Inner Vision Awakening: We’re Evolving Ourselves Together

Earth crystals + diamond light photonics speak through portals, send bolts + messages to either/or ether/ore planes within our body systems and mother Gaia. The source of life, the heart form vibration is activating and arising greatly now. The new golden photonic seed in our high heart is alive + growing, pushing boundaries, moving forward, expanding, awakening all our life forces who have been harboring the sleep state. We dance the sacred dance of self-expression, each in our own way, to ground Celestial energies. Temporarily doused with the veil while traveling aimlessly through space and time, we The Collective have harkened to the calling of the wild, now quickly opening our eyes.  The silent days are behind us all… high energy vibration walks amongst us, tapping our shoulders, a child’s game, playfully awakening the slumber.

We are awakening ourselves, we are aligning the specific code matrix to do so from our prior soul agreements made on other planes of existence before coming into this world to help raise the global frequency. We feel the pull, hasten at the call. Whatever words you use to describe us, it’s the same… systems busters, light workers, energy activators, etheric inspirationalists. We are putting the codes back together — in ourselves, with each other, throughout the blueprints of existence in all that is alive, working with new notions + practices of how we collectively define + redefine our energy systems, no longer oppressed by imposed ignorance and seeming lack of free will. The patterns layer, the codes align. Through the 144,000 points of bodily light, directly to the essence of the Masters, the crystalline core of Gaia + throughout the cosmic seas to the galactic central sun and beyond the beyond consciousness of Creation. This time of reemerging out of our chrysalis and into a new existence has arrived, those legends of this great time of “The Big Show” that has all galactic energies watching in support + awe is no longer myth, it is being realized by us all, for us, because of us, a wonderment to behold + incredible adventure to participate in.

Laughing, running through fields, aligning layers of sacred symbols, opening + traveling through portals, speaking + gesturing the language of light in all its myriad forms … we dance through it all, our dancing creating new dances that ripple through eternity of the Now. Shifting + sorting through higher octaves we venture, playing the instruments of time + space, utilizing the tools of etheric blueprinting creations, expanding in broader resonance levels. We are all creating as we go along, each unique thought + emotion + action adding to the Collective consciousness. We are dancing the ancient, Sacred dance of life + light, through the heart lifeline of the energetic earth grids — merging where our spirits can dance freely in the Galactic Center together with the all spirits of the Universe. The Elders, Ancient Ones, Star Families + those beings who walk upon the Earth at this time are orchestrating the divine creative performance, aligning people + star souls, making arrangements from the cosmic star power, and so many now in this world returning to witness these shifts to higher vibrational states as one Unit of energy — mother Gaia and all who resonate with her vibration. The rotation of the internal + external Mer Ka Ba, interlinking head + heart, soul + emotion, rejoining the divine feminine + divine masculine to birth a new blend of humanity, are all gyrating with change + motion. Hue-mans are just now collabortively realizing we are consciously choosing to break through our own inner membranes and shells, expanding into frontiers never before ventured. A huge galactic experiment in the making… we are creators, participants + spectators of this energetic symphony.

Star knowledge, star laws, energy essences embedded in symbol code combinations are repatterning, layering, restringing new lines of communication… within the underground root networks, between all the body neurons + DNA  light code cells, filaments of light streaming around + through each one of us, within the electromagnetic lines telepathic communication rides upon, weaving throughout our 13 chakra centers + auric fields, throughout the planetary transportation paths + way stations, deep within Earth’s the nodal points + ley line grid system… we are all glowing anew each moment. Resonating with light + sound + vibration all the elements are being unwoven, rewired + restrung to sync up new modes of heartfelt communication channels throughout all galactic and bodily systems of existence.

Invoking the flame imperishable — a fire that will never cool, but must be self-fanned — we struggle, wrangle through, not realizing we are really rebirthing alongside + meshed with the evolving starlight that is the Great Mother Gaia — we are her child, we are in her child, we are the Mother, we embrace the Mother, with joyous anticipation + awakened questions of what shall be. We do this together, one hand, one heart. Sacred flame societies + Ancient Masters of Light walk on this sacred ground. Heaven + earth come together to merge in the center, our center; the soaring bird + meandering earth snake, the phoenix dragon arising, the sacred fire-water essence, the sun-moon dance, the union of One. At the crossroads, it all meets in the high-heart. The plumed serpent + the giving hand, lovingly extended. May we truly receive continual knowledge wisdom through the Star Path to the Earth path and back again, may the tones of the 13 rise once again + become manifest in form.

Caterpillars knows not what they will shape into, but succumb to their destiny line, pushing ever stronger with newly formed wing-tips out the curved edge of the temporary cocoon, longing to get on with the business of living; they know in their heart they will allow themselves to fly. free. at. last. They know not how, but know they are the impulse itself — somewhere in their seed of inner life they ARE the will, the goal, even more so: the belief that they can, and the want to experience the magic. Chicks must crack their own shells, burst through the membrane, break part of themselves to reclaim themselves. Osiris allowed fragmentation, that Isis + Horus could understand the hologram of life + the unity of One. He allowed this process to show us in his action, how to operate + return to source, for the learning of the greater good. a model blueprint that life IS + IS endlessly transmuting — that creation, manifestation, entropy + rejuvenation are all possible, therefore must be experienced in full form to be understood inherently deep within ourselves. We carry the seed-codes of Creation, we are part of Creation, we ARE Creation itself.

