ENERGY UPDATE: Solar Eclipse Reflections (#2 of 2)

Inspiring Reflection About the Solar Eclipse & The Sun — From A Galactic Perspective
– Transmission from The Sun, Arcturian Elders, Horus & My Higher Self

Reconnecting the Sacred Hoop of Energy Through The Ring Of Fire

PART 9: Partnering With Each Other, Star People & With The Cosmos During The Eclipse

There are groups of beings that are partnering and aligning together to build up their own energy, frequency, and vibrational field to be able to do this big work of shifting consciousness.

Star people are arriving in the physical realm now to help guide humanity through these changes. There are Star Guides and guardians who are gently sharing their light frequency in information and higher intelligence to and through many people, situations, instances and channels of communication to equalize everyone’s consciousness and vibration consistently.

The Star Nations have been quiet observers that are now choosing to take a more active participation role in the activation of people, and the opening of consciousness. They are making themselves known and more visible now.

There are many positive strategic realignments, and strategies going on behind the scenes that most people are unaware of. They are initiated by the Star People, the angelic realm, and the elementals both on earth and in the cosmos, for the betterment of humanity.

There are those of us humans that are walking on the earth that are also doing this work—both together with the star groups, consciously and unconsciously, and independently through the awakening of our own internal frequency, dormant DNA and consciousness as human beings.

High vibrational humans, just like the Star People, are seeding, activating, and Awakening a full consciousness within the collective, so that everyone evolves and rises together without excluding anyone. This is the true act of love, and Christ Consciousness energy—so that everyone receives support and encouragement in the same way to access a healthy and high-vibrational way of living and Being.

PART 10: The Heightened Sun Energy Via The Eclipse Affects The Elements Within Our Bodies

People are waking up quickly through the receiving of higher photons of Light that awaken their inner Light.

Human bodies are simultaneously generators, creators, conductors and conducers of electromagnetic forces of nature. Therefore, you will feel the energy of this eclipse within your body.

The sun sends down light codes and stimulates the dormant codes within you. It also connects the functions of all your bodily systems while aligning the physical body system with your light body and your etheric body systems.

During this event, your inner elemental frequency will harmonize and match the incoming energy from both the sun and the earth. “Tune” your heart to the exact vibration of the elementals within, so they will “hear your song” and become activated—then ask them to align with you and your holistic body system.

You can receive the golden thread stream of solar energy and be ignited, receiving the elixir of life.

We absorb and internally activate photonic energy from the sun. When we focus our energy we can consciously direct the photons within our energetic body fields to create and converge into physical form intentionally and vibrationally. We create light into form and physical matter.

The sun is further awakening the photons of light that are our DNA. Feel the bio-photonic energies of the new Sun moving within your body, awakening your true self. This will awaken ancient memories and your cosmic connection.

As we further elevate our vibrations, we will awaken the crystals inside of us that will sync with the inner earth crystals, the crystals within every mineral and crystalline structure in nature, and crystal vibrations of the sun. This is a kind of Remembering and Awakening of the crystals, the waters and the photonic codes of Light within us, and they begin dancing together in higher frequencies and work together more consciously.

The eclipse energies, the sun and the moon are modulating the frequency in our body, causing us to feel like we are literally shapeshifting, both physically and emotionally.

All our emotions are being affected by the moon, the alignment of planets, and the continual shifting of earth’s magnetic poles. It may cause you to feel like your emotions are all over the place, and unstabilized. The energy moves through us as an ebb and flow like water, and at some point it’s stabilizes for a while before it makes another shift. 

We will awaken a cellular memory of all of the dimensions because we will awaken our connection to those dimensions from within us. Then we will begin to experience these dimensions consciously.

Electromagnetic activity from the sun affects our electronic devices and human electromagnetic field. We are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by electromagnetic charges from the sun—the body can feel sleepy but also become highly energized.

Sync yourself up with those energies of the moon that affects the waters of life within everything. This will rebalance your glandular systems and blend those codes within your body. This will open and activate the portal inside you and your inner eyes will truly SEE.


PART 11: We Are Becoming Pillars of Light As We Are Being Activated By The Sun

Your body is an energetic pranic tube that acts as the pillar-like vehicle to merge the cosmos, the sun and inner earth. Dancing under the sun we spin ourselves as a vortex portal to bring in the new codes of Light and Life. We are literally running energy between the cosmos, the Great Central Sun and our Sun through our bodies down into the heart of Gaia and circulating back outward to Source.

Light codes are entering our realm that carry all the vibrational frequencies of Light at all levels. We can integrate these codes of Light easily when we attune and in-tune with them. They are songs of Light and carry the vibration of Love. These are awakening codes that further enhance our life and soul journeys as we traverse Mother Earth. 

The sunlight and the ultraviolet spectrum that comes through to us ignites the sacred fires within each of us, which further activates the water codes within our bodies to awaken ancient-future memories of life.

