ENERGY UPDATE: Solar Eclipse Reflections (#1 of 2)

Inspiring Reflection About the Solar Eclipse & The Sun — From A Galactic Perspective
– Transmission from The Sun, Arcturian Elders, Horus & My Higher Self

Reconnecting the Sacred Hoop of Energy Through The Ring Of Fire

PART 1: Solar Eclipses Are Key Times of Change

Solar Eclipses bring big life changes individually and collectively, and are said to bring enlightenment and new understanding, transformation and rebirth. They highlight things lurking in the shadows and bring them to light.

This is a positive and amazing time for humanity and the evolution into new ways of living, being and vibrating. Humanity is a collective family, and events like the Eclipse brings us all together in a shared experience.

Like any celestial event, as we experience the Solar Eclipse we are within the influence of this energy for a few days before an after the eclipse event. Utilize this Light energy to rise up and work in unity with yourself, as the energy of unification is coming together throughout the world.

Through the covering with the veil of the truth and positive vibration of the sun, and at the same time in the stillness in the darkness, you can become deeply awake and to connect with your inner Self and source through this Cosmic experience.

We are reconnecting to the light of Source within us and within the cosmos.

The energies of the cosmos are reconnecting, unifying and finding the balance between chaos and serenity through the ring of fire, the sacred hoop of energy.

We are firing up a new collective consciousness, and entering a new golden age of illuminated Light.

PART 2: The Eclipse is Ushering In An Energetic Reset & The Start of the New Way

This eclipse starts a collective initiation movement into a new world and a new way of living and being. This is the beginning of the great reset—and internal renewal of positive energy and a reset of timelines.

We are able to dream a new dream as we choose—and internally awaken a new heightened consciousness from within.

A magnificent light pulse will initiate the activation of our dormant DNA which holds memory and connects us to everything from an atomic level to the cosmos.

The darkness created by the shadow cast will offer a time of introspection and quiet. This is a reset of our internal frequency that is aligned with cosmic frequency.

We will experience going into a different kind of Dreamtime, while at the same time we’ll feel a quickening of time as it continues to warp in our relative experience.

PART 3: The Solar Eclipse Is An Unveiling & Revealing of Light, Wisdom & Information

The solar eclipse is about the unveiling of that which was dormant in the shadow and silence, and the revealing of that inner Light—the Light that exists inside all people, inside Mother Earth, inside a vibrational star planet that lives within the solar portal, and the creative spark within the great central sun.

This energetic Light now comes to the surface to be unmasked by choice and action, to show itself—the shadow choosing to actualize and manifest itself as etheric light into matter and form.

This electric energy guides us that when we listen intently to the Silence, with an honoring of the powers of silence, then we can hear each and every sound of existence—all codes of light and patterns in the galactic orchestra. All are resource tools we can tap into and work with.

This light energy also embodies the ray of Ma, truth, the Mother—showing that we must return to our origins of creation and begin to build new blueprints in our lives and society overall. Silence is Golden. In the negative spaces of the atom exists all photonic potential power of the universe… full resources and tools available to us at every level. This is what the divine energy radiating from the sun awakens.

PART 4: Dynamic Occurrences During Eclipses

Before, during and after the eclipse moment many strange things occur, especially in nature. People and animals may become very quiet, especially birds, as they respond to the change in vibration and frequency of the energy. Some people and animals become more agitated as the pulses of Light course through them, shaking things up to open to new frequencies.

The temperature drops considerably, and it immediately looks like dusk or night. We will feel a dark, quiet silence and at the same time our senses will become heightened. This throws off our natural circadian rhythm patterns, while it also creates an energetic opportunity for change in a new direction.

We will begin to see the appearance of many holographic crescent shaped sun/moon patterns all over the ground, which are fractals of Light from source.

We are entering a portal gateway of altered time and space, transmuting from old energies to new energies, and defining new timelines—within our individual self, our connection to the physical realm, and our connection to the cosmos.

