Poem for the Kogi Mamos

An essence, a glow
inside my hearts
it calls to you from over here, which you initiated.

In your travels
I see your village, I see your children running with joy in bare feet talking through soil.
I see the birth of young Mamos, opening their eyes for the first time to the breath of light after white training and guidance. life. they already see inside their inner heart, other dimensions, other layers.

You hold the essence of the world, you kiss the roots of the world tree as it pulses.
You have called those of us beings back to source, to essence.
Your offerings, your great work, without end, generates much joy.
You need to awaken the language of heart–beat, the wave, the constant hum, inside us all.

From the bottom of my heart, I know we have strayed so far away now in dreamtime,
but there are those of us who can still feel the magic of the earth mother breathing,
expanding her lungs, pushing for air,
pushing her children onward, even in her struggles and need for rest.

We who walk the surface, some of us have a subtle memory
of talking without words, in light sounds, in energy waves.

As you shift your form, manifest in various levels, traverse the grids,
offer your blessings and gratitude to the soul of earth, the heart inside the crystal iron grid,
there are those elementals who carry your wishes and intentions out
and some of us have ears and eyes and beings who can pick     up       that       frequency   …
…we feel it in our be-ing, and we start beating together with you.

If there is one innocent child who knows
in her heart of heart, in his depth of depth, that
behind the world there is a lot of stuff-ness, then all is not lost.

The way, the truth, the light, the drum, talking drum, inner ear drum, inner heart sanctuary, resonating kiva, light slowly streaming in waves, circulating in golden spirals, all sacred dimensions, spawning through the grids.

I love you. I love your truth, your desire for peace.
For keeping the traditions, I hail the light.
You make my heart sing. I give and give and give to you. With a smile in my heart.
Please utilize my essence to help awaken those here in my realm.

Your eyes they shine, inside like mine. us. all.

Please kiss the children for me, and tell them we will all get There together.
Sit quietly next to them, that they may feel our presence out here,  awakening slowly but still awakening.
And thank them for their wisdom.
They know, and they know they know. That’s why they glow and smile.

Peace + blessings.