Star Messages Ebook


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This is the first Star Messages Ebook Compilation I received and scribed.

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This is the first Star Messages Ebook Compilation I received and scribed. These are direct downloaded transmissions from my Star Guides team on many topics, written as-is...exactly as they came in exactly to me, in a poetic, easy-to-absorb format.

I hope they bring you joy and help awaken your personal understandings to "Remember Who You Are" and inspire you in your daily life, through our continued Ascension Process.

What You Receive:

  • After your purchase, you are given a link to the PDF file
  • You can download the PDF to your computer and read on your screen, or print it out yourself in color or black and white

Table of Contents

  • Awakening—We’re Evolving Ourselves Together
  • Your Personal Body System—A Vessel You Operate By Choice
Experiencing + Navigating New Higher Dimensional Frequencies
  • Time Shifting to No-Time
  • Your New Internal GPS System
  • Elemental Units
Speaking Creator Language of Elementals + Photonics
  • Old Negative Structures Are Unraveling
  • New Energies Coming Onboard
  • Carbon Shifting to Crystal
  • Matter Shifting to Energy
  • Create Personal Ceremonies of Manifestation to Attune to Self + Spirit
Let Go, Upgrade + Write Your Own Blueprint Manual In This Frequency Shift
  • Learn to Speak with the Elementals Around You
  • During these intense times— choose to live in Love + Light + Joy
Welcome to The New World + The New You
  • Poem to the Wise Elders: Grandmothers + Grandfathers + Youth
  • Poem for the Kogi Mamos
  • Personal Heart Travels