PART 5: The Solar Ring of Fire Is A Portal & Stargate of Awakening

The solar eclipse creates a vibrational “Ring of Fire” as a crown halo around the shadow eclipsing of the sun—like a halo of plasmic light emerging from the sun around the moon radiating out to us. The solar energy is magnified and sends strong pulses our to earth and our body systems as a positive jolt of energy.

This ring of fire is a circular energy ring like an Ouroboros snake energy circling back upon itself, creating a torus circle of continuously flowing energy, continually invigorating itself. The symbolic ring of fire is a sacred circle hoop bringing us all back together in peace and universal harmony.

This ring of fire intensifies energy from the sun as it is masked by the moon. The ring is a portal that’s opening dimensions. It’s a time for transformation and change, in everything.

The masking of the sun symbolizes the notion that Creator’s True Light becomes hidden, precisely so that we can seek and find it within ourselves to raise our vibration, by active choice. The veil lifts and reveals Light within the darkness. The vibrant light ring that appears around the outside becomes a revealing of what has been hidden in darkness to bring it to the Light. This is a cosmic dance of unity between the energies of sun and moon, dark and light, seeking to find equilibrium.

The masking of the Sun during a solar eclipse is also the revealing of more powerful sunlight that bends around everything, and awakens us in very profound ways.

This crowning ring of fire is a solar portal door opening, signifying the awakening of the “dragon eye”, and a rising of our collective consciousness—like the phoenix rising from the ashes. This is the time of the phoenix rising from within as this energy activates our inner codes of Light.

What we experience, and how we interpret this ring of fire, is totally up to each of us. This is activating, filtering and revealing a new reality, the gateway of new consciousness opening wide. Revealing the unseen. Seeing with the inner eye.

This is a huge activation of energy from the cosmos to us. It’s a portal Stargate that’s opening, harnessing, and focusing energy with a diamond laser.

The term “Ring of Fire” is symbolic of purification and transformation. This is the phoenix rising, the inner dragon fire being ignited. It is a time purification and transformation. We are being activated from the Divine, crystalline photonic energy from the sun to awaken.

This is a “celestial fire-whisper”, urging transformation, signaling a period where seeds of intention may find a fertile astral field in which to sprout, and reveal to us paths previously hidden under the luminescent veil of our daily existence.

It’s an unveiling, a revealing, a transformation and spiritual awakening—the opening of the psychic eye. It’s a renewal, purification, and rebirth time, affecting all of humanity.

This ring of fire represents the energy of the light encircling the darkness. It is a symbolic metaphor for overcoming negativity, and tuning into a higher vibration. It is the protective, sacred circle of energy that balances out the darkness, transforms the darkness back into light, in circles at like a protection field, thereby eliminating any negativity emanating from the darkness.

The Ring of Fire also symbolizes a force of protection. The light encircling the darkness can be a reminder that regardless of what you are going through, you are safe and protected.

The Ring of Fire Eclipse signals a new beginning—a period of great personal growth, as well as a time when you, the dreamer of your dream, are able to break through any obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your intentions. Be open to new possibilities.

PART 6: The Sun Is An Energetic Gateway To Connect Directly To Source Light

The Sun is a gateway to the behind the beyond. Energy comes through the galactic central sun into our atmosphere via solar flares, and works together with magnetics in our body and inner earth.

Each photon is a code of light which carries intelligence as it enters our cellular stream and body system. Each cosmic photon communes with our inner codes of light and they work together.

How photons behave now dictate how our realities correlate as well. We can consciously will our energies with intention to create a high vibrational reality at every moment. This increasing photonic activity moves us all into a more Quantum Existence than ever before, and further expands our collective consciousness.

We can directly connect to our ancestors, and ancient times, by tuning into the sun. During eclipse–the same as during solstices, equinoxes and other key time and seasonal codes–the portals of energy between the earth, living beings and the cosmos are wide open, and we can receive more vital energy.