This sun energy helps us transition the body chemistry further in our journey from carbon to crystal, awakening the crystalline structures of water to vibrate within each of us so we can attune to higher frequencies within our 3D body vessels. This is the solar fire of Ascension awakening within us all. 

Our bodies are portals between the galactic central sun and inner earth. We are part of earth, and she is a living Being who is moving and growing with us, as we are helping her raise her vibration. Vital energy that flows through everything is our true essence. 

Your inner light connects and works with the central sun, as you are “running” energy and information back and forth as a conduit portal tunnel of Light—through and between cosmic and etheric energies the sun, the Star Nations, Beings here on the earth, and earth itself.

We are assisting in the rebirth of earth and the emergence of our new selves into the new world.

We become the embodiment of pillars of Light, and we radiate the Light outward to everything we come in contact with. This generates the ability of the passing and transmitting of Light codes.

The more energy codes of Light you can receive and hold within your energetic system, the more you vibrate Light. This conscious attunement will help you with your remembering of the original essence of everything originating as LOVE.

Light is a language spoken freely and in flow with those who resonate with it. Awaken the fire codes within your inner essence when you honor the Sun. Light is intelligent vibration that carries information—to in-form vibrational love manifesting into matter. 

This sun vibration opens our inner currency…of energy. It is a gift to help us remember who we truly are and activate our unique spirit and soul missions at this time, illuminating what we are truly capable of.

Allow the codes of Light to further awaken your heart to the joy of being alive.

Become an active, conscious participant in “running” these codes of Light into everything you do, and everything you are Being. Work in partnership with these activating energies to reset your path and your course—toward what you wish to manifest at this time in your daily realm. 


PART 12: The Eclipse Affects Gaia Earth Energies & Structures

There is a powerful alignment of Light from the Galactic Center to our Inner Earth which circles back to the Sun, the Central Sun, then the Great Central Sun. This process is further amplified through the Solar Flares and Photonic Rays of Light emanating from the sun.

The sun portal stargate offers photonic seeds to Mother Earth. From this, Gaia will contribute new energy that creates and manifests living things, producing natural energy that will grow, rise and return back to the cosmos.

The Eclipsed sun will affect the moon, which affects the gravitational pull on earth. This, in turn, affects the waters in and on earth which cause all the plate tectonics on the crust of earth to shift more dramatically. This may stimulate volcanoes and tsunamis to become more active, as earth is recalibrating her energies. 

The moon stimulates a connection of the waters within and between the key lines and fault lines of inner earth and the earth surface.

The physical and energetic ley lines on the earth are shifting, being further activated by the sun and pulsing out new energy from inner earth that humans will all feel. They are all reconnecting with each other to reactivate and create a new matrix of energy that flows through the earth, which is also connected to nodal points in the cosmos.

The continual solar flares stimulate the rising of etheric energy deep from within inner earth that activates the earth dragon ley lines, and will flow energy through these physical and energetic grids of earth like golden liquid plasma.


PART 13: The Significance of Energetic Transformation From Dark To Light During This Event

Everything that is playing out on the stage of life now is a game, a rebalancing of energy, perception and interpretation. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are collectively experiencing what’s occurring in the world now.

The more conscious we become of this occurrence and functioning, the more we can begin to acquire control over our chaotic nature, and direct it in new healthy ways for all.

Chaos is not all negative—it’s a shaking up and disintegration of rigid structures. Chaos occurs when there is not harmony. Before and during big cycles of change, chaos erupts to clear the path of negativity for the light to emerge. 

This is the battle between the darkness and the light seeking balance and equilibrium. Darkness comes to define the light. The dark and light exist within each other, and need to come to terms with each other. This is the internal ego struggle we all experience. Only when it is collectively clarified, rectified and released can we restore balance.

The darkness has a place and doesn’t have to act in negativity or vengeance. The darkness carries a kind of misunderstanding that it lacks the source light or power of the divine—this causes it to seek out that light in other sources and beings of light, remove their light, absorb it, or destroy it. It is a misunderstanding that needs to shift to a positive awareness of how Creation functions. Everything and everyone is part of Creation. We need to learn to work together in harmony now.

It is the darkness inside of each soul that can easily cloud our understanding incorrectly—if we don’t blend both dark and light we are blind and lost in darkness. There no longer needs to be a conflict between darkness and light in our world. It is a personal and collective choice to re-merge both these polarities—both are needed, like electromagnetic frequencies, to cause movement, change and enlightenment.

The light energies will overcome the darkness and be pervasive in the world by not continuing to fight with and reject the darkness, but instead appreciate the darkness with no judgement, not giving it any power with attention or fear, thereby helping dark energy to transmute its own negative energy—transforming with the light back into light.


PART 14: The Quality & Vibrancy of the Sun Is Changing Now Into Something New

This new sun carries new white Light, which can be perceived with our eyes. The solar emanations from this evolving new Sun will have a direct impact in the refining and full awakening of our nervous systems as we pass into the new phase of life.

