“Dynamic Expression Of Light” Art Print


This is a pre-created energetic activated artwork. You can choose a digital version to own, download and print out…or you can choose a physical print which I script with a cosmic Light Language code just for you, sign the artwork to mail the hard-copy print to you.

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OPTION 1: Physical Art Print
Customized just for you--with channeled written script & signed
(8.5 x 11" print mailed to you)
Note: Remember to include your shipping address (allow 5-10 days to scribe and ship)

  • I tune in to your unique "Energetic Frequency Signature" remotely
  • I script a unique Message for you in Light Language on the front (under image)...about you from my Star Guides. This Message is what I remotely intuit about you (there is no direct translation, it's a message from your Guides to mine that will help activate specific things within your life)
  • I will sign the print at the bottom, and mail out to you

OPTION 2: Digital Art Print
(PDF emailed to you; downloadable & printable)

  • I email the PDF file this directly to you--to view on your computer and/or print out as desired.

About The Activated Artwork

  • The original artwork is encoded with Light Language, energy and vibration during its creation process.
  • It is an energetic, healing and activating tool—to help you with transformation and accessing higher frequencies.  As an artistic creation infused with energy, you can hang it on your wall or place them on your desk, sacred area or personal altar.
  • The energetic artwork activates your multidimensional senses to expand and make new connections, opening your creative DNA codes into mystic realms of understanding and remembering your own connection to Creator Source, your Divine Blueprint and your individual gifts and life purpose.
  • It makes a great gift too!
  • Note: copyright over image will be removed  on the print you receive.

How I Activated The Original Artwork Energetically

  • I'm a metaphysical artist working on many realms and dimensions, bring in the Codes of Light & Creation into our current 3D world. During the artwork creation, I transmitted live Light Language verbally & co-created encoded message vibrations that were energetically embedded into the artwork with her Higher Self & various Star Guides. Additionally, some of the artwork includes galactic script writing related to the image or codes brought through in the artwork.

About My Light Language

  • I speak, tone, sing and script hundreds of various Galactic Codes, Symbols, Scripts and Languages. This Light Language is an energetic vibration from higher realms brought down into consciousness through me & infused into various creations & media.
  • The function of my Light Transmissions is to help humanity raise their vibration, realize their true purpose & create new ways of living, manifesting & being…in our quickly evolving world that is shifting into higher vibrational consciousness.


“Incredibly High Vibration!” 

“I am using your artwork, the painting you gifted me—I just love it so much and it's got such a galactic flow, so appealing and embedded with love, wisdom, curiosity, playfulness—attributes I feel an inquisitive person will recognize. As powerful and transformative as your artwork is, it's a fragment of what it feels like to meet you in person, hear, ponder, receive light language from you.”

“WoW these are intense!!!”

“I keep this picture posted on my dresser mirror and I acknowledge it every day. Not only is it pretty to look at, it serves as a symbol for the things you helped me to remember about who I am. It signals me to recollect my sense of self-worth and helps me maintain confidence in my walk. I wish I could use this language to express how truly divine I believe my few interactions with you have been and how much our encounters have positively impacted me personally. To call it beneficial would be an understatement.”

“So much wisdom and love in this beautiful message and your painting, thank you so much, dear Shakara!!”

“Incredible beauty and light codes of our devic body! Mmmmm thank you Sistar! I can feel the Light Language in them.”