Ascension Now

Light Language & StarBeing Messages

Guidance, Teachings,
Transmissions & Activating Tools
to Navigate Our Shifting Times

Remember Who You Are
a Creative Being of Light

We are collectively living in exciting “Ascension” times… experiencing quickly-changing waves of energy during our profound “Shift-Of-Ages” in our NOW moment.

It’s time to fully awaken our true hidden potential, as we are co-creating the new world of our making. You are the Creative Artist of your life, and it’s your moment to fully awaken and embody your unique Creative Ascension journey.

Shift into a life of higher consciousness and realize your human potential.
The Creative Ascension Process is a journey of becoming…more YOU.

    I offer many Activating Tools
    to support & inspire you

    Star Messages, Light Language, Teachings & Services
    to acquire new ways of living & Being:

    • Navigate these ongoing shifting energies
    • Raise your spiritual and energetic frequency
    • Activate your powerful inner soul codes
    • Partner with your Higher Self in this physical realm
    • Connect with your Guides & all Star Guides
    • Find and express your unique gifts & soul’s purpose
    • Align with Source & The Codes of Creation
    • Become your own Guide & Wayshower into the New
    • Awaken higher abilities to live multidimensionally

    Benefits Of An Awakened Ascension Journey


    • Re-find your inner voice, your true calling & your unique gifts
    • Discover, reveal & express who you truly are
    • Up-shift into a transcendent, multidimensional way of living
    • Live a life of abundance & deepen your passion &  joy
    • Activate ancient codes of light deep within you

    Joy of Connection

    • Partner & co-create with your energetic Guides
    • Connect with the source of creation flowing in everything
    • Re-align with the flame of life that is YOU
    • Resonate with many multidimensional realms
    • Uplift your unique energetic vibration

    Creative Manifestation

    • Step into the New Way that you are creating every moment
    • Create using your higher senses in a new way
    • Open up to your full abilities and manifest abundantly
    • Find your soul tribe & manifest your passions easily
    • Become the fully embodied StarBeing you came here to be

    So excited to share my new book!

    Over 10 years in the making…

    I downloaded, scribed, compiled and edited LOTS of material from the amazing “Star Guides” I work with (and my Higher Self)…on many topics.  Friends have called it the “Cosmic Encyclopedia”…

    This is the first book I’m rolling out in a series…sharing what I was shown about these “Ascension” times we are now experiencing collectively:

    • What is occuring in our world and why
    • Tips and encouragement to navigate these times smoothly
    • Jam-packed with information from many different Guides’ perspective
    • How to work with the changing energies
    • Activation tools you can use in your daily life to stay in a high vibration
    • And much more…


    New World, New Earth,
    New Consciousness, New You.
    Welcome, WE have arrived. 

    My services are available for everyone
    at different stages of their spiritual evolution:

    …those beginning the awakening to the spiritual path

    Walking The Path
    …those on their conscious journey of self-expansion
    and applying new energiesand techniques in their daily life and work

    Embodying The Mastery
    …those actively working on their own self-evolution mastery,
    the teacher-of-teachers in service to humanity


    Shakara Guides StarSeeds To:

    • Activate, Embody & Resonate With Higher Vibrations
    • Master Your Unique Inner Ascension Path & Abilities
    • Be A Conscious Energetic Creator of Your Life
    • Partner With Your Higher Self, Your Guides & Source
    • Reconnect To Your Multidimensional Nature
    • Manifest Abundance & Expand Your Human Potential
    • Remember Who You Truly Are & Live The Life You Love
    You are the artist
    and creator of your life.
    Remember and get reconnected
    to all you are,
    and become the New YOU.

    What’s New

    INTERVIEW: The Miracle is You

    INTERVIEW: The Miracle is You

    Had a dynamic conversation with Ashley Lee on her channel "The Miracle Is You" on the Soulogy Network. We talked a lot about Light Language,I shared Light Language and Messages, and more of my experiences receiving Messages from the Star Beings I work with.

    Custom Soul Portraits

    Custom Soul Portraits

    This is an example of the Custom Soul Portraits I create for People-including activating Light Language.

    “I received a very healing and comforting
    Light Language activation from Shakara that felt
    like going into the deepest levels of my Being.”
    About Shakara
    Shakara Tosha is a Public Motivational Speaker, StarBeing Messenger, Ascension Guide, Master Teacher, Activator, Author, Light Language Communicator & Artist who offers Guidance, Wisdom and Services to inspire your daily lifestyle during these energetically shifting Ascension times. She has engaged and activated thousands of people worldwide to connect to their higher vibrations, radically transforming their energetic vibration to consciously and creatively shape their own spiritual life path.
    She’s a “Creative Inspirationalist” who partners with her Star Guides & Higher Self (together with yours) to raise people’s frequencies to higher dimensions with joy & creativity. She has been consciously connected to the Star realms all her life through personal experiences, spiritual ceremony, corporate life, artistic creations and self-initiations.
    Shakara is an Arcturian StarBeing, an ET experiencer and contactee, and works within the higher dimensional star realms–receiving and now sharing massive wisdom downloads on quantum information, techniques and daily life guidance on extensive topics from many Star Guides. She carries a profound high-frequency vibration that thousands have experienced deeply. And the many Light Languages she transmits immediately shift people’s internal paradigms of thoughts, feelings and actions. Interacting with Shakara is a fun and transcendent experience, as she gently and lovingly encourages you to activate yourself from within.
    Bridging ancient and modern life, Shakara partners with co-creators to awaken and “REMEMBER” their true nature, develop their unique soul expressions and manifest the creative life of their dreams.

    About Light Language 

    The Language of Light is a high-vibrating light energy that carries spirit intelligence and information, existing within the universe and every cell in your body. It is both intuitively understood and uniquely manifested in various forms (sound, color, script, movement, shape & energy) by those people who communicate with it and those who experience it.

    Shakara manifests Light Languages in many formats: she speaks various Star Languages, writes extensive Light Language codes, scripts and artwork, and transmits profound energizing & healing energy during her Messages.

    About Our Ascension Time 

    This is a profound time to be alive. Our world is experiencing a huge energetic shift in evolution, often referred to as “Ascension” or “The Shift of Ages”.  At this moment there are various vibrational changes occuring within the Earth’s resonance, solar flare increases, societial evolution and enlightened energy beings visiting our planet right now. These all affect the physical and spiritual body in intense ways, including the swift awakening of our overall consciousness.

    “Your continued light language work is blesséd and amazing.”

    “Thank you for being you, for your gifted abilities and for taking the time to tap in and bring this forth. It is a real gift of love and light–so much real inspiration from powerful Source.”

    “When you spoke to me in light language the being who spoke filled my soul with warmth and comfort. It was like in a dream which brought me to you.”

    “I felt seen, heard, understood, and loved by Shakara…during the entire session, I felt safe and so much unconditional love pouring out to me from her heart to my heart.”