As this new Sun’s light is received through your body and eyes and hits your endocrine system, it changes the nervous system, making us more energetically electric so we can live longer.

Due to the increase in solar energetic waves, people are being pulled toward a direction they most resonate with in the duality and polarity experience of current life.

We must actively and consciously work to reunite all aspects of duality, bringing the circle of energies back together in unification—within us, together with others, and with the cosmos during our shifting Ascension time.

This new vibrant sun produces streams of diamond light that is coming into our world now. Open your energetic and physical bodies to receive the new diamond photonic codes emerging from the sun.

These diamond light codes carry profound information. They are non-linear and exist out of space and time, emerging from a kind of new reality. Because our carbon-based bodies are transmuting into a crystalline structure, these diamond light sun codes can now enter and correctly match with our inner diamond light codes.


PART 15: Activation Tools–Experiencing The Eclipse Positively In All Its Glory

Solar Eclipses in history were often seen as representative of unfavorable times, but in this moment we can choose to interpret this experience as we wish. The can be incredibly favorable times if we make it so. We must come to terms with the darkness and the shadow side in all of us, in the cosmos, in the world and others. This perceived darkness is not the demon side of the dark dragon, but a hidden aspect of our inner self that is coming to light.

Make an individual choice to participate in this event any way you desire, whatever feels right for you, because it is a unique and personal experience. Know that your experience will also contribute to the global experience everyone is having collectively.

During the eclipse, be discerning between what is a natural and energetic phenomenon you perceive, versus a man-made construct and manipulation. Apply Wisdom without fear.

Be aware and conscious in your moment-to-moment, and learn to read and understand the signs and symbols you are experiencing—to filter out what you do and don’t align with or choose to experience, based on where you put your focus.

Learn to discern between real acts of Creator Source and the universe, and acts of men that are made to look like acts of Creator.

Don’t just focus on the eclipse, additionally observe what’s going on in your surroundings, your periphery and “behind the scenes” of your experience. Always be conscious and aware of your environment as you are going into that experience—just like watching a movie while sensing what’s going on around you.

This is the time to release what no longer serves each of us, releasing old stories and past heaviness, and starting anew while finding a balance in our lives with a newfound purpose.

It is a time for us to individually decide what vibration we align with, and seek a higher essence of Being. We are collectively shifting into a new timeline of earth, with the help of the frequencies of the sun.

This eclipse symbolizes the cosmic opening of the cosmic eye—the eye of the universe, and also our in-sight, our inner seeing and perceptions. It is an enlightening experience—being illuminated with light.

It is a process that both represents and energetically empowers us to overcome our own internal darkness. The light that is seeping from within will find a way to go around darkness—thereby reclaiming its power. No holding back your eternal inner light—shine your light regardless, as you continue to move forward.

It is a call to action and change—creating the New. Check in with yourself and reaffirm your values, focus and motivations. It’s a good time to put plans into action, start a new project, attract something new into your life and shift gears as needed.

It is a reminder that we are all connected, and that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves. We are all part of a universal plan that is unfolding, and it is our job to be present and open to the possibilities that lie ahead, as we are individually and collectively creating our reality.

Be open to the unknown, be willing to take risks, and embrace the power of transformation. It is a time to be open and follow your inner intuition. It is a time to be courageous and trust your inner wisdom. It is symbolic of awakening your own internal light from within.


PART 16: Activation Tools–Find The Balance & Perceive This Eclipse Positively

Have no fearthis is a joyous event. Eclipses are portals of energy that can be used negatively or positively, by our individual and collective choice. Radiate positive light from within, without any fear, and you will receive positive light back because of the laws of attraction and resonant vibration.

There is a positive outcome—it will unify all the dualities within us back into unity consciousness.

It’s important to manage your own frequency, and be mindful of where you put your focus—because you will hone into whatever you give attention to with a diamond laser-light focus.

It’s important to work with both structure plus flexibility and fluidity, finding the balance. We need both masculine and feminine energies and archetypes within everything—in our life process, mental work, spiritual connection, physical relationships, and relationship with our Self. This resonates on a macro level and micro level, as these things are connected via patterns to everything else. You can apply this rebalancing to everything in your daily life.

Those who are balanced internally will ride this wave of energy easily. Those are who are still energetically fragmented or more separated from their heart will feel the pulse of energy coming through this sun to the body, the spirit and the lightbody more intensely. 

Solar eclipses are opportunities for introspection, reflection, and transformation–associated with themes of endings, beginnings, and rebirth. Solar eclipses can bring about spiritual awakening and a heightened sense of awareness.

These are especially beneficial times for performing spiritual practices, such as chanting, meditation, and mantra repetition, and are considered auspicious times for initiating significant activities. We can create and manifest something new by choice when we tune into the highest frequency of Light and energy possible.