MESSAGE: 555 Master Number Gateway

555 message: for 5/5/23 (5/5/5=555)

Except From My Upcoming book:
“Remember Who You Are…And Awaken Your Creative Abilities”
– Transmission from my Higher Self & The StarBeing Guides

Master Numbers are Awakening Codes
Any number code with 2 or 3 similar sequential numbers are master codes.
These are all awakening codes of consciousness–when you see them it’s a trigger to awaken and Remember who you truly are. It awakens a deep inner awareness and Knowing that everything in the universe is connected. These assist you to remap and reconstruct your connections to life and creative energy itself–for healing, activation and integration of all that IS. Master codes we see remind us of the presence of Star People, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Angels, Ancestors and our unique Guides interacting with us in our realm, and helps us fortify our deep connection to them all.

When you experience seeing 11:11, 12:12, 13;13, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 etc., the signs begin increasing where it becomes more than just numbers to you–you begin to experience deja-vu, you become more aware in conscious lucid dream-states, and other certain archetypal symbols appear in your life, often repeating their appearance through your day. Key code master numbers are symbols that help awaken us and our subconscious…opening access to our long-term memory and higher senses that are coming “online” in our bodies now.

The rapid increase of Synchronicity in Your Life
Become aware of synchronicities in your life, especially today each time your see “5/5” or “5/5/5”. Nothing happens randomly–everything has a consciousness. Use this as a tool to get back in touch with the laws of Creation of cause and affect… what you put out in the universe comes back to you. Begin to consciously manifest, live and Be the highest vibration of yourself, and you will see this reflected back to you in your environment immediately.

You will begin to tune in with synchronistic energy more deeply now and going forward. Once you see and are “activated” by master numbers, they in turn activate many other things within you, such as heightening your awareness to subtle energy and seeing patterns in everything. It begins to feel like a dreamlike state as certain numbers begin appearing in your field of consciousness in many ways, in many places. What seems random begins to have structure and a purpose. This is the awakening through number codes (which also happens with key words, frequencies, colors, sounds etc). 

Tune In and “Read” the Messages
When you see these repetitive numbers, especially today on the 5/5, tune in and energetically “read” any Messages that appear to you or come to you in your mind, heart and visioning. Interpret what you are shown by the universe, and heed its call. Have fun with the source of synchronicity appearing in your energy field.

Everything is relative–when you see these master codes they are directly related to where you are in that unique moment, location, timecode, environment and thought form you are engaging in. Therefore, your interpretation in that moment at that moment is what you Know as your Truth.

You are creating your future at every moment. When you are aware of this and how this functions, you become more awakened to your own inherent abilities to manifest what you desire as an outcome. 

Utilize the Codes to tune into the Now
Utilize these time codes to heighten your awareness and presence of being in the NOW moment of time. This helps you ground into the present moment and make sense of what is occurring for you in your life. It’s like an immediate map that shows you where you have been and where you currently are…so you can determine what path you want to pursue right now for your future.

We can only recognize and fully make sense of something after it has occurred in our lives. Then we give it meaning. It is all relative to the time, place, person. Begin to master the Art of Creation and Manifestation…awaken to the possibility that there are no coincidences in life, and what we consider synchronous events are that moment when we are fully aligned with the energies of the universe.

Utilize these 555 time codes to become more in tune with Messages from the universe, your Higher Self, your Guides, and others. Then you will know how to interpret them and what to do with the Messages you receive. Everything is a teacher and a Guide to us when we tune in with that frequency and consciously, actively “partner” with those energies that are appearing to us, to manifest anything we wish.

555 Crystal Consciousness Awakening
The 555 Master code represents divine “chryst/crystal/christos” consciousness–the christ energies of healing, love and possibility that are directly connected to your divine etheric blueprint of strength, innocence and  purity, which you have direct connection to at all moments. 555 activation codes assist in your awakening to your true life & spirit mission, fully activating the divine feminine & masculine balance within yourself and within everything.  555 is directly related to the crystals of water and crystalline structures within our body, and acts as a transmitter to increase their spin into higher vibrational frequencies.

555 are activation numbers that help bring into form the absolute clarity of the high-vibrational body blueprint of the Adamic (Adam=atom) structure of the human body. This is the clarified and pure original master blueprint of our inherent light body structure when it was first created for us, free of any impurities. 

