Learn to Speak with the Elementals Around You

The elements (earth, fire, water, sky) around + inside you each carry unique codes of information that can help you chart what to do with your life + your next step. Each of these elemental groups are separate “Nations” that have their own properties, messages, qualities and language, and can be tools in your life navigation if you listen + understand them.  They are especially helpful when you combine them together — one, two, three or four — in any activity you do.

When you combine the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Sky… to also include Ether, which is the ethereal energy in all matter that corresponds to your Heart Love vibrations (which are also a form of elemental energy)… you transcend dimensional communication at a higher vibrational rate into the 5th Dimensional vibration. You are, in essence, creating new energies, like spiritual alchemy… which will bring new Information (i.e. Creator Intelligence) into your realm for you to interpret + understand as you choose to do so.

When you listen with your Heart to the Messages you receive from your internal source + your Lightbody communication (how you are vibrating at various levels — physically, mentally and spiritually, as the 3 are all working together now), you will be guided to the highest form of living and experiencing life that is possible at that moment for you on your Journey.

Learn the language of Nature + the Elementals, and decipher what nature is communicating to you. All you need to do is be present in nature, quiet your body and mind, and just Listen to any sounds you hear and any impulses you feel around and inside you. Then you can begin to connect with Earth Gaia’s crystal consciousness and crystal kingdom, which are beginning to materialize now. We are physically and energetically One with Earth as we absolutely connect to + are present with Gaia (who is a truly energetic light Being) during her ascension to the higher levels of existence.

The Ancient Ones who carried very high frequencies throughout history and existed in ancient times are now returning to help on this ascension journey — they are beginning to manifest around us and in our world, and also they are descending into our very systems — all people + beings who are here on Earth at this time are an aspect of Them. It is very important now to learn how to listen to the voice of the nature elementals with your light body — they speak to you in various ways that you need to explore + find out on our own. If you request to be connected to them and be of service to Gaia and all her inhabitants at this time, you will be shown what to do and how.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha