Carbon Shifting to Crystal & Matter to Energy

Due to energetic changes in the world now, our carbon-based elements are beginning to morph into more crystal-like structures (Christ vibration consciousness), which are able to perceive, hold, carry and radiate much higher energy information communication. There is a new Golden Light grid surrounding the Earth that we can tap into any time now. This is a new kind of Diamond consciousness — “As Above So Below” — that is beginning to manifest on the earth. We are beginning to literally GLOW, which will be fun to watch materialize in us all.

The actual number of people at this time who are harmonizing with their inner and higher self + higher vibrations isn’t relevant in the grand scheme of things (because each person engaged in any Light Work represents a multitude of humans now) — it is the size of each individual’s heartfelt intentions that matter, and how each of us chooses to live day-to-day (because each moment is a ritual + cause for celebration, it you so choose).

Due to the energetic frequency changes in the world + new photonics Light radiating to us from the sun, we are all vibrating at much higher levels now, and it is important to release any 3-Dimensional ways of perceiving the world (listening, hearing, sensing, and smelling etc.), and begin experiencing the world in new ways.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha