light Language is an energetic vibration from higher realms brought down into consciousness through Shakara & infused into various creations & media. The function of Shakara’s Light Transmissions is to help humanity raise their vibration, realize their true purpose & create new ways of living, manifesting & being…in our quickly evolving world that is shifting into higher vibrational consciousness.

    When this audio sound message is experienced together with the viewing of the energetic artwork it activates your multidimensional senses to expand and make new connections, opening your creative DNA codes into mystic realms of understanding and remembering your own connection to Creator Source, your Divine Blueprint and your individual gifts and life purpose.

    What I have already noticed in my life is more confidence in moving into my own truth and am feeling even more inspired to create a platform for myself to share with the world. I feel so blessed to put myself out there because of the courage that you have helped show me by coming out in the world yourself. It is not an easy thing. But as this year closes and we begin not only a new year but new decade, it feels good and appropriate to be more fully “out there” in order to help show others it’s not only okay to share our gifts, but necessary for our souls.”

    Tonight will be my third night with the cards. They speak very deeply to me and I am absorbing the frequencies slowly. Last night I fell asleep about half way through…when I awoke an hour later it was to your last song. So so beautiful, the inside of my lids were white-lighted with the faint live scrolling of light Language glyphs. It’s been some time since I’ve seen them in my dreams and have really missed them. There is such a deep longing to return to that awareness. So wonderful!”

    There was a subtle bliss wave that accompanied the light Language—so much feeling as my heart was wide open to receive every nuance of inner information in the words and transmissions. Felt it in my whole body and energy field. I felt like a newborn at lullaby and story time. Stories welcoming me into my new world to assimilate, guide and help me to remember and to not forget my true origins. And, of course, with your beautiful and motherly Star emanation singing.”