Time Shifting to No-Time & Your New Internal GPS System

Time is becoming more malleable  if we need more “time” to complete a task we can just set our intention on it and is it SO… We are beginning to be able to warp time and/or experience time warping + bending, shortening + elongating, because time itself as we experience it is beginning to fall out of a grid-like structure, which it has been artificially locked into for thousands of years. Linear time has been a false construct that doesn’t exist, and was only created for control.  It is almost as if we can physically manipulate it — like in the movies where they show a holographic screen projection materializing in front of a person who can then manipulate energy patterns by their hands or minds… we can begin to visualize + “map” systems of energy (such as our bodies, our thoughts, materials, other happenings around us, time constructs of past + present) + begin to reshape these systems of energy in different ways.

The elements (water, fire, earth, sky) themselves are changing + “upgrading” — they are taking on new form, coming into contact + merging with higher frequency elementals within the element of ether (aether) + tuning into other vibrational elementals that exist on other dimensional levels. LOVE itself in its purest form is a vibrational element, that carries with it all potentialities of the universe…more on this later.

It is very important at this “time” in our current state of existence in the NOW to ground yourself in any way you can + find your Center — go inward, calm your mind, listen to your higher self, + connect with your Heart center. The external 3D world is vibrating higher + beginning to feel off-balance. Also time is speeding up, warping or feels like it is melting — it is vital now that you begin to move at your own pace in any activity you do — unplug from the clock + the calendar + other external stimulus (especially electronic technology devices), at least a few times a day….get in a quiet space and be calm with yourself, go out into nature, have a calming ritual… this will ground you + you will begin to hear the higher impulse signals from your Higher self — this higher self knows what to do, where to go etc. It is your new internal GPS navigation system.

It’s important to have Faith that it is possible to be guided by your inner self + that it is possible to begin materializing what you need as you need it in any form… and you do this by beginning to visualize what you want in your mind’s eye until what you want to materialize is fully functional — “fake-it-till-you-make it” kind of thing.

We are quickly moving into a state of “no-time”. Time as we have experienced it up until now was tied to space, false calendar systems + sliced, pre-designated units of fragmented moments, and our experience of time in the 3rd dimension resonated with very densely packed atomic structures; but now as all elementals are vibrating at higher levels, the “space” between matter elementals is opening up. The distance between atoms, photons etc. will seem more vast + spread out, but in that vacant space between things there exists infinite potential — as if everything is connected like glue or strings (i.e. String theory)… these are the lines that can be woven + manipulated + traveled.  Many indigenous cultures speak of time having been woven into the fabric of our lives and time is now becoming undone or unwoven. I vision that the “fabric” we experienced as matter was only experienced in limited dimensions like a flat piece of paper… when in essence it was occurring in many layered dimensions in all directions simultaneously.

Every atom + element carries with it its initial impulse from when it was Created, and therefore never dies + has inherent potential in it — as it pulsates + moves + vibrates it is both the Creator and the Creation being created (just by partaking in joining with other elementals + holding temporary form). Any combination of atoms can exist by your willing them to do so… we can therefore begin to manipulate energy + forms into impulses that form into thoughts + ideas + desires that then project outward into our auric field and begin to “call” other photons collectively to them that resonate with the same vibration — we begin to manifest thought into form.

We are made of atoms, therefore we are all the atomic + photonic structures that make up our bodies as a separate “Unit”, within the larger structure of the “Unit” of all photons/atoms/elementals that exist in our world and in all the universes.  Each of our body systems are separate “Units” in and of themselves, and at the same time are part of the Unit of the Whole — Creator Spirit is one, within one, within one etc. Therefore we can act with free will as a separate governing “body” managing our own body “systems”, and at the same time because we are made of the very essence of Prime Creator we are part of the whole — our actions affect everything that exists “around” us + in us, and at the same time we can connect to + pull from all that IS around + inside us.  Begin to realize this concept and begin to play with it in your daily lives.

All is connected, therefore any thought, feeling, action, impulse is connected like strings in every direction to everything else that is in materialized form + also that is in potential form — every vibration is either “on” in Material realms or “off” (it just can’t be seen with the visible eye). We are beginning to become conscious + aware of our latent abilities, as we come “online”. You will begin to experience “impulses” to want to do something in your immediate realm but may not really understand why, what it is or be able to put any meaning to it yet… this is your internal intelligence rewiring itself and beginning to upgrade you with new signals radiating from you (not in reaction to experiences outside of you as we have been so conditioned to behave). It is as if the elementals in your system + around you + of your guides/higher selves are beginning to orchestrate new ways of your BE-ing in the world, and it’s important to listen to those impulses, observe them with neutral emotion + no attachment, and see what next you visualize in your mind’s eye. ESP + telepathy are the pre-form vibration of these impulses, + when seen with another filter in your mind’s eye you can easily “catch” thoughts and intentional vibrations put into motion by another being.

These are New higher dimensional Tools you are beginning to develop + experience — play with them and explore them. Soon you will be called to utilize them + will begin to identify your unique skill-set + unique artistic expression in the world — your true abilities and skills that are unique to you will begin to manifest + will begin to be requested to apply in your day-to-day life.  You are truly in the NOW being shown YOURSELF and your unique skills and qualities — those qualities that you YOURSELF have chosen to learn, follow, develop + master — throughout many lifetimes and experiences just for this NOW moment! You are coming fully online and your unique way of operating + being + expressing in the world is not only important and available to the world and others, but is the exact reason why you are here and one of your many Soul Purposes — your skills + abilities + ways of being in the world is truly unique and each of us will soon begin Shining those new personal frequencies out into the world like Lighthouse beacons calling to each other (as those who will GLOW will begin to recognize the Glow in another).

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha