MESSAGE: Your heart knows how to BE at every moment

Your heart knows how to BE at every moment… listen to your soul’s call, find that creative spark deep within + shine it into existence. There is an answer that will reveal itself when we trust the pulse of the universe. Each one of us is a tone, a chord, an instrument in the song of existence.

All is possible, all is moving, all is alive.

We are alive, we are the vessels that carry the seed of truth, love, light. Harmonize with that vibration of light within you + radiate it into the world. It will give you strength + enlighten your journey.

You are a beacon of light. You are important. You are loved.

Trust your instincts…and manifest something creative in the world today. You will inspire another when you share your gifts.

Remember who you are and BE that. You are the blueprint creator of your worldly experience, the painter of your realities. Allow your inner child to dance + sing your heartsong again. And again. And again.

Enjoy your day + have fun with life.

(“Blue Ether of Emergence” painting detail, by Shakara Tosha)