Ascension NOW–Becoming The New YOU


Downloadable & Printable Ebook (PDF)
This is the first main book from my series–a guide for these Ascension Times.

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The Transitioning Stages of Ascension
To Navigate Our Energetic Shift-of-Ages Now

The information in this book has been gathered over the last 10 yearsfrom “Messages”  Shakara has downloaded from the many StarBeings she connects with. These are a group of cosmic and earthly beings who provided her with learning and understanding on a vast array of topics, and how all life is connected.

Now Shakara is guided to share this profound information with you—to show you how to tap into the creative codes of light that already exists within you, to partner with them, raise your vibration and live a wonderful life multidimensionally during the new times we are collectively shifting into.

The world is changing drastically and we need to shift with it.

Get tools and tips on how to awaken fully and reconnect with your Higher Self to shape your new reality—as it is occurring. Sync with the forces of the cosmos, the etheric energies, and get reconnected to everything. It’s a beautiful time to be alive, and everything is easy once you understand what’s really occurring, why it’s happening now, and where we are headed collectively in our amazing future.

Align with the universe and become fully in-lightened and empowered, master your true “Gifts” and abilities, and share them with the world in your unique way. Become the new YOU.

You are the Creator and artist of your life. Manifest beautifully.

What You Receive:

  • After your purchase, you are given a link to the PDF file
  • You can download the PDF to your computer and read on your screen, or print it out yourself in color or black and white

Table of Contents

  • The AwakeningThe Process Of Waking Up
  • The ShiftingOur Shift Of Ages During These Times
  • The BecomingThe Process Of The Art of Ascension
  • The RememberingRemembering & Knowing
  • The BeingMoving Into The Future Way Of The New
You'll Get Useful Tools:
  • What’s occurring in our world & why
  • Where we're headed in our evolution
  • How “The Shift” affects you & solutions
  • Process steps to navigate these changes
  • Easily raising your vibration & frequency
  • Becoming your own conscious life Guide
  • Master your unique creative abilities
  • Manifest a multidimensional life you love