During these key times, the natural light source within us is energetically communing with the Light of Source energy. The sun provides source light for our vital energy body.

During this solar eclipse a massive wave of Light is entering our Earth, opening a new galactic doorway. Through the Sun we can receive coded upgrades to connect with the heart of Creation and begin to create in a new way.

PART 7: Make A Deep Connection With The Sun As We Are Creating Its Effects

It is important to become deeply acquainted with the sun. It’s imperative to connect with the sun each day and train yourselves to deeply gaze into the energetic heart of the sun. The light codes will awaken the codons and cones in your eyes and your consciousness.

Receive light energy from the sun, and open to the creator spirit light energy from the sun which is food for our light bodies. Meditate on the sun, tune into the energetic Iris portal of the sun. Gather information both inside and outside your body, then carry those codes in your physical template and into the 3d earth-world.

Our consciousness has a direct effect on the Sun and how it behaves and will behave during the Solar Event. Our thoughts & feelings affect how the sun behaves, how we perceive it & also how it affects us.

The sun reminds us of the vibrant sunlight that also shines from inside us—radiating brilliant Light plasma that awakens the photons of light within us to help continually raise our vibration. Shine your own sun brightly so others may see you. Those that need it will be assisted through any darkness back to the Light.

The sun is the main, direct star for Earth, and carries vital energy for our well-being & happiness. It is a free giver of Love & Light photonic energy, and something we all experience & enjoy together. We can see & admire the sun…together.

All energy is a dialog exchange of Love and Light, just like all the planets, suns, moons and stars are talking with each other. Giving and receiving is the same when they resonate together at the same frequency. True alchemy and mastery comes with the energetic flow exchanges of Love and Light in a number of ways simultaneously:

Love comes into form (into you from outside) where the sun gives you information and energy, and Light manifests (from you outward) when you process it with your own energetic signature to give of your gifts and shine out your light to others and the world.

Love is an output (which you give out to others and the world) where you radiate the joy you have to share with others through your own energetic signature, and Light is received (which you take in from outside) that makes you glow.

PART 8: Communication Between The Sun & The Moon is The Unification of The Fires & Waters of Life

The Moon and Sun unite to create rebalancing in everything—within our bodies, the earth, the planets, the stars and the cosmos.

The sun is much larger than the moonbut at that unifying moment they are one and the same size. Our perception of space and time warps and creates a portal of energy through the moon to the sun, and also through the sun to the moon, which reverberates through the galactic universe.

The photonic fires of the sun dance a sacred dance with the elemental waters of life. Fire and water unite—sun activates water “dew” from the earth and the moon stimulates electromagnetic currents both in the ground and in various galactic systems.

The Sun is a symbol of life and creative power, and the Moon represents intuition and emotion. When the two are in perfect balance, it is a sign of spiritual growth and understanding, and a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things.

The moon overlays the sun—thereby rebalancing the feminine energy that flows into the world from the diamond sunlight.

The combination of the sun and moon energies birth new consciousness, new blueprints in the word around you and of your body from within.

The shadow of the moon covering the sun is an overlay that creates a partnership—the feminine energy en-raptures the masculine–to further enhance and expose its rays brighter as a halo crown while also blending and merging with it.

This is a time of Rebalancing of the Divine feminine and divine masculine energies working together within you—just like the sun and moon dance together in the sky. Bring the masculine and feminine, the light and the dark, the powers of the sun and the moon—back together in alignment.

This eclipse signifies the divine re-union of earth and sky, masculine and feminine. Polarities and dualities begin reconnecting and finding a balance, within and through everything.

The Solar Eclipse opens a state of Zero Point, where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities. It is the null-zone where physical and spiritual unite as one.

This eclipse affects the duality in the world, and the dualities within us. The dance of the sun and moon is illuminating life’s polarities, and how they partner together—light and shadow, known and unknown, seen and unseen. Embrace all duality, and unify.