We are already tuned in via Our Body Crystalline structure
Anything and everything is possible. All possibilities exists right NOW.
The 555 codes remind us that crystalline consciousness is alive in everything, including each of us. Each of our organs has a crystal that talks to the other, each of our cells have a crystalline structure that is connecting to all others… we are connected through these physical, energetic and etheric crystalline vibrations to each other, the world, and the energies of Creation itself.

When we deeply understand this we experience a kind of energetic validation — when we get “body chills” that is the experience of the waters of our bodies actually crystalizing… raising of a vibration. This is how we can intuit, sense and “Know” internally that we are on the right path in our lives, following our right path that is in alignment with each of us individually. Crystals are our receptors and antennas to “pick up” frequencies and integrate them in any way we chose. 

You are the Conscious Creator of your Reality at Every Moment
This 555 timecode will help you Remember this notion and put it into action. All fields are tied together by the Unified Field of Everything…everything is connection, everything is quantum energy, and you are related to it all.

We create our reality all the time, at every moment. The 555 codes will help you awaken to this understanding, from within the moment occurrence… when you see 55 or 555 numbers tell yourself to become hyper aware of what is happening to you at that moment, and awaken sleeping information and energy from within you… in that moment.

New Experiences of Higher Dimensions Are Coming Online
Now that we have arrived at the 555 energetic portal gate, we can begin to experience 5th dimensional reality in real-time in our awareness. I have been shown that we have already been experiencing 5D on a physical level within our environment and bodies, but up until now not in full consciousness.

I’m also shown that humans on earth now are currently capable of experiencing up to 13 conscious dimensions (while in the physical body) and the senses related to those dimensions when in our awakened state of consciousness. As the energies in our world continue to expand, we will become more aware of this and have greater access to this individually and collectively—the veils of unawareness are being opened to “see” think and feel more abundantly into expanded realms of consciousness in our daily life. This is a continual part of the shifting of energies in these times.

We will only begin to understand and experience this heightened multidimensional reality as we continue to walk forward into a higher vibrational consciousness as a collective of humanity. It is occurring for us all. Those of us who “feel” it are beginning to “Know” it and integrate it into our Being. Everyone is capable of tuning into this when they are ready, of their own choosing. It’s an active process of awakening and becoming more aware of what, who and how we already are, dormant in our inner codes that are now awakening for everyone.

This 555 is a Portal Gateway into a New Higher Dimensional Reality
These are the codes of emerging, unveiling, revealing, self-initiation to higher realms and bridging the upper and lower worlds within us. These times call for a reweaving and restringing of the cosmic and earth realms, reconnecting the points of light within everything. This is happening in many levels simultaneously–at microcosmic cellular level as well as a macrocosmic level in the universe. It is a huge shift of energy that is evolving on its own, which is the consciousness of the energy of Creation itself pulsing through everything. 

The 5th Dimension is Related to Ether & Etheric Energy
The 5th dimension, the element of ether, has to do with one’s ability to express… so we are all being called to reveal our true selves to the world–through our actions, voice, and creative expressions.

These energy shifts are activating various stages of integration, out breath, gathering, circling, rejuvenation, reflection, resolution, recalibration and integration–of energy, thoughts, emotions, values, vibrations and frequencies in our body, mind, soul, spirit and etheric energy.

Etheric energy is the connector between everything…including the shift of formlessness into form, and spirit into matter. In the near future you will begin actively creating with etheric energy. 

Remembering the “5th Season” of Integration
There is an often unacknowledged “5th Season”–the season of integration (understood and honored by many conscious cultures and practices). This is the Season of Integration, integrating with the 5th element of ether. There are 5 platonic solids related to these 5 elements. This 5th season of an honored time of reflection, clearing and integration, including the revealing and unfolding of our Gifts and manifesting them into the world.

Utilize the Gifts and tools of the 5th element of Etheric energy–to get fully reconnected to the vital life force of creative energy running through everything. It will invigorate you and inspire you to continue expanding your life.

Tune into the Cosmos–become fully present and aware…and listen for Messages coming to you to help guide you on your continued life journey. Tune into Mother Earth–walk barefoot on the ground, replenish yourself with the sacred waters of life, get outside and soak up the healing rays of the sun which carry information and activations…mother Earth will help ground you and integrate all these pulses moving through you, to find balance again during these shifting times. 

Enjoy the 555 Portal
May the doors of your heart be open, may you open the windows of your consciousness to awareness, may you cherish the love that exists in everything, and may you reach out to others and share your love, actions, support and wisdom to further encourage their life in any way.

Give what you have been given, share what you have seen and experienced, and assist others whenever you can.

The Life Force rejuvenates itself easily through everything with forward movement and LOVE.


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