Personal Ceremonies of Manifestation to Attune to Self & Spirit

Ceremonies + rituals can be done at any time of the day — it is the intention and focus you apply to them that make them Sacred to you and those joining the activities.  There are more elaborate ceremonies + rituals for various needs and intended outcomes, but even simple gestures when done with purpose and willing from the Heart can be wonderful ways to tune in with your higher vibrations and Higher Self and focus your energies on your core center — so you don’t get swayed by external stimulation (versus just creating mental goals + focusing on manifesting something you don’t “have” at the moment which takes you out of the NOW moment and keeps you encased in linear time).

One ceremonial way to connect with + to center Yourself is to find activities that Celebrate YOU, especially when it involves combining various elemental forms + properties that offer your senses pleasure … like making a lovely warm cup of tea, lighting natural candles and feeling the glow inside of you, closing your eyes and letting the fleeing moments pass by without judgement, being in or near nature (even putting flowers around the house), drinking fresh water with mint/lemon/cucumber (my favorite!), making a delicious sampling plate of colorful and yummy food (I love good juices, fruit, nuts + cheese)… and truly experiencing all of these things deeply by yourself or in the company of others. What you choose to work with, how you put it together and how you feel about any activity is a choice, and I find that when you combine various elements (food, atmosphere, music, light, a friend’s company) in your process it stimulates your Multidimensional mind + spirit + body through various senses.

One great way to manifest what you want in your immediate world is to offer a Vision Prayer of what you would like to see manifest in your near future life — and really experience with your heart + mind what something actually feels like … as if it is happening (until it becomes real). The more details you can provide in the picture, the better.

So much of this new way of manifesting energy and materialization in this new 5D world we are experimenting with is about utilizing your skills of imagination + visualization. When you “view” what you want to experience as if it is already happening, your mental mind + ego don’t know the difference, so your system behaves as if it is really happening… which  actually makes it happen for real.

This is truly what Faith is about: not waiting until you see miracles happening around you to “believe” in your abilities and Higher Powers, Faith is finding a belief you create + adhere to and living that belief completely from within you that truly manifests what is wanted + needed from you in your experiential world.  More than “fake it ‘till you make it”…. you now have the spiritual green light to use elements + materials in a new way in the world. The consistency + physicality of “things” and matter has now been altered and is vibrating much faster… therefore they are much more malleable + change much faster in our perception of Time (which is dissolving as we know it anyway).

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha