Personal Heart Travels

When I travel my spirit into my Sacred Space + Tiny Space of the Heart during meditation, it is a Kiva.

Floating in the center is my Egg of Life — 8 blue sacred circles, with a tiny gold orb dot in the center (3 layered atoms) rotating very fast.

There are also many tools, sacred symbols + sacred objects stacked in different areas of the Kiva, and 6 elements (with ethers + sphere), language of light writing and Star Law Manual symbols –these all materialize when I call them by their ancient name. I am quickly learning what the objects are and how to activate them.

All the portal doors of the world are there (starting with Aramu Muru, ending with Telos + the Plasma beings)–they await travel when I slide them in a line, with a special hum sound. It is the same with the objects–they know how to speak to each other when I bring them together in a certain way.

They are now vibrating faster, the crystals and skulls are humming and radiating prana and energy bolts, and the layers are “patterning”.