PRESENTATION: Where Spirituality Meets UFOlogy

PRESENTATION: Where Spirituality Meets UFOlogy

Where Spirituality Meets UFOlogy
Panel presentation on the Conscious Awakening Network

The Galactic Gathering–where spirituality and UFOlogy intersect in a fascinating encounter.

Step into the extraordinary at Galactic Gathering: Where Spirituality Meets UFOlogy, a groundbreaking event presented by the Conscious Awakening Network Host. Join us for an unparalleled exploration at the intersection of spirituality and UFOlogy, where ancient wisdom converges with cutting-edge insights into extraterrestrial phenomena. Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of expert presentations, panel discussions, and experiential workshops led by renowned visionaries and researchers. From deep dives into ancient astronaut theories to transformative encounters with consciousness-expanding practices, Galactic Gathering promises to expand your understanding of the cosmos and your place within it. Whether you’re a seasoned truth-seeker or a curious explorer, join us for an unforgettable weekend of discovery, connection, and awakening. Embrace the unknown and journey beyond the stars with us at Galactic Gathering.

ENERGY UPDATE: New Energies Coming In Our World Now

ENERGY UPDATE: New Energies Coming In Our World Now

New Energy Waves

Trust Your Internal Guidance & Ride The Wave

New cosmic energies are coming into our world now and creating a positive shift. I sense them in a big way, and I bet you are feeling them also in all aspects of your life. These heightened frequencies create change and new potential for humanity. 

Personally, we are beginning to trust our inner Self more deeply, to find the courage to define and speak our truth individually, and celebrate our true nature. Some people like you have been guided to a new way of living and Being…shown in dreamtime and your daily life that something magnificent is occurring. 

This new evolutionary state is already in motion. You are part of the collective movement of change and cosmic evolution as it advances swiftly moment by moment now. Become instinctively aware of how this functions and open more to your higher sensibilities.

These higher senses are already coded within you from ancient times, and as you become more harmonized with them you can continue to create your reality in a myriad of new creative ways. Your soul desires more than the limitations of our current world. Your soul wants to fly, be free and experience living in new ways. Listen to your inner guidance and follow where it leads you.

You will feel a big shift in energies through these times, deep within your soul—you may experience timelines crossing, portals of energy within and around you, and new possibilities opening up for you. This will inspire further clarifying and deep soul-searching within. This Wave of Change is affecting your awareness of what is possible, and what is calling to BE—from deep within your soul. It is offering you abundant new understandings, instructions and possibilities of how to once again live in harmony with others, the environment and All That Is in the cosmos.

You will begin to Remember your ancient connection to your true soul and access your unique creative abilities. Get reconnected to the things that truly nourish you. Now you are re-assembling all aspects of you that make your soul fully integrated. Begin to ask bigger soul questions of the universe—like “what’s really important to me”, and “what truly makes me happy”? The answer isn’t found through gaining more from the world outside, you will find it by going within and expanding more of you.

– StarBeing Message from the book “Ascension NOW-Becoming The New YOU”

INTERVIEW: Light Language: The Language of the Universe

INTERVIEW: Light Language: The Language of the Universe

Conscious Awakening Network Interview about Light Language:

Dive into the enigmatic world of Light Language, believed to be the universal language of the cosmos! Join us as we unravel the mysteries of this ancient and powerful form of communication, said to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. Discover the profound healing and transformative potential of Light Language, and learn how it can be used to connect with higher realms of consciousness and unlock hidden truths within ourselves.