(2 HR) Session


(2 HR) Light Language Guidance Session
(Deep Interactive Personal Session)


Note: I will send a follow-up email after your purchase to schedule a call directly with you.

Session Connection

  • Via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger Video or phone call

What Occurs

  • Shakara’s Higher Self and her Star Guides will connect with your unique Energetic Frequency Signature and your own Personal Guides—to receive key readings and gather energies helpful to you at that time.
  • She will also accentuate the session with activating “Light Language” transmissions throughout the call, channeled just for you that will help you recalibrate and gather deep realizations.
  • An ongoing discussion where you can ask questions on specific topics you need guidance and support for in more detail — for deeper clarity, insight & direction
  • She'll explain what’s uniquely happening with you & also happening energetically in the universe, why massive energetic shifts are occurring in your life & the world...and tips to manage it all
  • Learn how to tap into your unique Energetic Frequency Signature...and get empowered!
  • Tap into vast knowledge of information, understanding, intuition and message interpretation as the conversation evolves

What You Will Receive During The Session

  • An energetic activation and clearing of your creative DNA codes
  • Positive breakthrough of old beliefs and behavior patterns
  • Acknowledgement of an inherent power that can be tapped into at will
  • Personalized Star Messages  & Guidance—intuited for you collaboratively from your Guides, Shakara’s Higher Self & the various Star Guides Team she works with
  • Personal Energy Reading with high-dimensional spoken Light Language & Interpretations
  • Unique Message transmissions downloaded just for you...through Shakara's various guides, communicated from your higher self back to you
  • A powerful transfer of multidimensional energy frequencies from Shakara's Higher Self
  • Guidance, insights teachings and Star Messages on any topic you desire to discuss and get clarity about
  • Solutions for balance to move forward with joy and manifest your highest potential
  • Practical tools to manage your situation and further empower your life
  • Healing, clarity and understanding that will effectively open new creative channels of energy within you
  • Often people experience a huge paradigm shift in their life, thinking, and feeling

Some Benefits of the Session

  • Get Messages from your Guides & My Star Guides
  • Unlock your creative DNA codes
  • Calming of tension and anxiety
  • Acknowledgement of an inherent power that can be tapped into at will
  • Enhanced awareness and clear alignment with your Higher Self

Who These Sessions Are For

  • I support any person who is interested in raising their vibration and open to these possibilities. Some clients I work with have little or no contact with their higher selves, spirit guides, or other beings and may have never experienced Light Language being spoken, or been in the presence of this occurring together with them.
  • Some of my clients have been exposed to many higher vibrational experiences — from their youth or even just occurring recently, and want more clarification about why it is happening and what to do about it. I share some deep insights from me and my guides about each unique person and speak activating Light Languages messages that will awaken something dormant inside that feels safe now to begin being expressed into the world.

What is Light Language

  • The Language of Light is a high-vibrating light energy that carries spirit intelligence and information, existing within the universe and every cell in your body. It is both intuitively understood and uniquely manifested in various forms (sound, color, script, movement, shape + energy) by those people who communicate with it, and those who experience it. Many people all over the world have been manifesting this in some form and more people are spontaneously responding to and communicating their own Light Language creations.
  • Shakara has extensive experience manifesting Light Language in various formats:
    she speaks many galactic and energetic languages that channel freely through her from many Star guides and ancient elders; for most of her life she has written various galactic scripts and symbols, and creates artwork infused with this Light energy. She also manifests activation and healing energy during these transmissions… recipients have felt immediate activations, expansion, inspiration and new clarity about their life and purpose, that builds within them long after the energetic exchange experience with Shakara.

How Shakara Utilizes Her Light Language During The Session

  • Shakara and her Star Guides tune in with your Higher Self and your Guides  (you may not know who these are or work with them in your daily lives yet). She receives informative downloaded Messages about you and your unique creative style of expression—how creativity as a source of energy runs through your body system and aura field. She can see this and/or intuit what it looks like and how it feels, as it carries information about you that is unique only to you.
  • She then further receives a kind of holographic movie or pictures in her head about the vision she is receiving and then speaks it back to you in very approachable, coherent ways, for your insight and understanding.  She will further discuss what it feels like from her perspective and will give you further tools and guidance she’s gleaned from her guides to help you connect at a deeper level to your inner self, higher self guides and other energies to assist you on your soul’s journey.
  • These multidimensional Light Language messages begin to unlock your creative DNA codes and inspire you to vibrate higher and clearly and give you energy; many recognized or remembered hearing/speaking/manifesting a kind of Light Language in some form in their past. All recipients mentioned a new energized feeling in their mind and body overall, finding creative new ways of expressing and being themselves in the world with their own unique voice.
  • The messages and Light Language inspire an awakening, a remembering and a knowing of your true life’s purpose and passion in this lifetime. They help you connect deeply with your higher self and your inner intentions, visions, awareness and all the energies of possibility in the world that also exists deep within your body, mind, spirit and auric field. Being activated by Light Language vibrations help you reconnect with your true purpose, your highest dreams and visions and helps you refine your abilities to manifest anything that you want and need in your life.

Session Testimonials

“Thank you again for being you and for your gifted abilities – and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift – of love and light! And so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”

“The session with you was full of effervescence. So much that we spoke about or examples you made during our conversation pointed to timelines that were pertinent, as if you had a crystal ball. When you spoke to me in light language the being who spoke filled my soul with warmth and comfort. It was like in the dream which brought me to you. The words spoken were unfamiliar but the energy surrounded me with so much love that tears flowed. In fact those tears flowed from the get go when you started to talk to me. Several awesome happenings have occurred since then that has reminded me to revisit our session and give gratitude for helping to open a place inside to let in more light.“

“Your continued light, magic, language work is blesséd and amazing.”

“I am very grateful for the session we did. It touched me deep and it will take me some time to integrate all. The advice of the guides is good, helpful and now JUST DO IT! “

“Really want to thank you loads for our time together…. SO loved it and so much to  digest…. you are a truly beautiful soul and I feel privileged for having met you…. “

“After my Light Language  session with you, something shifted in me that took a while to process, but realized later that your energy work does really change people.  Since our connection, I am much more engaged in my professional work almost like an obsession, and my unique spiritual work style & purpose is clearer. I am able to think differently, more business-focused. In my spiritual work sessions I can now find the words to describe to my clients what is occurring in my process. After group calls, my clients are emailing me direct feedback that they are experiencing the journeys I walk them through really clearly, and major things are shifting for them. I am better at keeping my boundaries clearer, even with family. The spiritual downloads I am getting are much more intense and frequent. I am not able to translate them completely, however I’m realizing that they are helping me get clear on how to teach what I do, at least the beginning of it. I am sure there is more to come as I allow it too. Thank you so very much for coming into my life!”

“Thank you for my Amazing session last night! Learning who my Guides are and being able to connect with them thru you was Absolutely Wonderful!! I’m speechless! You have helped me in more ways than you could possibly imagine. You are a remarkable, spiritual, gifted and loving soul. Thank You! Thank You! Blessings to you.”