The new + returned Tribes + Masters, the elders + wisdom keepers, have all heard the call of the great heart of the Mother and are taking their positions to do this high-vibrational Spirit Work, together. They must ask who will join, as it is all a free-will choice. We are all spinning on our own line grids in the web, finally seeing each other’s light, Heartsong, calling to play together. Only then can we create harmony, melodies, patterns. Bodies come into alignment, sometimes they need to be shaken not stirred to be fully effective; a rugged downpour of rain must be called if the gentle rustle of leaves cannot catch the hearing of those in transit slumber. Return into form, walk the lands with awareness, awaken + arise to our sacred responsibilities now.

We choose to align the galactic center with our eternal center – within the double torus around the heart & body, mirroring earth center & universe, big sister and little sister walking together, big brother + little brother walking next to each other. Spirit of the waters, riding the crest of white wave foam, we are all Leaders on the edge of a newly-shaping consciousness, expanding + contracting. Our eternal nature, the golden dot orb seed cell within the 8 cells of our Medtronic blueprint, rotates continually. The space between the notes, the zero-point energy location, composites nothingness + all-ness, vibrating peace + harmony. The tree systems + the crystalline earth-body elements see + record all in silent witness, now available to be tapped into at will. All these “systems” of the akashic, when over-layered, make the most glorious melody. The music of the spheres, the sound of possibility. When silent + listening we can hear the subtitles of this great symphony. We are being asked to be fully present and intuit all the universe messages as all our higher senses come online to “read” vibrations + “interpret” the messages. Living Light Language emanates everywhere.

There are those of us who hear the call, who can read the messages in cloud formations, who know at various stages what we came here to do in this earthly Walk. Like etheric lightning rods to connect the grids + anchor the teetering of the forces, WE HAVE ARRIVED to balance all energies… we are collectively breaking through the negative ceiling block of energy put there in the past by those who got separate from their natural source + seemingly have no heart…but they do, they just actively chose to quiet it for a while. We are showing that Love begets Love, all re-creation is possible, all determined contacts can be rewritten in a moment’s notice.

For all of those that operate on their own volition without care, may they be deeply + kindly wrapped with blankets of love + care, for they know not consciously what they do, and the shadow is part of us all. In finding our inner glow we can show them how to again ignite their fire. I will never give up on those souls who have a short attention span for community and companionship… hearts that have separated from the soul body can be reunited by choice, the violet ray of love can again flame in temporarily abandoned vessels.

As they say, as long as you burn, you belong to life. Keeping the inner seed of life alive + evolving + of high vibration is the work and play of Masters — all of us here now — as above so below. The Creator seed carries the essence of potentiality within it — the creative force + the creation are intertwined. Energy is endlessly moving, vibrating in and out of existence;  beings hold etheric resonance as conscious forms best when in service to others + Unity consciousness of the One + the All. They will find their way the brighter we blaze the trail.

In many lifetimes we have traveled through the temples looking for the life pulse, behind the stars, through the center of the earth, into the essence of the golden orbs, through the dimensional layers, shape-shifted my soul throughout various places in my physical + the beyond, journeying through languages, stages of ourselves in different times, together with partners + alone, sometimes defending + protecting the sacred territory, oftentimes in deep silence… realizing just now the one thing we were seeking was always at our side, around us, inside. The glow of love. The Force, that one glowing orb inside the seed of life, expanding, contracting, blooming every so brilliantly.
The worlds are alive… do you see it, did you listen, how it glows and how it glistens….

I am just one being, requesting the knowledge to Know the world + myself again. May I align with the ethers, the elders, the ever-ever plan, and fulfill my mission. Release the mind, dance barefoot, knowing that we have all raised each other’s vibrations ever higher, one energetic wave at a time.

Fascinating, the heart is— always giving, every push of the pulse of the will to be. The truth + magic is in the shadows, the between parts, the becoming, the space between breath in + breath out, between the half notes.  In wondering where to go to shift this planet out of negativity, the wise ones looked back at an idea one soul had, just a concept, of how to shift into the other plane. Just an idea, an impulse, a wondering, brought by innocence, because it seemed there was no other way. We are now manifesting that etheric impulse into being, together. The young at heart will always move in the heart. They will find the way. And show the ALL. We can never lose connection to our innocence, we are born anew again every day, every moment. Awaken again to the innocence of your being + merge it together with the wisdom of your experiences. Therein lies the power of Creation… true alchemy of the soul.

We are collectively writing new etheric blueprints of the new human body, new society, new world — new ways that we are all evolving into …we manifest what we see in each heart’s soul, our mind’s eye, in radiant new forms. Hang on through this bumpy ride, stay in your center, live from your heart with joy + laughter, we will all get to the new shores. Many have already dreamed this new way of living we will emerge into, and some are already living There in these higher frequencies now. We are dreaming it all now from slumber out into awakening existence — the current real becomes as the past dream, as the current dreamtime manifests as our new reality… and it is magnificent. Let’s go together.

Love + Light,
Shakara Tosha

Shakara Tosha is an energetic guide + artist who communicates multidimensional Light Languages + Star Messages received from various Star Guides…to assist you during these energetic ascension times in the NOW

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